Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy 

Traditionally Proven, Consistent & Regular Use of Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy Can Help Beat the Problem of Premature Ejaculation!

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At the Same Time, You Can Get Benefit From a Harder, Stronger, Longer and More Rigid Erection. Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy is a PREMIUM Massage oil for men. Herbs and natural oils that has been traditionally used by men as a massage oil to naturally enhance erection, size and beat pre-mature ejaculation by way of massage or topical application. Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy is one of the fastest and simplest doctor-recommended methods available for improving your erection strength! This carefully formulated mix of botanicals has a potent effect on the male erection, bringing it to a level of hardness rarely experienced by the average man. Give yourself the advantage of centuries of herbal medicine with the backing of modern transdermal delivery technology – the best of both worlds! Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy latest formulation is EXTRA potent as it contains extracts of active ingredients infused via Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy proprietary production method in a Good Manufacturing Practice Production Facility.

Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy will improve your all natural erection enhancement efforts in less time

Face it, if you want to take total erotic control of a woman, you just can’t let concerns about your performance disrupt the thrill and momentum of spontaneous, passionate sex. You want to know without a doubt that you’ll be as hard and as hot and as enduring as you ever dreamed. And you want it now.

It’s the trait 9 out of 10 women find sexiest in a man. With a larger, fuller penis, you can’t help but exude confidence. Let’s face it, who wants to make love to a man with a small or average size. When it comes to men organs, everyone knows bigger is always better.

Do something about it, today!

How Penis Work?

The penis is mainly made of tissue called Corpora Carvernosa (CC) and Corpus Spongiosum (CS). Corpora Carnevosa (CC) is a sponge-like tissue that traps bloods during erection. Corpus Spongiosum that runs along the length of the penis is the nerves center for penis. When physical or psychological sexual stimulation is applied, blood will flow into these compartments. Concurrently, the rate of blood leaving them is also temporarily reduced. As a result, bloods are trapped in these compartments and the penis is erected. Below is the illustration of penis internal structure.

How Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy Work?

Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy transdermal effect translates to a very firm, fuller penis because of the growth and engorgement of penile tissue with a longer erection time without the danger of having a premature ejaculation.

Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy is a blend of natural ingredients that work on the tone and support of the whole reproductive system of men, to boost blood circulation and its flow directly to the penis, and to create a place to enhance erection and arousal. Each natural extract and nutrient was chosen for a specific benefit to the male sexual system. All these ingredients go to work directly within the male genitalia, with effects on hormonal levels, blood flow and the responsive cells of the penis.

As a Result, Your Penis Will Simply Become Longer, Stronger & Harder.

Generally, Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy works by improving blood flow into

the penis during erection. Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy will improve blood circulation in penis by recovering the inactive blood vessels and capillaries. It will also improve blood circulation inside Corpora Carvernosa (CC) and Corpus Spongiosum (CS) causing more amount of blood being trapped inside these sponge-like tissues. Apart from it Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy also encourages the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels along the length of penis. The Anesthetic component of Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy then gives a slightly numbing experience on the penis to give longer erection during sexual intercourse. Above all this, Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy will help in dispersing all these components into the penis tissue more quickly causing more amount of blood to be drawn into penis.

We offer a natural solution for penis enlargement,

Many Thousands Who Has Successfully Used it to Achieve a Longer & Thicker Penis.

Increase Length of Penis Up To 30-40 mm

Our massage oil is a unique formulation which is prepared with precious herbs. Formula of this massage oil is 200 years old and well tried on thousands of people. Penis length of penis increases upto 40 mm within few weeks.

Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy is prefered by those seeking natural enhancement of their erection. It offers a simple solution to maintaining a hard and strong erection why wait? Regain control and maintain the performance of your erections by simple massage steps that is effective in as little as 15 minutes.

Traditionally proven, consistent and regular use of Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy can help BEAT the problem of premature ejaculation! At the same time, You can benefit from a harder, stronger and more rigid erection.

Men who’ve used Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy report immediate sensations of erection hardness, erection staying power, and even perceived length and girth gains. In other words, with this product, you’re instantly electrified and energized sexually, like never before.

Did You Know?

  • That the average penis size when erect is only 5.7 inches to 6 inches. Over 90% of men posses this size.
  • That by the age of 27, 97% of men can’t have erections 1/5 as much as when they were 20.
  • That 30 million men in the USA alone suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence).
  • That by the time he’s 50, the average man will have lost .5” (half an inch) in length from his penis.
  • That 98% of men have a much weaker, smaller more underdeveloped penis compared to what they could possess.
  • 67% of women said they were unhappy with their lover’s penis size.
  • That nearly 88.7% of men would increase the size of their penis if they knew how.
  • That the average man ejaculates within 2 to 2½ minutes of insertion into the female.

This Unique Medicine Gold Khas-ul-Khas Male Enhancement Therapy Will Bring Tremendous Physiological Changes & You Will Start Feeling These:

  • Your penis will gain length, enlargement, strength and toughness
  • More toughness during sex and prolonged vigour and erection
  • Stupendous increase in time and quantity of your ejaculation
  • Enormous increased rate of your sex desire


  • Penis enlargement
  • Increase sexual ability
  • Stay hard longer
  • Have more stamina
  • Experience prolonged ejaculations


Much Harder Erections, More Stamina and Increase in Size- More Pleasure 

Achieve Firmer, More Powerful Erections completely cures your Premature Ejaculation.

Naturally Boost Your Sexual Desire. A Sex Life You Have Always Dreamed.

TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS enhance your sexual pleasures, it really boosts your sexual desires strengthen sexual performance and energy. We have developed a safe and unique herbal formula that makes your sexual energy explodes, reduce erectile dysfunction (ED). We develop TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS all from natural plants, seeds, berries roots leaves, bark and flowers extracting from all natural herbs, Sign of Unlimited Sexual Power, works within 30 to 45 minutes and enjoy whole night. The solution of impotence and pre-ejaculation.

married couple

These tablets are the only solution which can restore your vigor, vitality, health and again by this treatment you will be able to live like a man and all your fears, tensions, worries will only be a history as you will enter into a new life where happiness success and a family which was not possible before will be waiting for you.

Again not even young people but people of old age even 60s and 70s have found to be benefited by these tablets.


Remember if you are thinking that this dread full disease is effecting or destroying you slowly then it is advisable to take a full treatment of this course right now and be safe from future tensions or worries.

It Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

  • Dramatically increase your desire to have sex.
  • Stimulating blood flow to the organs.
  • Your Penis will be rock hard and erection will be very firm.
  • Penis stay stiff all time.
  • Penis remain hard after multiple ejaculations.
  • Boost Power, stamina, desire, even without break.
  • Ensuring a more fulfilling and more explosive sexual Life.
  • Result Oriented Natural Medicine, Alternative to Viagra.

Give You The Results Required To Please Even The Most Demanding Women of Today.

Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction (ED) describes a condition in which a male is no longer capable of maintaining an erection long enough for sexual inter course. A large number of American’s approximately 15 to 35 million peoples are currently suffering from some kind of erectile dysfunction, either they are entirely unable to achieve an erection, reach one sporadically or can only sustain them for a short brief period of time. Some causes are physical and some are mental. Male impotence is defined as the inability to maintain an erection or reach ejaculation.

If the nerves or blood vessels associated with the process are not working properly, a man may not be able to achieve an erection. TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS increases blood flow to the penis, so that when a man is sexually aroused, he can achieve and maintain erection.TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is approved for the treatment of men who have difficulty in achieving and maintaining erection (Impotence).  TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is best herbal product, which deals with problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature ejaculation naturally.TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is the safest, and most effective cure for E.D. and P.E. Chemical-free, natural herbal treatments for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is the only natural way to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in harder and longer erections.

TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS benefits men by prolonging sexual activity, sustaining hard erections even after ejaculation, increasing energy levels for extended activity, enlarging the length and thickness of the penis for fuller penetration, and enhancing sexual desire.

The benefits of using a TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are glaringly obvious. Synthetic treatments are also effective but the potentially dangerous side effects must be considered.

TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS significantly increase testosterone levels, boost libido, increase semen production, eliminate sexual dysfunction, and increase sexual energy, stamina and endurance.

Feel like a sexual Super Star with TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS Fast-acting!

  • Safe and effective.
  • Longer, harder, stronger erections in minutes.
  • Shown to aid in prevention of premature ejaculation.
  • Gets you harder faster.
  •  Keeps you harder longer.
  • No prescription necessary.
  • More explosive, intense orgasms.
  • Please your lover like never before.

It is very important for you to find a solution that will act as TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS and increases sexual performance. TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is herbal supplement, which can be used to increase performance. It’s not like those chemical treatments that produce potentially dangerous side effects, TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is safe and all natural. It is a natural sexual enhancement product that contain all natural herbs for sex in a synergized comprehensive formula. It is specially formulated for men and contain all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to stimulate sexual activity, cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation as well as promote overall health and well-being.

physiology of erection

So we want you not to consume potentially dangerous chemicals which are going to harm your body, which could have dangerous short term as well as long term side effects. TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS is your all natural alternative to those chemical pills that is to put the spark back in your sex life safely without causing any side effects. There is no doubt in calling it a natural alternative to Viagra or herbal Viagra.

TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS has been very effective with a very high success rate. It is not only popular among teenagers, but also among aged people who suffer from infertility, erectile dysfunction due to diabetes or any other reason, premature ejaculation, fear, anxiety, stress, fatigue, inability to perform and lack of confidence.

Our customers are very much satisfied with the results. In fact, it has been sold to literally thousands of customers in virtually every country around the world.

A Genuine Solution To

  • Cure Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Cure Impotence.
  • Stop Premature Ejaculation.
  • Boost Libido.
  • Give intense multiple orgasms.
  • Increase semen production.
  • Prolong erection for hours.
  • Increase your energy and stamina.
  • Improve your health.

The carefully selected and scientifically tested herbal ingredients with the powerful qualities of traditional aphrodisiacs from South East Asia, China, Japan and Peru will rocket your libido and improve your health all at the same time! Cure Sexual and Erectile Dysfunctions without a prescription! And no side effects!


Our product meets with the most stringent lab and quality tests from around the world.Benefit from a chemical-free TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. TASEER HUB-E-ALMAS boost libido, increase sexual energy, stamina, endurance, virility, and vitality. Herbal treatments eradicate erectile dysfunction and destroy premature ejaculation quickly, naturally, and simply.

Sexual Benefits

  • High Sexual Arousal
  • Increased Motivation and Frequency of Sexual Intercourse.
  • Increased Testosterone Levels.
  • Promotes Growth of Both Ventral Prostate and Seminal Vesicles.
  • Increased Weight of Sexual “Accessories”.
  • Increased Virility.
  • Increased Sexual Prowess.
  • Powerful Energy Boost.
  • Improved Body Strength.


  • Powerful natural aphrodisiac.
  • Increase frequency of sexual intercourses for men.
  • Enhances sexual performance.
  • Increase intensity of orgasm.
  • Helps to overcome sexual dysfunction naturally.
  • Boosts sexual pleasure and helps to maintain healthy erectile function.
  • Invigorates the sexual vitality and Yang-energy.


Absolutely the Fastest, Easiest, Safest and Most Economical way to increase your penis size. Strong erection that will satisfy your lover never before.

Better, Harder, Stronger Erections with TASEER TILLA ALMAS


This oil is very effective in removing common affliction of the make organ i.e. shrinkage, thickness, slow erection and swelling of organic veins. It has been formulated to arrest quick ejaculation and continued semen discharge. After using TASEER TILLA ALMAS  the most noticeable changes will be the width of your penis and longer lasting erection. This Tilla is a unique herbal formula for Penis enlargement that works to increase Penis size, improve sexual health and strengthen erection.                                                                    

TASEER TILLA ALMAS  is a natural and an herbal formula which works for the enhancement of the erectile organ. It helps in increasing the size of the erectile organ, improves the sexual health and works along with sexual stimulation for much better erections. The content ofTASEER TILLA ALMAS   is herbal. The application is done in a topical form. This oil works for better erections which last for a longer duration. The natural ingredients which are present in this oil stimulate sensor systems in the skin of the erectile organ and the pubic area.

organ structure

TASEER TILLA ALMAS is very smooth and soft because it’s having water not fat or other fat contain things. This oil is transdermal delivery – this leads to greater firmness in the penile organ, increase in the penile tissue engorgement, better lasting erections, and much lesser occurrence of premature ejaculation. So effects can be seen almost immediately after the application. All good transdermal oils such as TASEER TILLA ALMAS cause increased penile firmness as well as longer time or erection, increase of penile size and only minimal chances of too early ejaculation.

This aphrodisiac product is very carefully blended mix of natural oils and made for anyone suffering erectile dysfunction and the ingredients used are reputed to stimulate, prolong and enhance your erection. TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is used by people who suffer erectile dysfunction in all forms which can be a long term severe problem or a more on and off, unpredictable condition. To use- Massage the end first then down the full length of the penis, a sensation will occur immediately, can be used during sex if you feel you are having trouble sustaining your erection and is also a great ‘fun time’ oil. Erectile dysfunction is a very common problem and this product is used by holistic therapists who are amazed with the results. By far the best selling line in our sensual, sex range.

TASEER TILLA ALMAS   has been successful in improving erectile quality and firmness in 95% of men. Men across around the world agree, TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is the Number 1 topical solution for erection problems. Natural male enhancement is easy with TASEER TILLA ALMAS.

Worried about coming up short? Want to please your partner for longer? With TASEER TILLA ALMAS, performance concerns are a thing of the past. You can take confidence in your sexual prowess once again.

man running

Confidence drives women crazy. With TASEER TILLA ALMAS, you have your own secret weapon, ready to deploy any time you need a performance boost. You’re always ready for action.

Designed to Promote

  • Harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Maximize control of ejaculation
  • Intensified pleasure for you and your partner
  • Greater sexual confidence and control

Try this scientific breakthrough today risk free and become the man that women desire. Remember if you are unsatisfied for any reason we offer a full of our erection enhancement oil.


The unique process used to create TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is the key to its effectiveness. First we begin with only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade herbal ingredients. Secondly, TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is manufactured using an advanced infusion process to coagulate the ingredients into a unique transdermal oil which instantly delivers the active ingredients into the cells of the penis.


This process also protects the properties of the ingredients utilized and ensures their full absorption. The result is an instant increase in one’s erection size and strength, sexual vigor, and stamina.

What Level of Results Can I Expect?

Most customers experience a nearly instant boost in both erection firmness and quality.

How Long Will it Take To See Results?

You will see immediate results. That’s right – the active ingredients go to work almost immediately. You don’t have to wait for the better, stronger erections.

Try Taseer Tilla Almas Risk Free today!

If you’ve dreamed of having the power and stamina to truly satisfy your partner, act now. Order TASEER TILLA ALMAS today and turbocharge your sex drive.

How Taseer Tilla Almas Works

The nutrients in TASEER TILLA ALMAS absorb into the skin and deliver an assortment of amino acid and herbal complexes, anti-oxidants, and botanical extracts to the penis tissue quickly and effectively. This formulation increases the blood flow to the penis within seconds causing larger, firmer, and longer lasting erections while at the same time reducing premature ejaculation.

Unlike other products, which require 30 – 60 minutes to take effect, TASEER TILLA ALMAS  provides an instant reaction. You will no longer miss that precious moment.

TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is an all-natural formula with no harmful ingredients. TASEER TILLA ALMAS   is not a drug, has no side effects, and requires no painful injections. This product is a natural herbal formulation, which feels divine, is safe to use with condoms, and best of all works immediately. Try it today!

Ingredients for Stronger Erections

Stronger, harder erections — instantly

TASEER TILLA ALMAS   contains L-Arginine, a compound that’s vital to the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, allowing them to dilate, which improves blood circulation. Improved circulation to the corpus cavernosum results in stronger, harder erections.

In addition, TASEER TILLA ALMAS contains a powerful blend of botanical and herbal compounds to stimulate the intensity and strength of erections and orgasm. Try it today and experience a whole new level of intimate encounters!

If your erections aren’t what they used to be, TASEER TILLA ALMAS   may help maximize your erection potential and give you the firmer, fuller-feeling erections you deserve. Healthy blood flow is the key to Natural Male Enhancement. Decreased blood flow can be the result of smoking, poor diet, or even just getting older.

TASEER TILLA ALMAS natural blend includes natural herbs which are known to improve blood flow and circulation as well as enhance physical performance, including sexual stamina.

What are the causes of decreased sexuality & how can herbal alternatives and medicine help?

There are many reasons for declining sexual desire and performance. Decreased levels of male sex hormones, impaired circulation to the genitals, enlarged prostate gland and side effects of medications are only a few of the many causes of falling libido and sexual performance.


If you really want to feel alert and full of vitality, try TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM

If you live a full, busy life, then chances are you often get less sleep than your body needs for optimum performance. This can result in occasional fatigue, which is the body’s normal response to physical exertion, emotional stress, or lack of sleep. When you’re burning the candle at both ends, your body can’t produce the energy to keep you mentally alert and physically strong. If giving up the activities you enjoy isn’t an option, then you may be ready for TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM.


TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is a full body natural herbal tonic, a natural herbal supplement that promotes energy and stamina, protects health, and enhances mood.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM maintaining youthfulness, vigor, vitality of the body and keeping away ageing process, senility and debility. It maintains the proper functioning of the cells and rejuvenates the cells. As such it also keeps away the diseases. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAMmean to impart long, healthy, disease free life, intelligence, power of memory, youth and luster. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is most useful and thus famous one. It is the most popular rejuvenating herbal Tonic It works on the immune system of the body protecting body against everyday infections like cough cold and fever TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM fights toxic elements within our body, imparts it with power, develops and strengthens the immunity system. It is also considered to be cardiac muscle toner, a powerful rejuvenator and a memory booster.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM works as a toner of brain and nervous system, it activates neurons in the brain to enhance the memory power, mental energy and concentration.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM contains different ingredients but have complementary effects. This ancient herbal supplement is known to provide balance and strength to body’s immune system by protecting the body against free radical damage.


  • For low energy, exhaustion and burnout. Increases body’s ability to adapt to stress.
  • Supports nervous system, during anxiety, nervous irritability, insomnia, and panic attack. Peaceful, calming, and focusing for the mind. Strongest calmer for immediate help.
  • Supports the immune and nervous systems, and adrenals. Helps maintain and build life energy. Recovers the body from fatigue, Increases brain power, memory, focus, and vital energy.
  • Anti-depressant and mood elevator. Brings joy back to life.
  • Energy tonic. Supports the immune, hormonal, and adrenal systems. Tonic for exhaustion, chronic fatigue, burnout, depression, and immune-deficiency. Increases mental clarity.
  • Nervous system support. For pain, anxiety, tension, spasms, cramps and insomnia.


Heart and Brain

The perfect blend of natural herbs acts as a cardiac stimulant and helps in smooth functioning of the heart. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM nourishes the brain cells by supporting the nervous system and enhances co-ordination and memory power. The tonic is good for students as it increases retention and recall.

heart and brain

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM has been used extensively for the promotion of optimal neural and cognitive function and has been shown to be useful in promoting normal healthy brain aging. The human brain is a delicate organ of the body, constantly being attacked by various factors in our lifestyles including environmental pollution, internal toxicity, stress and a lack of proper diet and nutrients. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM may help combat the ravages of these effects by stimulating the nervous system to maintain optimum sustainability to preserve our ability to thing cognitively and retain our memories. There have been many studies citing positive results for using TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM to improve performance and memory.

Lung, Liver and Kidneys

The smooth functioning of the lungs is facilitated by the regular intake of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM Moisture balance is maintained in the lungs and gives new energy to respiratory system. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps purify blood and invigorates the liver and helps to eliminate toxins.


It helps the downward flow of energy in the body and eases constipation. Apart from these, the TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM eliminates wastes from the body without overworking the urinary system.

Herbs in this formula may strengthen and give tone to weak kidneys.


Cleavers may also help with kidney stones and may be helpful in the urinary tract. It may also be beneficial for calcium deposits and may act as a mild diuretic. It may help filter urine and repair weak and stressed kidneys.

Other Benefits

The holistic traditional formula of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM improves skin complexion, glow and fights dermal bacterial infection. It promotes hair growth and helps absorption of calcium resulting in strong bones and teeth. The anti-oxidant properties of the tonic act against the ageing process and maintain youthfulness. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM enhances fertility. It also improves muscle tone by enhancing protein synthesis effectively.


With TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS you can experience.

  • Increase Energy Levels.
  • Improved stamina & Endurance.
  • Superior Physical & Athletic Performance.
  • Enhanced Focus & Concentration.
  • Relief from Fatigue & Exhaustion.
  • Improves poor blood circulation.
  • It is an effective complete cardiac tonic.
  • Quickly improve brain & liver function by providing the nutrients.

man running

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS is an herbal Formula that goes deep to support your multiple, interdependent body systems. Helps in removing body weakness and enhances energy, immunity & stamina TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS This comprehensive blend of herbs, nutrients and special ingredients addresses seven primary body systems: the brain and nervous system, liver, heart and circulation, immune system, musculoskeletal system, energy and metabolism, and antioxidant defense.

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS is an effective and potent cardiac tonic with well-known antioxidant properties.

An effective herbal tonic for senile debility and quick recovery after prolonged illness. It Stimulates the functioning of all major organs of the body and gives a feeling of well being.

This Khamira is particularly useful in removing the weakness of heart. Rectifies palpitation and depression quickly. Strengthens the Brain and Liver and is chief potent tonic during the convalescent period.

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS is Cardio Vascular tonic. Strengthens the auricle and ventricle and the valves of the heart, thus improving the whole cardio vascular system. A cerebral tonic & relaxant. Strengthens all parts of the brain, nerves & ganglion. Effective for mental fatigue, restlessness, irritation & heart sinking.


It eliminates palpitation of heart; useful in the weakness of eyesight and renders support and strength to the heart and brain. Those who are engaged in mental work, whether young people or children, must not fall a prey to mental fatigue. This preparation offers a safe remedy to sharpen their intelligence and memory.

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS helps you rejuvenate your heart and improve poor blood circulation. It is a complete cardiac tonic. It helps regulate blood pressure and maintains the balance between supply and demand of myocardial oxygen. It helps regulate lipid metabolism by increasing the protective HDL-cholesterol while lowering both total and bad LDL-cholesterol. It helps reduce platelet adhesion

This unique natural TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS supports the heart indirectly by helping people overcome nervousness and anxiety. It is known, indeed, that stresses of modern life, tension, anxieties and frustrations are all factors affecting the heart’s health. With proven effect at all the above levels, this formula very effectively helps maintain a normal cardiac function and prevent congestive heart failure.

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS is a rejuvenating combination of herbs that promotes the proper function of the heart and circulatory system. As a cardiac tonic, Heart Formula nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle, thereby stimulating blood circulation and allowing an increase of oxygen flow to the heart. According to TIB-E-UNANI heart conditions often have an emotional component such as fear, anxiety or repressed emotions. TASEER KHAMIRAALMAS taken in conjunction with rest and the practice of yoga or meditation, may help release these emotions while calming and soothing the heart.


TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS helps strengthen heart muscles, protect from damage. Reduces cholesterol effects, prevents deposits on arterial walls. Helps to dilate coronary arteries increasing blood flow and oxygen supply.

Excellent to improve blood circulation and stop bleeding. Good for heart, kidney and lungs. Acts as an antioxidant and antiseptic. Keeps blood vessels flexible, allowing increased blood flow important in any herbal heart formula.

  • Angina
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Irregular Heart Beat
  • Clogged Arteries
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Swollen
  • Enlarged
  • Heart
  • Diabetic Circulation Problems
  • Heart Disease
  • Heart Bypass
  • Aneurism
  • Stroke
  • Atrial Fibrillation


No other formula can renew liver health as effectively, rapidly and gently as Liver Rejuvenator. TASEER KHAMIRAALMAS sets a new standard for efficiency and results. The liver has everything to do with a person’s energy level. If your customers want high energy, great stamina and overall good health, tell them to be sure to keep their liver in excellent shape. Not detoxifying the liver is like never changing the oil filter in one’s car! A healthy liver can mean much more energy, greater mental clarity, better mood, improved health, protection against countless ailments, and finding relief for conditions that may have been plaguing your customers for years.

male organ anatomy

Ultimately, one’s health can only be as good as the health of his liver. A poorly functioning liver will affect all other organs. Weight gain and depression are two manifestations of a congested, overworked liver. Other common symptoms and conditions include being on edge (easily stressed), emotional roller coaster, elevated cholesterol, skin conditions, skin irritation, sleep difficulties, fat indigestion, kidney damage, heart damage, brain damage, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, poor memory, PMS, mental fog, blood sugar disorders, allergies and obesity. When the liver gets congested and toxic, it will remain that way and get worse until it is detoxified and rejuvenated.


This unique, powerful formula provides the high levels of nutritional ingredients needed to create improved mental prowess. Most people do not get adequate amounts of these brain-supporting nutrients. This leads older adults especially to feel mentally sluggish and lethargic, struggling with a failing memory, poor focus and an inability to concentrate.

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS has the power to quickly improve brain function by providing the nutrients needed to maintain important neurotransmitters, the building blocks for better mental focus, improved concentration, and sharper memory.

Very soon from the time you start taking this powerful formula you will notice changes in your mental sharpness. Soon you may even be astonished at how much better you will be remembering names and dates… processing information and understanding it much more quickly… developing powers of recall you had not experienced in years.


TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS increases blood flow throughout the brain, leading to increased uptake of oxygen by nerve cells. It extends the ability of the brain cells to withstand periods of oxygen deprivation, thus making it useful in treating strokes. It also protects cells against damage caused by exposure to toxins. TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS protects small blood vessels against spasm and loss of tone, has a relaxing effect on the vessel wall, and protects capillaries from becoming fragile or leaking blood into tissues.


The brain, spinal cord and an enormous network of nerves threaded throughout our system make up the control center for the entire body. The brain uses all the information it receives from our nerves to coordinate all of our actions and reactions – from blinking, to kicking a ball, to driving a car – without a nervous system, we simply couldn’t exist!

TASEER KHAMIRA ALMAS is a 100% natural combination of three cellular-supporting biochemical tissue salts especially selected for their positive effects on nervous system health. This combination of tissue salts can be used regularly in a general capacity to promote systemic and chemical balance in the brain and nervous system, as well as in conjunction with other remedies to maintain therapeutic effectiveness. It is also very effectively used by people who tend to worry a lot and lead rather stressful lives, helping to reduce stress levels and support a more positive and settled approach – so essential to feelings of well-being!


Are You Facing Problems Such As

  • Low sperm count.
  • Low libido.
  • Low sperm count and volumes.
  • Impotence.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Low sexual drive.

Are Searching For Solutions That Can

  • Increases sperm count.
  • Increases libido.
  • Raises performance level.
  • Eradicates premature ejaculation.
  • Cures impotence.
  • Treats erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves sperm count.
  • Increases sperm volume.
  • Increases blood circulation to the penis.


TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS Improves sperm count, Motility, Corrects male infertility, Reduce prostate enlargement. Best for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigor to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS encourages spermatogenesis by improving the testicular, seminal vesicle and epididymal functioning. TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS perks up the sperm count and the quality of semen by raising the LH-FSH producing basophil cells in the pituitary gland.



  • Increases sperm count.
  • increases libido.
  • Raises performance level.
  • eradicates premature ejaculation.
  • cures impotence.
  • Treats erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves sperm count.
  • Increases sperm volume.
  • Increases blood circulation to the penis.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is reported to be efficient in improving the morphology and motility of the sperms, as accounted by various workers. It is a compound of native drugs reputed to have a pharmacological action in oligo-spermia. It tones up the system, improves the broad-spectrum vitality and acts as a curative and nervine tonic. TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS also effects an entire and powerful contraction of the seminal vesicles, as a result bringing about their total evacuation and increases the quantity of semen ejaculated. TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is an herbal formulation well reported upon and presumed in a significant clinical condition where modern medicine offers little hope.

Sperm count

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is a herbo-mineral formula that has shown outstanding results in cases of common benign prostate enlargement, a condition known as B.P.H. (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) affecting more than half the men above fifty years.

It is a combination of herbs that have decongestant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic actions. Patients experienced free flow of urine that was hypothesized to be secondary to the decrease in the size of the prostate.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels thereby improving spermatogenesis and male sexual function. It has been described by many as the answer to couples who can’t wait or cannot afford IVF.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS works in two major ways to improve fertility. First, it is a powerful testosterone and Androgen booster. This group of hormones is primarily responsible for sexual expression and healthy function.

Boosting Androgen levels is particularly important if you are a man attempting to have a child later in life. While not experiencing the precipitous drop that women do during menopause, male androgen levels decrease from 100% during the mid-20’s to around 20% as a senior citizen.

Increase Semen Volume With TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS

More Semen For Better, Stronger, Powerful, & Intense Male Orgasms


Increasing semen volume is not as difficult as you might think. This common issue has been extensively researched as men’s fertility rates and semen volume have steadily declined. More than ever before, men are seeking to increase their semen volume for various reasons.

Whatever reason you want to increase semen volume TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS can help.

  • Ever wanted longer, stronger, and more explosive male orgasms?
  • Has your semen ever dribbled and you wish it would shoot out?
  • Have you ever wanted to impress your partner with massive semen ejaculations?

If you answered yes to the above questions then TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is the answer for your semen volume enhancement needs. With TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS you can get a larger load of semen volume which means more intense male orgasms as well as the potential to become multi-orgasmic.


Our unique blend of ingredients will provide the nutrients needed to increase semen volume. The ingredients in TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS stimulate semen and testosterone production in the testes. You may notice an increase in semen volume within just a few days and it can more than double if you continue to use the product.


  • Increase semen volume
  • Make your semen look whiter, thicker and healthier
  • Give you intense male orgasms that won’t stop
  • Impress your sex partner with massive semen ejaculations
  • Boost your confidence in your sexual abilities
  • Help you become multi orgasmic
  • Give you increased sexual energy & desire

Do You Want to Optimize Your Cum?

  • Do you want a satisfying erection?
  • Do you want more pleasure?
  • Do you want more stamina?
  • Do you want quicker reloads?

Satisfy even the most demanding woman!

Would you like to show your partner your sexual strength and power? Have you tried all different kinds of methods but with no success? Are you about to give up the fight for a better orgasm, more satisfying erections, and optimized ejaculation? STOP, there’s a solution now!!!

Prescription medicines, may have side effects you don’t want to risk. The TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is 100% herbal, and has no known side effects, except for the fact that most uses do report they require sex more frequently.


TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS contains a number of natural aphrodisiacs and sex tonics which have been used in herbal formulations for 1000s of years in Asia and around the world, for their ability to support normal sexual desire, potency, and performance. Because TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is a herbal dietary supplement, you do not require a prescription or any embarrassing doctors visits

TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is an all natural herbal formula that can support your body’s natural SPERM volume and overall sexual performance. Not only will your orgasms will be driven to the point of esctacy, but your stamina, erections and overall sexual health will be enhanced.

Achieving the feeling of complete bliss while having orgasm is an experience like no other!

A large, volumes explosion and Intense orgasm is an experience like no other and it is very satisfying for both partners – especially for the man. I’m sure there have been times in every man’s life where he has had a truly intense and incredible orgasm. But for most men, an explosive and mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t happen every time, which is why they are searching for a product that can help them achieve this feeling of complete bliss much more frequently. In such circumstances TASEER SAFOOF-E-ALMAS is the only product that can help them. This is why we have thousands of satisfied customers Globally.


Increases sperm count & motality Removes erectile dysfunction Prevents early ejaculation, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea Increases libido in men Removes sexual complexes.


TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS herbal medicine for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigor to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS used to improve men’s function, e.g. help from spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS regulates premature ejaculation by neuro-endocrine way. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS is a safe formulation that acts on the higher centers of emotions in the brain and locally on the sex organs directly or indirectly. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS reduces anxiety and calms the individual. By acting through the neuro-endocrine pathway, TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS regulates the process of ejaculation.


TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS is a rejuvenating formula for the male reproductive system. This nourishing blend helps maintain a healthy prostate and the uncongested flow of urine. It tones and strengthens the muscles while boosting stamina and energizing the system. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS also contains aphrodisiac herbs that are traditionally used in TIB-E-UNANI to promote fertility and enhance sexual performance.

Effective In

  • Thickening the semen.
  • Producing vigor.
  • Inducing tranquility.
  • Grumosing the semen.
  • Increasing vitality and duration.
  • Virility by strengthening the nerves.
  • Increasing and thicken the seminal fluid.
  • Healing effects of excessive sex or masturbation.
  • Nocturnal emission.
  • Spermatorrhoea.
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens the male reproductive system.
  • Maintains proper prostate size and function.
  • Supports healthy libido.
  • Maintains potency and stamina.

How it Works

TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS acts on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement.

anatomy of male organ

By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays of ejaculation by up to 20 mins. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS has been very favorably reported by a large number researchers. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS contain indigenous ingredients of ancient reputed herbal drugs having salutary pharmacological action in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, masturbation and allied sex disorders. The constituents of TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS bring about powerful contraction of the seminal vesicle cutting up the afferent stimuli from the seminal vesicle and thus relieve spermatorrhoea. It tones up the system and improves the general vitality and acts as a restorative nervine tonic. It is not just a sedative and it does not diminish desire or sex interest as bromides, valerian and other tranquillizers usually do.

Main Actions for TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS In Spermatorrhea

“Hundred drops of sweat equals one drop of blood and hundred drops of blood equals one drop of semen” -this is one of the age-old beliefs about semen. Spermatorrhoea medically means an involuntary escape or ejaculation or drooling of semen without any sexual event/erection/orgasm.

TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS stops semen leakage. The functions of this traditional ASIAN medicine formula are to stabilize the kidneys while binding up semen. This Herbal formula is best suited for conditions of spermatorrhea due to instability of the essence gate (kidney and liver deficiency). When the kidneys are deficient and the essence is weak then Qi will also be deficient. TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS is best herbal medicine for the treatment of spermatorrhea. When one suffers from this condition, semen becomes water like and, at the time of urination and motions.


Indications and Symptoms

chronic spermatorrhea, impotence, fatigue, weakness, sore and weak limbs, lower back weakness, lower back pain, tinnitus Tongue – pale, white coat Pulse – thin, frail.

Nourishing and Invigorating Blood, Strengthening Kidney Essence and Stopping Nocturnal Emission

Nocturnal Emission

The discharge of semen through the penis during sleep usually as a result of erotic dreams is called nocturnal emission. It is also called “wet dreams” or “night falls”. When a young man experiences a nocturnal emission, he gets quite a shock. If the person is ignorant of the normal sexual process, he will be bewildered at what is happening to him and may turn to bogus literature on sex or to quacks for an answer. Misinformation may result in sexual problems.


Wet dreams are quite natural. No physical or mental harm can come from them. They need not and cannot be curbed. They do not require any treatment. It is not just boys who get these wet dreams. Even girls and women can have erotic dreams as a result of pent-up sexual desires, which may lead to orgasms during sleep.

TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS Reinforces the kidneys and controls nocturnal emission. It is used to treat kidney deficiencies, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, fatigue, general weakness, limb aches, lower back pain (lumbago), insomnia, as well as tinnitus.

TASEER MUGHALIZ ALMAS is a fine condensed pill made from natural herbs based on a classic ASIAN herbs formula that “enhances kidney and promote sexual power. “The formula has been used for centuries to help improve men’s sexual power and prevent premature ejaculation, abnormal nocturnal emissions and impotence caused by “kidney deficiency”.

Ejaculation and Manhood

Sex is everywhere. Our culture overwhelms us with sex. Has it always been so? Not exactly. Humans have not always been obsessed with sex. But the truth is, we have always been fixated on the beauty and power of the penis. The penis has always been – and is now a symbol of manhood, power, dominance and success. The penis have appeared in the art and imagination of cultures worldwide. People has given attention to penis size, longer lasting erections and ability to get an instant erection. But the real moment of truth is the orgasm. Actually it is the real goal of all the penis concerns: to produce bigger, more powerful orgasms.

running man

This may shed some light why the spotlight has oriented more on volume of semen. Manhood and sperm volume have become somewhat inseparable. Men see that volume of ejaculate affects many aspects of their sexual identity and enjoyment. As a result, men want to increase sperm volume.

No Sperm

A low sperm count (or no sperm at all) may be caused by severe mumps infection, hormonal disorder, hereditary factors, or infections. It can also be triggered by wearing tight or restrictive underwear, excessive use of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs, and exposure to radiation or poisonous chemicals. According to FDA.

A complete absence in sperm in the ejaculate, called azoospermia, can be due to a number of factors. Before diagnosing your condition, suggesting treatment and giving you a prognosis, your doctor must gather more information. The first step is a complete history and physical examination.

No sperm

During the physical examination, your doctor will check the size and consistency of the testicles. If the testicles are small and softer than normal, the problem may be due to low levels of the hormones required for sperm production. If the testicle is small and hard, testicular failure may be the cause.

After a thorough evaluation is made, your physician can determine whether hormone treatment (rarely beneficial), or any herbal treatment might offer the possibility of success.

How Ejaculation Happens

To understand the vital role of volume of ejaculate in male pleasure, let’s take a look at how male climax works.

First, seminal plasma collects in the ejaculatory ducts during sexual stimulation. The purpose of the seminal plasma is to protect and feed the spermatozoa during their journey to the ova through the female reproductive tract. Male orgasm happens at the peak of sexual pleasure, when the various muscle groups contract simultaneously: rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) occur along with contractions of the anal sphincter, rectum and perineum, and the ejaculatory ducts and muscles around the penis.


The contracting muscles are the key to delivering the load of semen. The first few contractions are intense and close together, occurring at about 0.8-second intervals. As orgasm continues, the contractions diminish in intensity and duration and occur at less frequent intervals.

Your sperm volume depends on a number of factors, including heredity, diet, overall health, frequency of sexual activity and age. The content, however, is about the same for all men: the ejaculate contains sperm and a long list of components that read like a vitamin pill label: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, chlorine, choline, calcium, creatine, hyaluronidase, cholesterol, fructose, glutathione, inositol, lactic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, vitamin B12, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, potassium, sorbitol, magnesium, and zinc. Each of these ingredients, though, represents just a tiny amount — and the total measure of a typical “load” is somewhere between 1.5 ml and 5 ml.

How To Increase Sperms

Treatment by conventional methods may help the couple get pregnant through normal sexual intercourse. There are medications, antibiotics, and hormones that a man can take to help in sperm production, get rid of infection, or aid in hormonal imbalance. Also, you can try wearing loose clothing like boxers or avoiding hot tubs, saunas, and long hot showers.

First of all take care of your diet. Make sure your diet includes zinc. This trace mineral is instrumental in your overall well-being and for the proper functioning of your body, not to mention the production of testosterone and sperm. But it can be even dangerous to overtake it. This is why we recommend to pay attention to the amazing sperm volume boosters that contain an exact dosage of zinc among its ingredients.


They are specifically formulated to increase ejaculation volume. These pills can increase sperm count by naturally increasing the level of testosterone in the body. When the level of testosterone is increased the hormones in the body increase the levels of semen and sperm produced. This therefore this can, multiply the ejaculation volume. These products contain botanicals and natural ingredients to tonify and support the ejaculatory ducts, epididymis, testes, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens – that is, every part of the male reproductive system.

You will have enough sperm to ejaculate not just once, but two or three times. This also means that you will no longer have to turn your lover down when she asks for another round.

Erotic Tips

One of the most common causes for the failure of many erotic dates is the fact that one or both lovers are ignorant regarding some essential aspects of eroticism. In the following, we present some of these…

Never Go Directly To Intercourse

A man does not need too much preparation for an erotic act to begin. He just needs to look at his partner, touch and embrace her and bum! he is ready for intercourse.


A woman needs the so-called foreplay (the man also, sometimes). Many men think that prelude is something limited to a kiss, a touch of her breasts and that’s about it… It is true that there are women with greater sexual appetite, who are easily excitable. They can skip that preparative, but not necessarily always. However, most women need a lot of small “attentions” to lead them to pleasure.

What is Prelude?

Prelude implies many things, each according to the specific needs and moods of a given couple. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a standard recipe for all couples. But there are a few rules that you should keep in mind if you want to offer and to receive pleasure.

Lovemaking Requires a Special Atmosphere

It’s not about turning your room into a theatre scene. Some details would be enough to love making. For example, relaxing, pleasant music, a bouquet of flowers, candles, incense sticks, etc.

The bedroom has to be more than merely a place to sleep. With some effort, a lot of thought and care, even the most “ordinary” bedroom can become a love nest with all the positive effects derived from this.

Undressing – A Two Lovers Play

Each of the two should get close to the other. You shouldn’t expect that he does all the work… The way you unbutton his shirt can have a very important and sexy effect on your lover’s appetite. Moreover, the woman can turn this simple act of taking her clothes off into a ritual of abandoning herself for the real, cosmic and pure love, which may grant her lover happiness and self-content.

You Should Communicate Through Words

You should whisper…but what? Not words that you’ve read from books, of course, but tender words from the bottom of your heart.


Women receive happily and with emotion her lover’s tender and admiring remarks, words that are meant to encourage and also to create a more intimate atmosphere between the two.

What Should You Smell Like?

Undoubtedly, your smell should be fresh, clean, discrete perfume. To smell good is a matter of elegance and refinement. Moreover, from a traditional point of view, perfume is considered a magical love potion. From the very beginning, the creation of perfume was inspired by the complex relationship, the desire, and the passion between man and woman.

Any Erotic Game Can Take Place If Both Lovers Agree To It

If one of you comes up with a new, and perhaps kind of unusual idea about engaging an erotic play and the other is reticent, you should be understanding and give that idea up immediately. Otherwise not only your honeymoon is ruined, but your whole relationship might also be affected. But you might try a sensual massage or lovemaking without intercourse.

Don’t Be Skimpy With Your Kisses!

They are, along with your caresses, the essential part of the sexual prelude. Become a master of kissing is our advice for a wonderful foreplay.

You Should Know How To Caress

Caresses turn on the skin’s sexual sensitivity of both partners. Be careful! Touching or massaging (lightly!) the erogenous zones should take place in light, small, rhythmical motions! We have something for you regarding this subject, too:

  •  Express your partner by sensual touching.
  •  Massage – The touch of love.
  • Using oils and essences for erotic massage.
  • Sensual touches.
  • Essential oils for lovers.
  • Pleasure Points.

The Breasts

Women’s breasts are not only an essential attribute of femininity, but also the richest, most subtle and most sensitive instrument of erotic emotions. Caressing and tickling the nipples makes all the nervous reflexes come to life and prepares the genitals for the sexual act itself. The more delicate the caress, the stronger the effect.

Brutal caresses paralyze the woman’s sensitivity, instead of exciting her, just like a powerful sound makes you deaf for a while. There might be an exception: for women who have corpulent body hard pinch might have results as good as delicate caresses.

Sometimes, when very excited, some men have the tendency of squeezing the woman’s breasts painfully and biting them as if they were apples. These men should not forget that excited breasts are as sensitive to traumas as their own testicles. So do not bite your partner’s breasts and do not squeeze them hard, unless, of course, asked to.

Fragmented Urination – One Of The Secret Methods Of Controlling

Sexual Energy

In Tantric Buddhism and Taoism, initiated people control their ejaculation completely by using special secret techniques. This process requires absolute genital-urinary control..

Taoists consider that urine and sweat are the manifestations of certain energies that must be controlled and beneficially orientated by the human being. Wise people considered that those who have control over their urinary potential also have control over their sexual potential.

fragmented uriantion

There are three very simple, but efficient methods through which you can get control over the sexual and urinary potential:

In reference to this connection between the urinary and genital systems, it is common that the embryo has, till the fourth month of development, the same urinary and genital apparatus. They use this same type of tissue even when they grow and develop into an individual.

It is also worth mentioning that men find control of the urination process harder as they grow older and lose their sexual vigor; most of them having a prostate problem. Studies have reached the conclusion that men who have an irregular sexual life and who ejaculate frequently, are the most predisposed to prostate diseases, to urinary incontinence and renal infections.

  1. First method consists of fragmented urination, which means urinating in very short jets with a few seconds pause in between. The pause has to be long enough so that the urine flow stops completely. In the beginning there will be thrills through your body, especially up your spine. They will feel too strong for the weak ones. These thrills are nothing else but a manifestation of the energy transmuted because of the firm and strong contractions of the urinary sphincters. Certain texts suggest that this energy (these “thrills”) must be visualized and directed up the spine to the zone in the middle of the forehead.
  2. Second method, called the ‘short urine retention’ is stronger: when you feel the need to urinate you will relax the urinary sphincters and contract them immediately and firmly before the urine comes out of the bladder. It’s a method that requires very good control and at first should be practiced only in the toilet. Exercises are usually done before urination (fragmented). Obviously we should approach it gradually, without forcing it.

These two techniques are very efficient and should be practiced at each urination; transforming the common act of urination into a part of our daily training to harmonize our sexual energy, to obtain control or to maintain a perfect state of health and vigor.


  • A better control over the creative and vital energy of the human.
  • Amplifying of the Yang energy inside the being (solar, masculine, of control).
  • Increasing and refreshing the whole organism.
  • Increasing your will power.
  • Easily maintaining erotic continence.

By fragmenting the flow as many as 70 times in every urination for three weeks you will advantageously improve a lot of affections and genital-urinary dysfunctions, also you will notice an increased and more harmonious sexual appetite.

If the resulted energy from the transmutation of the urinary potential is directed and visualized as moving up the spine to ajna chakra you will notice an increase in your mental capacities, your ability to focus and concentrate. Here are some other secrets about fragmented urination and short urinary retention:

When you feel tired after an involuntary loss of sexual potential through ejaculation, fragment your urine in as many jets as you can (ideally more than 70 times), during the technique relax your body and feel the energetic thrills. You will feel fully refreshed.

In order to improve your sleep, eliminate bad dreams and nightmares, shorten the sleeping period and eliminate tiredness in the morning, use urine fragmentation or the technique of urinary retention before going to sleep.

In order to use these two techniques evoke a state of will and firmness before using them.

Use spine elongations and abdominal retractions as preparatory exercises; they are meant to purify the energetic channels through which the resulted energy will come.

  1. Third method: a quarter of an hour or an hour before making love drink water (or an infusion or juice) in a large quantity (over 1 liter is best) so that during sexual intercourse you will need to urinate. While you make love try to relax the urinary sphincters and the whole abdominal zone as you would want to urinate. You can do that without any risk, because it is practically impossible to urinate at that moment (the way the muscles of the penis act when erect do not allow the urine to come out). In a few minutes you will feel that the energy goes up easily and spontaneously. It is possible for some extremely pleasant thrills and an intense state of erotic and affective effervescence to appear. This state can be prolonged for as long as you want by relaxing the sphincters and the inferior abdominal zone.

Beginners especially, have the tendency to be very contracted during intercourse because of their desire to have more control, which is wrong. In fact the more the genitals are relaxed the easier it is for the energy to move up, to control and circulate.

By practicing these techniques during intercourse, control can easily be accomplished. Much tension and inner stress can be eliminated by these exercises. Also, these exercises are very useful for obtaining control over the inferior abdominal zone, which is one of the hardest zones to control.

After studying a great number of patients with disabilities and psychic disturbances, specialists said that almost all their muscles are strongly contracted. They discovered that in accordance with the improvement of the symptoms there was a corresponding physical muscular relaxation.

Thus they were able to medically prove what initiates have known for thousand of years; that any psycho-mental tension, sexual repression or inhibition is “translated” by our organism into involuntary genital contractions.

Further than this they noticed that through the relaxation and control over the inferior abdominal muscles and genital muscles there is a corresponding improvement in the psycho – mental life of the human.

One question: if relaxing the genitals is useful, then why do they recommend certain contractions, like the contraction of the urinary sphincters?

The answer is that when the relaxation is perfectly controlled then the efficiency of the contractions is maximized.

Let us compare them to a ball that must be pushed in a certain direction. The ball is the erotic energy, the direction is up the spine and the force that moves the ball is one of these contractions. If, for example, the pelvic contraction is very strong and the rest of the body is relaxed, the energy will be pushed up as the ball is. If you add other involuntary contractions from many different groups of abdominal muscles the effect is a lot weaker. Just like the ball would move chaotically under the impulse of several forces

Harmoniously alternating contraction and relaxation is one of the best – known secrets of the Taoist art of love. The connection between the inner mental, emotional state and the exterior manifestations during intercourse become obvious. Controlling these techniques means a lot more than mechanically conforming to rules, is a sign of harmony and inner force.

By practicing Oriental erotic techniques a new, lucid and sincere universe opens up to the user, a universe that was not even thought of, what greater joy could you offer to a woman than to put the whole universe at her disposal.

About A Man’s Sexuality

Penis Size

The size, shape and performance of the penis: a matter that all men have worried about at some time in their lives.

Most of them keep thinking about the mythical penis when comparing it with their own: rock-hard, huge and with immense staying power, which has little to do with the performance of a real penis that has its good and mediocre days.

Comparisons with other men are inevitable but not always reliable because when a man looks down at his own penis he sees it from a different and rather unusual angle.


Thus, it may seem smaller than the ones seen in communal showers or changing rooms. The best way to evaluate your penis is to look at it sideways in the mirror.

Another form of anxiety for men is whether their penis is capable of bringing real pleasure to a woman. A vagina is around 10 cm/4 inches in length, so it is the right size for most of the penises. But do not forget that the width is more important than length in stimulating the lining of the vagina, and thereby giving sexual satisfaction to a woman.

In exceptional cases, when an erect penis is very small, it may produce less stimulation. However, there are much more exciting ways in which a woman can be stimulated. And what matters most is the skill a man has when he uses his penis, his sensuality, his adaptability to her body’s responses.

When flaccid, penises do vary in length, thickness and shape but the differences become less pronounced once they are erect. Here is a little known fact, a smaller penis will grow proportionally more than a large one when aroused.

More About Penis & Erection

A full penile erection is the result of the blood being pumped into the erectile tissues at a much faster rate than it can escape. Thus, the tissue swells and the penis enlarges.


The urethra is the channel that originates at the bladder and passes through the prostate gland and the shaft of the penis. It terminates at the external urethral opening, situated in the glens, or head of the penis.

organ structure

Both urine and semen pass out of the body through the urethra. The male urethra is longer than the female one. It is up to 20cm/8in. A ring of muscles closes off the bladder prior to ejaculation, thus preventing urine from escaping with the semen.


The penis is the most erotically sensitive area and most men consider it as the most important part of their sexual anatomy.

The penis is made up of erectile and fibrous tissue and involuntary muscles. These muscles have a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels, surrounded by skin.

The spongy erectile tissue consists of three cylindrical compartments: the two corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum that surrounds the urethra. These cylinders are filled with blood during sexual arousal and thus the penis becomes erect.

The glans is the head of the penis. The semen is ejaculated through the external urethral opening which is the center of the glans.

The head of the flaccid penis is normally covered with a fold of loose skin called the foreskin or the prepuce which during erection stretches back and exposes the glans.

The glans is the most erotically sensitive part of the penis as it is well served with nerve endings. The frenulum is also very responsive to sexual stimulation. It is the area just below the under ridge of the glans.

Men can get a full erection of the penis sometimes within seconds of sexual stimulation, sometimes not even after foreplay, which can sometimes cause great anxiety for them.


Sperm develop inside the testicles and it takes about 10 weeks for that them to mature. During a single ejaculation 50-100 million spermatozoa per milliliter are ejected, which is about one spoon of semen.

Each month up to 30 billion spermatozoa are produced. However, 40% of sperm may be deformed or inactive in one ejaculation and the ones that are not ejaculated are reabsorbed into the body.

Sperm count

Each spermatozoon consists of an oval head, a tubular mid-section and a whip-like tail. The head contains 23 chromosomes. Among them there are the x or y chromosomes that dictate the sex of the embryo after an egg has been fertilized.

The spermatozoon goes to find this egg through the cervix, uterus and Fallopian tube with the help of the mid-section that acts like a motor, lashing the tail from side to side and thereby, propelling the sperm. Sperm can survive several days inside a woman’s reproductive tract when the proper conditions are present.


A circumcised penis is the one that has its foreskin surgically removed. Usually, the reason for this surgery is either religious (in the Jewish and Muslims communities) or due to health reasons.

Some western men have their penises circumcised for certain benefits they consider that it reduces the risk of infection as the organ can be kept clean much easier.

There are some medical problems that require circumcision such as phimosis, when the foreskin is too tight to retract properly or balanitis, an inflammation of the penis caused by a buildup of secretions under the foreskin.

Correct Measuring Of Your Erection

Penis Length

Penis length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal side of the erect penis extending from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans.

In non-medical terms, penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the skin of your belly to the tip of your penis.

Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest, thickest, part of the erect penis.

How To Measure Your Erection             

  1. Stimulate yourself into an erectile state.
  2. Place a ruler on the skin of your belly, at the base of your erect penis. While technically you should not push it against the skin, some of the studies used in this guide allowed the measurer to push it to the bone beneath the skin (public bone), so if you want to you can.
  3. Press the ruler against your penis and read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.
  4. Record this number on a piece of paper.
  5. Repeat this measurement two more times, preferably with different erections and preferably on different days as penis size will differ depending on the level of arousal, time of day, room temperature, and recent sexual activity.

Penis Circumference

Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis are also important aspects when considering how you measure up.


Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the following instructions to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).

  1. Stimulate yourself into an erectile state.
  2. Place the fabric ruler or string end on the widest part of your penis and wrap it once around carefully. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
  3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.
  4. Record this number on a piece of paper.
  5. Repeat this measurement two more times, preferably with different erections and preferably on different days as penis size will differ depending on the level of arousal, time of day, room temperature, and recent sexual activity.

The Development Of Male Sexuality

The male sexual characteristics become fully developed during puberty and cause many changes in a young man’s body. The first signs of puberty are noticed later at males than at females, usually between the ages of 12 and 14 years.

As with girls, the initial changes are triggered by chemical and nerve signals in the hypothalamus. These signals trigger the release of gonadotrophins which, in turn, instruct the testicles to start releasing increasing levels of male hormones, or androgens, such as testosterone, into the blood stream. These hormonal changes generate a sudden spurt in bone and muscle development.

When a boy reaches puberty, his scrotum and testes increase in size and also the pubic and facial hair begins to grow. Sperm begins to develop within the testes and the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland begin to mature.

The larynx enlarges and the vocal chords thicken and lengthen; thus, the voice drops in pitch. The penis begins to enlarge at the age of 13, but it takes around two years to reach its full adult size in.


The skin becomes coarser and may darken a little; acne can also appear as the increased level of testosterone tend to over stimulate the oil-producing glands in the skin.

It is also possible for an adolescent male to experience temporary breast enlargement. Though embarrassing, this normally subsides within a few months.

The physical changes are only slight at first, but they speed up during the adolescent years, before stabilizing by the time the male has reached his early twenties.

Becoming a Mans

Sometimes puberty can be a difficult time for men. Now they have to get used to the physical and psychic changes that occur in their own being.

They have to live up to the expectations of their parents and teachers and, in the mean time, they have to define their role in society, to determine their own beliefs and goals.

Now they need the friendship and guidance of more experienced men who can act as role models in their struggle to assert their own identity. It is a difficult, demanding, changing period of their life and that is why they need lots of understanding, patience and good advice.

Male Sexual Experience

During this period, a young male will probably experience exciting but somehow frightening new sexual feelings. He may start to have “wet dreams” which are nocturnal emissions. Erections occur frequently, and often unexpectedly


He will start having more and more sexual fantasies which may end with masturbation. It is common for boys of this age to compare penises and frequency of ejaculation, and in some cases to even masturbate together.

For most boys, these sexual games are only a passing phase in which they gain knowledge about their own bodies or compare their development with others.

Males become more and more interested in the opposite sex and relationships. Thus, it is very important to find out about the difference between sexuality and emotional happiness, about the female psyche, about sexually transmitted diseases, about contraception and about sexual continence and the methods one can use to take the best from sexuality and to satisfy a woman.

Though at this age the relationships do not always last long, the emotions involved are very intense and they offer a the chance for sexual experimentation. Now they may start to feel the pressure to loose their virginity as soon as possible.

Studies have proved that most of men claim to have lost their virginity at around 16-17 years old, but, of course, there are many who wait until they are much older.

From now on, besides their concern about studying, career and about coping with the demands made from them, males start to assign a lot of importance to their relationship with women.

In the beginning he may want to have a large number of relationships so that he can get enough sexual and emotional experience, but as he grows older to will start to look for his true mate.

Man’s Sexual Peak

The frequency of orgasm (either through masturbation or lovemaking) and the amount of resting time he needs between each ejaculation determine the sexual peak of men.

The period of their life when they are most sexually potent is during their teenage years and early twenties when their virility stabilizes. From now on, unless he learns how to preserve his sexual potential through the means of sexual continence, his virility starts to decline and he will need longer periods of recovery between each ejaculation.

In time men acquire more knowledge about their sexual responses and become more sensitive to a woman’s sexual and emotional needs, which can make them better lovers, with more staying power during coitus or even sexually continent (able to live multiple and prolonged orgasms without ejaculating). This undoubtedly enhances the sexual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction of both of the lovers.

Importance Of Foreplay

Traditionally, “foreplay” was considered to be something that a man had to do to get his partner ready for sexual intercourse. Today, foreplay has become an integral part of the whole lovemaking experience. It is true that impromptu sexual encounters without foreplay can sometimes be some of the best sexual experiences, but in general, most women will agree that good sexual encounters mean that you learn the importance of foreplay. A more vigilant form of foreplay will bring increased pleasure to both partners, and make the whole lovemaking experience more enjoyable.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Especially with age, both partners will need a little extra spice to get fully aroused and achieve maximum pleasure. Hence you need to learn the importance of foreplay. The man will need to prolong foreplay to get an erection and the woman will need the same to become properly lubricated. Most sex experts agree that there is no such thing as spending too much time on foreplay. The trick is to start intercourse when both partners are peaking with excitement and are having a hard time controlling their desires.

What is Foreplay?

You’ve gotten learn the importance of foreplay, which can encompass a wide range of activities, including hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, and petting, performing Why is foreplay so important? First of all, men who cuddle and kiss their partners and know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay will often find that their partners will not only enjoy sexual intercourse more, but will also see their partners reach orgasm more easily. Most women need prolonged stimulation in order to reach a state of complete arousal, and foreplay will provide them with the required stimulation.

No Ultimate Foreplay

There is no such thing as the ultimate foreplay, and it is not about pressing the right buttons in the right order. It is about understanding what makes your partner get hot and delivering the things that make her experience intense pleasure. All women are different. Some get off on being lightly kissed all over their necks while others enjoy direct oral stimulation.

There are many ways to give your partner extreme sensations, but one thing is for sure: It all begins in her brain. Simply tell her how beautiful she is and how much you appreciate her sexy body. By complimenting her appearance, especially if her confidence level is low, you are giving her added security and excitement, as well as giving her good reasons to go all out with the foreplay.

To learn the importance of foreplay you have to know how to set the mood. The next step is paying attention to romantic details. Creating the right environment for sexual intercourse can be crucial, especially at mature stages in the relationship. For example, make sure the room is warm, the lighting subdued, and the sheets clean. Once the mood is right, take the time to undress her because the act of removing your partner’s clothes can be an important part of foreplay. Many have found that undressing increases the eroticism; it stimulates and intensifies the feeling.

Often, women spend a lot of money on nice lingerie because it makes them feel sexy and they want it to stay on for a while. Instead of getting her completely naked, remove her bra strap, kiss her shoulder, and then put it back on again. Do the same with her underwear, and, again; compliment how good she looks in it.

Kissing and Foreplay

During foreplay, go as slow as you can. This will tease her. Begin by kissing and caressing her. A kiss is usually the first physical expression of desire but it is also often forgotten during sexual intercourse. During intercourse, you should kiss every part of your partner’s body and not be restricted to the mouth. Most women complain that their partners don’t kiss long enough and rush the movement directly to the genital area. Don’t be shy to experiment on every part of her body and remember to prolong the foreplay with more kissing and caressing.

A Good Time for Learning

This article focused on the importance of foreplay as it is a learning experience. Foreplay is the perfect time to spend understanding what your partner likes because without that, you will never learn what she really needs to be fully stimulated. Don’t be shy; ask for feedback and also give your own. Both partners profit from good communication during foreplay and lovemaking. Also, without cutting the intensity of the moment, ask her what she really likes and what makes her go wild.

The Time of Her Life

As a general rule, if she is satisfied with her sexual experience, she will usually make sure that you are satisfied as well. Good luck, and remember that only practice makes perfect. Don’t ever forget the importance of foreplay.

A Test For Men

What Kind of Sexuality lover are You?

Do you feel love like Romeo and Juliet, passion like Tristan and Isault, pleasure like Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade, orgasm like Leopold von Sacher Masoch, desire like Don Juan

Each man has his own tastes and recipes. This test-game only aims at helping you find your own path in the mysterious labyrinth of sexuality.

If you wish to play, then answer this questionnaire and observe the following rule:

Answer all the questions and mark only one answer for each question.

1. When You Are in Love You Feel

  • Eating
  • Dreaming
  • Running from her
  • Shouting
  • Laughing
  • Singing
  • Meditating on love.
  1. Above All A Good Wife Knows

  •  to kiss
  • to do everything
  •  to be a perfect hostess
  • to cook
  •  to be a true friend
  • to be a good mother
  • to make love from evening till dawn and from dawn till evening
  1. In A Woman, Stupidity Is

  • exciting
  • embarrassing
  • doesn’t matter
  • charming
  • unbearable
  • bearable
  • not accounted for
  1. When Do you Prefer Women

  • in the morning
  • during holidays
  • anytime
  • in the night
  • in the week-ends
  •  in the evening
  • all the time
  1. You Cannot Stand

  • to polish her shoes
  • to bring her breakfast in bed
  • to listen to her phantasms
  • her to be very persistent
  • to visit her family
  • to meet her ex-lovers
  •  her jealousy crises
  1. Choose A Gift That Would Represent Her

  • A sucking bottle for a baby
  • A finger
  • A needle
  • A toy lion
  • A vine leaf
  • A tassel
  • A flower
  1. While You make Love You Do not Like It

  • if she shouts
  • if she grumbles
  • if she coughs
  • if she scratches
  • if she pants
  • if she is contracted
  • I can stand anything
  1. While You Make love You like Her To

  • moan
  • tremble
  • comment
  • struggle
  • shout
  • fight
  • be passionate

9. When You First Saw Her You Thought She was

  • Funny
  • Beautiful
  • Shy
  • Insignificant
  • Charming
  • Bizarre
  • A real woman
  1. Next Year You Will Spend your Summer Holiday

  • You don’t know where
  • The same place
  • Alone
  • Somewhere else
  • You leave this to chance
  • With other people
  • With her

How Do You Proceed Now?

Make sure you have answered all the  questions and that you gave one answer alone for each question. Now, count each answers for a, each for b, and so on.

The a answers correspond to the pervert type, the b to the sentimental type, the c to the narcissistic type, d to the cerebral type, e to the masochistic type, f to the eccentric type and g to the “in love” type.

Take into account the dominant letter, and in case you have several equal letters, take the one to which you answered first during the test. It indicates your main sexual characteristic. Then read the portrait that corresponds to the dominant letter.

Of course, nobody is 100 percent narcissistic or perverted. We are all cerebral or sentimental at times, even masochistic or eccentrics. There is nothing more unpredictable than the libido.

Guide to Better Sex

Sex, like most other functions of our body is a normal process. As other functions, like for example, the digestion, can be upset by factors like a bad mood, stress or similar such things, so can the sexual function be disturbed by a whole lot of factors. These may not necessarily involve the anatomy but instead it’s the mind, which makes the difference.

If sex is allowed to happen naturally, in a relaxed way, our bodies will respond normally without any conscious effort on our part.


There are a wide variety of problem or situations that can upset the normal sexual responsiveness, most of them, fortunately, can be helped in a positive manner by understanding on our part. Here are a few of the most common amongst them and ways to improve.

Misunderstanding and/or lack of information about sex

Its indeed one of the most telling ironies that Sex, despite being one of the most commonly discussed topic in our lives and in the media, there is a surprising lack of correct information about ‘What to Expect and How to Act’.

Those images of the ‘Perfect Macho Man and The Perfect Sensual Woman’

on the TV and in the Magazines make us feel that Sex instead of being a perfectly normal natural and enjoyable thing, is an ‘Act to be Performed to Perfection’. All this does it to add to the confusion and leads to unrealistic fears, expectations and fantasies.

 Bad feelings about Sex and its Consequences

  • Fear of pregnancy; Fear of pain; Fear of being caught / heard / or interrupted.
  • Performance Anxiety-Fear of failing to perform well.
  • Fear of losing control (during orgasm) and /or becoming vulnerable.
  • Looking unattractive during the climax.
  • Bad feelings about yourself or your body like, feeling that the body is  unattractive. Feelings that I am not successful (low self-esteem).

Problems in Relationship

Anger/resentment against the partner should be resolved as it can decrease the performance and pleasure while having sex.

problems in relationships

Unsuitable Circumstances

While a ‘Quickie’ sometimes can be fun! But normally Good Sex requires a relaxed mind and body. Too much of a hurry, tiredness or preoccupation can rob you of the pleasures of Sex.

Performance Anxiety

This is one of the most significant problems in the way of Good Sex. We often forget that Sex is something that comes naturally to all of us, instead, we seem to view ourselves as performers who have to complete an act to perfection.

Spectator Role

Quite often we start observing ourselves as an audience, instead of really participating in it. – We observe ourselves ‘doing the act’, as if on stage (now coming, now coming…., so again it doesn’t,…I knew it…etc.)

A Small Guide For Couple Happiness (Only For Men)

  1. You have watched them many times tossing about under the coat, thrilling; you have often admired them through your lover’s daring décolletages. Now, when they are offered to you willingly, learn to profit to the full by their nectar. Touch them with the tip of your fingers. Softly pinch their nipples, play with these two halos. Put your both hands on her breasts, massage them, and delicately knead them. Now they are ready to welcome your passionate kisses. Insist on the nipples, for they are very sensitive and very responsive to tenderness. Even it is small, the breast loves to be observed and adored, as it ought to be.
  2. The buttocks are always in the centre of your attention. You often notice them before any other part of the body. Learn how to show them interest. Suggest your partner to lie on her belly, thus offering you a remarkable view of her hidden beauty. Put your both hands on her buttocks and start by touching them tenderly, then, making circular movements, move away and draw near these so exciting round parts. This is an erogenous zone which few are aware of. Massage the sacrum, gently press the coccyx, and then slowly massage downwards. So as to make her enjoy your caresses more, ask your partner to curve a little and you will thus admire her as much as you wish.


  1. Caress her breasts with your penis. Before penetrating the already wet cave of your partner who is at the climax of excitation, caress her in a less usual manner, but an extremely sensual one. Lie over her after she lies on her back, then imitate the moves of penetration. The penis being already hard, hitting and at the same time touching her tenderly, these caresses are enough to overwhelm her. So touch her breasts with your penis, prick her delicately in her navel, in the clitoris, touch her most erogenous zone. The atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter and the lubricated liquid that runs out from her vagina is driving you crazy.
  2. Her beautiful sex being already prepared by your attentive care, you could now be more concerned with the clitoris. For the beginning touch it tenderly with your tongue, softly, then more and more forcible, more insistently. Kiss it, bite it softly, and delicately caress it with your tongue. Seize it with your lips as if you wanted to inspire it, while with your tongue you hit it jerky and tenderly at the same time.
  3. Move away her labia using your forefingers and with your thumb touch the clitoris more and more insistently. This type of stimulation is often enough to make many women to reach the orgasm .
  4. Encourage her to stimulate herself. Having her in your view all the time, with sensual pleasure relish the fingers you have used to stimulate her clitoris. You might also encourage her to stimulate herself. For the beginning direct her hand towards her breasts, then towards her belly, and finally towards her sex. Let her express herself freely, just watch her, encourage her with a word, a moan of pleasure and admiration. Then start to caress her in order to show her how much excited you are by what she does.
  5. When she comes over you, you must know how to stoop like a real horse. Lift the pelvis with strength, make some circular movements. Leaning on your shoulders and feet, lift the pelvis a little bit higher so that your lover should feel safe in the saddle. Keep staying in this position as long as possible. As soon as feel tired and come back to the previous position, your lover will fall from the saddle right in your arms.
  6. Lift her pelvis. If she is impatient and eager to make love, but a little bit lazier, put some pillows under her buttocks. Or, in order to offer her even more pleasure, you could hold her in this position, taking advantage of this occasion to sensually massage her buttocks.

Some Common Misconception About Sex

  • The penis can become erect at very early stage, especially in a young man. This does not mean that he is necessarily ready for intercourse and he may start too soon – before his partner feels ready. She may become anxious as she feels she is keeping him waiting.
  • Vaginal lubrication may remain hidden especially in lying down positions. Both partners may assume she is not responding, when in fact she is. Penis gives a more obvious signal which the vagina may not.


  • Arousal comes in waves in both the man and the woman. This is normal. The decline doesn’t mean that something is wrong.
  • Premature ejaculation (coming too soon, before the partner is ready) is normal in young men, particularly when very much aroused. Control comes with learning and practice.
  • Many women may not have orgasm but are fully responsive. This doesn’t mean that they are frigid.
  • Early sexual relationships may not have orgasms in women. Partners need not worry. Anxiety further inhibits it.
  • The husband snoring one minute after ejaculating can produce resentment if the wife is still feeling the need for intimacy. The men have their refractory period (time during which sexual arousal is difficult) very fast. Woman need not feel upset (as if being used as a sleeping pill) – you can wake up your husband sometimes and let him know.

Cultivate Your Sexual Energy Through Self-Stimulation

The most important thing, before learning how to cultivate your sexual energy through self-stimulation is to realize the necessity of cultivating your love.

The sacred vision of sexuality is essential in every sexual practice. Therefore, in the absence of love, this feeling of sacred disappears.

Consequently, love is the foundation of each sexual practice and it is love that grows in intensity and becomes more refined.

Thus, through the practice, one may get to experience the pure, archetypal love of the union of the masculine and feminine principles, a love that is also the foundation of creation.

Make Your Love Grow

Many men practice self-stimulation, but very few use this opportunity to make their love grow. This is an easy task if you realize that inside each man there is also a feminine aspect, just as inside each woman there is a masculine aspect.

This is obvious on a physical level due to the fact that women and men have both male and female hormones. Likewise, on a psychological level, any man has a female part inside of him, and every woman has a masculine side.

The degree of awareness and manifestation of this complementary aspect differs from person to person. Nonetheless, each of us may develop it through awareness.

This aspect is relevant for the issue we discuss in the sense that while masturbating, you may think that you are actually making love to your feminine counterpart.


This feminine counterpart bears the name, according to K.G. Jung, of ANIMA, while the male counterpart present in each woman is named ANIMUS.

A perfect lover also loves himself in a healthy way, not because of narcissism or other psychological disturbances.

The cultivation of sexual energy mainly refers to its growth in quantity and intensity. This is an important aspect, because sexual energy is the energetic base of any experience we may have, be it of an affectionate, mental or spiritual nature.

Consequently, a great quantity of sexual energy is a powerful current source for our physical states, both positive and negative. This is the reason for which it is highly important that you always keep a happy, optimistic inner attitude, regarding your feelings and thoughts.

Sexual energy intensifies love, if love is what you feel. If what you feel is hatred, your hate will be even more intense and powerful.

An essential aspect is understanding the manner in which the sexual energy “nourishes” your emotions, both in your individual practice as well as in a couple.

Growing your sexual energy in the previously discussed manner and associating it with the energy of love will also help you avoid ejaculation. The direct consequence is obvious, as you know from your own experience that it is a lot more difficult to be in control when you feel anxious or angry.

The tantric tradition includes an exercise that implies the visualization of an energetic channel connecting the genial area to the heart area, during lovemaking. Thus, the sexual energy will be sublimated at the level of “nourishing” the love you will experience then.

Here is another experience of a man practicing sexual continence:

“Before I began my practice with sexual continence, I used to wish that I could separate sex from emotions. Nonetheless, since I started this practice, I have discovered that my sexual organs are much more connected to my heart. I discovered that I have a deep and real feeling of love for my beloved and even for other people as well.”

He Taoists have a simple exercise in order to “connect” your “heart” with your “genital area”, or in other words to connect your love and your sexuality in a harmonious manner.

If ever you should feel irritated, frustrated or distracted before lovemaking, perform this exercise:

Place you right hand on the genital area and your left hand on the heart area, thus making a “connection” between the two areas of your body.

If you used to have states of irritation or anger, it is recommend that you learn to control and then even transform these negative feelings before you start the practice.

In order to help this transformation along, we recommend the Hatha Yoga asana-s, because they make the sexual energy circulate through your entire body, eliminating blockages.

Loving yourself – a feeling quite different from egocentrism and narcissism – is important in one’s tantric practice. In the following, you will be introduced to a self-pleasing exercise that will help you extend your sensual pleasure and focus throughout your whole body.

You will also learn other complex exercises that will allow you to control your level of arousal and even to experience multiple orgasms.

However, all these exercises are based on the idea of becoming aware of your own pleasure and sensuality, and therefore the first object of our study is self-stimulation.

If you succeed in experiencing the involuntary contractions of the PC muscle and not ejaculating, you are on the right path to becoming a multiple orgasm man. If you have two such orgasms, you are already a multi-orgasmic man.

In the beginning, it is natural that these orgasms will not shatter the earth, but it is also possible that they will spread through your entire body. Enjoy the thrills of those mini-orgasms.

A practitioner of sexual continence describes his experience as follows:

“When I feel close to the point of non-return, I usually stop, relax and take a deep breath. It is as if I abandon myself in a non-ejaculatory orgasm. Sometimes I perceive it as a pleasant contraction of the prostate. Other times I perceive it in my genitalia and this orgasm is almost as intense – or even more intense – than an ejaculatory orgasm.”

Self- Stimulation Exercise

  1. Start by lubricating your penis very well. The lubricant will intensify your sensations. Oil is especially recommended, because lotions dry to easily.
  2. Start to caress your body as you please, also massaging your scrotum, testicles and the penis on its entire length, as well as the pelvic floor, including the point placed between the anus and the sexual organs.
  3. Try to become aware of your levels of arousal. Notice the tingling that may appear at the base of the penis, the stages in your erection, and your cardiac rhythm.
  4. When you feel close to ejaculation, stop and rest. Notice the contraction of the PC muscle, and do not be surprised if some time will pass before you will be able to experience those contractions without ejaculating. You may also squeeze the PC muscle around the prostate, if the prostate begins to contract and you fear ejaculation.
  5. After you feel you regained full control over your excitement, start caressing again and continue as long as you feel comfortable.

Questions About Sex For Young People

One of the most recent studies done by the Kinsley Institute in the USA reached the conclusion that a man usually ejaculates 5.000 times during a lifetime and they estimated that this corresponds to approximately 16 liters of sperm.

Thus, according to specialists in the area, a young man of 15 ejaculates five times a week, and at 30 years three times a week.

Furthermore, the statistics performed by sexology-researchers have indicated that one man discharges about 200 to 500 billion of spermatozoa during one ejaculation.

Theoretically, one ejaculation may conceive the entire population of the USA, a fact that confirms the idea that man has a stock of sexual energy even more powerful than the atomic bomb. The question that comes out naturally is the following: what would a man who does not ejaculate be capable of and how would he use this energy. He could easily become a superman!

However, before starting your practice in the area of the sexual continence, you should find out more about the priceless treasure that you have within.

  1. Does the ejaculatory liquid normally contain sperm?

Yes, except in pathological cases, the ejaculatory liquid contains: lubricating liquid, spermatic liquid, prostate liquid and sometimes a little urine.

  1. In the moment of the ejaculation, do the testicles come up towards the body?

Yes. Usually, the left testicle of men is smaller than the right one and hangs lower. During ejaculation, the muscles that sustain the testicles contract and thus the testicles are drawn towards the abdomen.

They may even leave the scrotum, and climb up towards the abdomen. There is nothing to worry about, because after a short moment of relaxation they come back to their place. If this should not happen, check with your physician.

  1. Can the volume of sperm become greater for procreation purposes?

Yes. This usually happens if the man does not make love for 7 days beforehand. The quantity of sperm builds up and when the discharge takes place, the sperm will be in greater quantity.

  1. Does orgasm imply ejaculation?

No. By training your PC muscles and practicing to control your genitals, you will find out that you are capable of discerning between orgasm as a complex psychic state and ejaculation, as a mundane physical act.

This allows a man to experience several states of orgasm without experiencing the unpleasant and undesirable effects of repeated ejaculations.

The oriental theme of sexual continence clearly explains the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and offers practical solutions to get here.

  1. Does the sperm always contain spermatozoa?

No. Maybe due to testicle related problems, or to an obstruction of the channel that allows the sperm to get out of the body, the spermatic level may not contain spermatozoa.

Vasectomy, the surgical obstruction of the spermatic channels prevents the spermatozoa from passing towards the seminal testicles and is sometimes used as a contraceptive method.

  1. Can the sperm change its color?

Yes. In the case of a urinary infection, the sperm may become yellowish, and in case of hemorrhage it becomes pink, or even red. Any change in the sperm color should be a clear sign of trouble so please check with a specialist.

  1. Do tight pants prevent the secretion of sperm?

Yes. Tight pants keep the testicles close to the rest of the body and thus their temperature rises. The temperature of the testicles should normally be 2 degrees below the temperature of the rest of the body in order for sperm to be produced.

  1. Does swallowing the sperm transmit the germs it might contain?

Yes. If the sperm contains pathogen germs, they will be transmitted though the digestive mucous of the woman and carry on the infection. Therefore, this is a way of transmitting many sexual diseases.

  1. Can sperm be used to identify a man?

Yes. The sperm is a genuine genetic print; the smell, taste and consistency are different and unique for each man.

  1. Do larger testicles contain more sperm than smaller testicles?

Yes, and this is because they contain more channels required for its production. The principle according to which capacity determines quantity applies here as well.

  1. 1 Do women perceive a man’s ejaculation inside their vagina?

Not necessarily. The lubrication of the vagina during intercourse reduces to a minimum its capacity of distinguishing between the liquids present inside. Most of the time, the woman anticipate the moment of ejaculation because of the contractions of the penis that precede this moment.

  1. Does the quantity of sperm decreases with age?

Yes. Because of repeated ejaculation, the secretions of the glands decrease. Another reason for this is the decrease of the number of hormones and the weakening of the sexual muscles.

  1. Can one ejaculate even if he does not have an erection?

Yes. Men suffering from impotence may ejaculate in the absence of a flow of blood that usually causes the penis to swell and become erect.

  1. Does the volume of the sperm reach 4 ml?

Yes. However, this volume is different from man to man and depends on circumstances.

  1. Can drugs influence ejaculation?

Yes. The drugs used in neuropsychological treatments (neurological, anti-depressives) may have this side effect. However, most treatments of this kind inhibit sperm secretion.

  1. What is the average penis size?

Penis size differs from person to person. The average length when erect is 10-18cm (4-7in) although there maybe some variation between different races and nationalities.

  1. My penis is curved. Is that normal?

It is quite normal for a man’s penis to curve or lean slightly to the right or the left when erect. Many men’s penises will curve upwards too. However, if the penis suddenly develops a lump which causes it to bend abnormally, it should probably be checked by a doctor. It may be a sign of a condition called Peyronie’s disease, which isn’t life threatening, but may be uncomfortable and require treatment.

  1. Does my vagina look the way it should?

Vaginas come in all different shapes and sizes, just as other parts of the body do, so there is no set way that a vagina should look.

A woman’s sex organs are protected by two thick folds of skin or “lips” called the outer labia. Inside these is another set of lips known as the inner labia. These are thinner than the outer labia and are usually slightly different lengths. In some women the inner labia will stick out below the outer labia. In other women it will be the other way round. Women also have a clitoris, which is a small sensitive bump a little way above the urethra (urine hole) and the entrance to the vagina.

  1. How do you ask someone out?

You could start off by simply smiling, making eye contact and saying hello. If they notice you, you could then think about taking things further. Look for clues about their interests, as these can be a good starting point for conversations. If they seem happy to chat, you could then introduce yourself and eventually work up to meeting for lunch, a coffee, or a trip the cinema etc.

Even though it can be nerve-racking asking somebody out, don’t try too hard to make an impression. The most important thing really is to be relaxed and be yourself: that way they will know your interest is genuine. Even if the person concerned doesn’t seem interested, at least you will know you tried.

20.Does sexual intercourse hurt the first time?

First time sex can be painful, as the penis entering the vagina can stretch or tear the hymen (the thin layer of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina). Not all girls have hymens (they may have been born without one or may have broken it through sport or inserting tampons earlier in life) but if they do and it tears, a girl may bleed a little. She may also find this bleeding continues the next few times she has sex, although once the tear has healed, she shouldn’t have any further problems.

Being nervous and tense the first time can mean a girl does not produce enough natural lubrication to allow easy penetration. Nerves can also cause the muscles in a girl’s vagina to tense up, making penetration difficult. Both of these problems can make sex more painful.

21.Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain the first time I have sex?

The most important thing you can do to reduce the pain is to relax. Being relaxed, and absolutely sure you’re doing the right thing means you’re less likely to involuntarily tighten your vaginal muscles, and more likely to produce natural vaginal lubrication. You could also try using a lubricant, as this will make penetration easier. However if you are using condoms, you must use a water-based lubricant such as KY Jelly (available from most supermarkets and chemists). An oil-based lubricant like Vaseline will cause the latex of the condom to disintegrate.

22.I’m not sure I am ready to have sex yet.

It is really important not to be pressurized into having sex when you really don’t want to. Just because your friends say that they are doing it doesn’t mean they actually are. There is no ‘right’ age to start having sex. What is important is choosing a time that is right for you. There are many ways in which you can give and receive sexual pleasure without having sexual intercourse.

Thinking through all the implications of having sex can be a useful way of helping you arrive at a decision. There are lots of reasons why people don’t want to have sex. Being pushed into having sex when you don’t want to could mean you might regret it later on.

Although it can be hard to say what you want, it is also important to talk to your partner before you sleep together for the first time. As a rule, if you can’t talk about sex, then you’re not ready to have it yet. Try and be open about how you’re feeling. Talking to each other will increase your confidence and reassure you that you both care about each other and are looking after each other’s feelings. Also, it gives you the opportunity to talk about things that you might be worried about. Remember, even if you feel ready for sex, your partner might not, so always give them the chance to be honest with you.

23.Is there a “safe time” to have sexual intercourse?

There is no safe time to have unprotected sex if you wish to avoid pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. STDs can be transmitted whenever an infected person has sex with an uninfected person, and pregnancy is always a possibility, even during a girl’s period. Although women are generally only fertile for a few days every month (usually around the middle of the menstrual cycle), most women have no definite way of knowing when this is. Sperm can also survive inside the body for several days, meaning a woman can potentially become pregnant over quite a long period of time. If she has irregular periods, “safe” days can be particularly difficult to predict. Some couples do use the so called ‘rhythm’ method as a form of contraception, but the success rate is not high, and it also offers no protection from STDs.

24.Can a girl still get pregnant if a boy pulls out before he ejaculates?

If a boy pulls his penis out before he ejaculates, the girl can still become pregnant. Sperm can be present in pre-come (the lubricating fluid that leaks from the penis before and during sex) and just a small amount in or around the vagina can be enough to make a woman pregnant.

Enhance Your Virility

A statistic study performed by an institute of sexology indicated that 34 percent of the men examined in their consultation center were having erection problems, and in the case of 14 percent the cause of this problem was purely physical.

Studies in the field have proved that the greatest enemy of men’s erections is the fear of failure. The aforementioned phenomenon is present particularly in those men whose self-validation is closely related to sexuality. They usually refuse to understand that they unconsciously cultivate their fear of failure, when they should find their peace instead. They should see their real possibilities as they truly are, and adjust their expectations to those possibilities.


Apparently, they pose as “experts” and thus they become more and more vulnerable and the terror of impotence becomes inhibiting in itself. Consequently, the fear of failure becomes the greatest enemy of erection. The ambitious, not understanding the real nature of these things, complicate things. Thus, instead of a rational and gradual approach of the issue, they strive to prove to themselves and their beloved that they are capable of even greater sexual performances.

Unfortunately, repeated failure leads to their failure as men. Remember, Casanova was one of the most potent men because he had never known this fear. An eternal optimist, he always said: “tomorrow I will surely be more fortunate than today”. Think of what is preventing you from being a Casanova, or even better, a Tantric Master? Of course, in order to be a Tantric master, one must also be a master of sexual continence. Many men have had the experience of not being able to get an erection or losing their erection precisely in the hottest and most unexpected moments. If this situation should occur several times, a man may imagine he suffers from a disorder, because this would justify the betrayal of their little “friend”, so to speak. These studies approximate that impotence due to mental reasons applies to 85 percent of the cases encountered, although men usually consider its nature to be physical

Here is a questionnaire that will help you form an idea about the factors that are influencing your sexual response.

1. Do you have the usual “morning erections”?

2. Can you get an erection masturbating?

3. Do you have erections while dreaming?

4. Do you get an erection because of fantasies, erotic literature, or erotic shows?

5. If ever you found yourself in the situation of having intimate contact to another woman but your wife did you do it?

6. Did you have erections under other circumstances?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions and still you have great difficulties in getting an erection, then your problem is almost surely of a psychic nature.

Sometimes, even if all your answers to these questions are negative, you may realize in time that you are having erections in situations you did not notice before. In this case, it is a mental problem, not a physical one.

man running

So don’t worry! No matter how rebellious your penis might seem, he is not on his own! He is only a soldier standing in front of his commander: your own mind!

A Simple Exercise For Getting An Erection

It is very important that the erection is obtained and maintained at will. Most young men have an erection at the slightest thought about sex. For such young men, magazines like Playboy are an effective aphrodisiac.However, once one gets older, this capacity of easily getting strong erections diminishes. Therefore, men should know how to act in order to get strong erections even at during old age.

The secret for strong erections as well as for the control of sexual energy is the training of the PC muscle. The contraction and relaxation of the PC muscle brings an additional flow of blood to the pelvic area, thus awakening the sexual energy. The result is increased potency.

happy man

The following will introduce you to a highly efficient exercise for becoming aware of the process involved in getting an erection.

  • The most simple exercise should be performed early in the morning, immediately after a shower. Stand up and try to get an erection at will. If you do not succeed, you may ask your partner to help you by delicately rubbing your lingam, or you could watch some exciting images. If the erection is strong enough to sustain the weight of a towel hanging on it, then the man will gain confidence and experience. He will learn how to relax the PC muscles, and then get a new erection again. During the first stages of your practice, you may bathe your lingam in cold water in order to achieve this relaxation more easily. Each new erection must be strong enough to hold a towel. A complete cycle of this exercise is made up of four consecutive erections. For some men, the first attempts are quite successful, but it becomes more difficult in time. When you encounter obstacles in this practice, remember that this simple exercise will help you prolong your sexual life, because the PC muscle will be greatly toned due to this exercise.

Practical Method For Obtaining Strong Erection

Place the left index on the head of your penis, and the forefinger from the same hand at the base of the penis.

Inhale, keep the air inside your lungs, contract the PC muscles and rub the penis with your other hand. The thumb, index, and middle finger of the right hand must apply pressure so that the blood will swell the penis.

Continue to massage while holding your breath. Repeat nine times. This technique brings the blood to the penis and keeps it there. While holding your breath, count to nine and move your fingers to the head of your penis. Thus, the flow of blood will harden the penis.

Lovemaking – The Cure For Impotence

There are many effective cures for impotence caused by stress, physical exhaustion, or mental inhibitions.

Ginseng root, pollen, and other psychoactive substances may cure impotence in a short time, if used correctly and moderately. An ancient method for such problems is henna cataplasm applied on the area of the genitalia, head, hands or feet.

However, more than anything, impotence is rapidly cured by changing your incorrect mental attitude and way of life.

The way of lovemaking is the universal cure for impotence as well as for other sexual problems because it is focused on the sexual practices which imply an exchange, a transfer of energy between the two partners and on the active circulation of the energies due to the transmutation

male organ anatomy

lovemaking doesn’t include the idea of animalistic satisfaction of the senses (man’s ejaculatory orgasm, and the woman’s explosive orgasm, which are both followed by a tremendous loss of their sexual energy).

Instead, this approach on lovemaking gives you the possibility to realize the importance of harmony and the ability to enrich your ecstatic experiences.

Regain Your Sexual Potency

One of the problems men have to face these days is impotence, especially in the West, where this problem is growing larger every day.

For instance, in England, around the ‘80s, statistics indicated that over a million men were suffering from impotence, without even being old enough to have to start to worry about such things.

However, this is only an example, because the truth is that all males living in highly industrialized areas are confronted with this problem.

We asked ourselves two questions, and we invite you to find the answers to them as well: what are the causes of this situation, and most importantly, how can it be overcome?

Studies in this area have indicated the causes of impotence in the following:

  1. Unhealthy Diet

This is one of the most common and widely spread causes for lack of erotic strength. Over 75% of today’s food is chemically processed. Healthy, natural food was replaced with meat, white flour, white refined sugar, refined oil, “natural” concentrated juices, and so on. However, things are a bit more complicated, because the meat industry has begun using feminine hormones to make their animals grow faster, due to market necessities.


These hormones are assimilated in the animals’ tissues and then they pass into ours through the food they produce. Nutritionists consider that the ingestion of this meat leads to physiological transformations characteristic to the assimilation of feminine hormones. This involuntary “hormone treatment” appears to be responsible for a great range of disorders, like obesity and effeminate manifestations in the case of men.

We have also discussed the terribly destructive effects of white refined sugar in previous articles so we won’t go over it again. We will simply mention that diabetes leads to sexual dysfunctions in one case out of two. Therefore a healthy diet is highly recommended, especially one based on raw, natural aliments with a high energy value, which stimulate the regeneration of the organism through the enzymes and vitamins they bring in. They also re-establish the natural, normal function of the glands, enhance sexual potency and bring balance to all the processes related to sexuality.

It is also recommend that you consider your constitutional type when deciding to improve your diet, because an under-weight person should not have the same diet as an over-weight one. You will note that a change for the better in your diet will determine a change for the better in your whole life, influencing not only your body, but your mental and psychic processes as well.

  1. Stress

Stress is also considered to be a big problem in this case. In short, stress is like an alarm for our organism, caused by various aggressive, malefic and worrying factors. Up to a certain level, stress may have a stimulating effect on a person, pushing one to make efforts to surpass one’s limits and improve one’s qualities. However, if this limit is surpassed, stress becomes harmful, leading to damaging repercussions on the person’s physical, emotional and mental structures.

Analogically speaking, this situation resembles an apparatus receiving too many signals. It is as if someone were playing with our alarm button, causing chaos in our being. Research in this field indicated that all types of stress cause great disorders in our endocrine and nervous systems. Psychic stress acts harmfully on the hypothalamus, which coordinates all the functions of the organism, including the sexual function. Therefore, a malfunction of the hypothalamus may result in a disorder of the sexual glands, inhibiting or over-stimulating their activity. None of these results are desirable; over-stimulation often leads to the same result as the inhibition of sexual impulses.


This means that a hyper-excitable person with an uncontrolled libido, lacking the possibility of transforming this sexual energy into superior forms of energy will fell the urge to release this energy quite frequently. And such a person will do so, either through making love without continence, or masturbating. If you cannot control your sexual energy then it is like you do not have it. The aforementioned situation is one of the mechanisms through which psychic stress influences our sexuality However, stress of a psychic nature has other implications as well, reflected mostly in  one’s behavior.

Scientists actually speak of male “frigidity”, manifested even in the case of men who are fertile and have normal erections, but who, due to various factors such as worries, and concerns are unable to experience erotic pleasure. It is the state in which a man no longer feels erotic pleasure and fulfillment, he only feels obligated to respond to the woman’s need for intimacy and affection. If this state persists, the man lose all erotic desire in time, and if this desire becomes absent, he will also lose sexual potency and strength. Thus, the man will acutely and painfully perceive this absence of sexual desire later on in his life. The problem of stress is quite complex and we approached only one aspect of it, in an attempt to emphasize the importance of this factor in a healthy sexual life.


Many contemporary doctors, psychologists, and sociologists seek solutions for this problem. We unanimously consider that stress should be reduced, but until now there weren’t any answers to this issue. So, let us look at this situation from a different angle as well: the factors that usually cause stress are not really the problem, but our attitude towards these factors is, the way we react to them is what is truly harmful According to the knowledge passed on to us from oriental sages about the two fundamental principles of Yin and Yang broadens our perception this issue. When one is greatly receptive to outer stimuli, one has an excess of Yin energy. If that person focuses on amplifying his or her Yang energy, then this receptiveness will disappear. In fact this is the right solution for this crisis, because it is easier to transform one’s inner attitude than to attempt and change the whole world.

Ever wonder why people did not need to define the term “stress” until twenty or thirty years ago, even though in the past the direct threats to one’s life and well-being were more direct and more serious than today. A hundred years ago the famine was a more palpable and serious problem than getting fired is these days. However, even the temporary loss of one’s job is a serious factor that causes a great amount of stress. The reactions people have these days to issues that aren’t very serious compared to the difficult times in the past are also quite exaggerated. If a man increases his Yang energy (which is characteristic to him) he may develop a genuine and effective immunity against any kind of stress. A man who has inner strength cannot be disturbed by a minor threats on a social level, but on the contrary he will feel compelled and stimulated to solve it, to overcome it without feeling any despair, concern or anger. We may have seen solid and loving couples in which the man is physically smaller than the woman.

Apparently these men have nothing special to distinguish them from the others, but they may manifest those masculine qualities we talked about, which give them the inner strength and resistance to exterior stimuli. Whenever you notice that you have problems in your love life, when you notice that your attraction towards the woman you love so much has decreased or fundamentally changed its nature, you should know that the cause is not really in your work, or in your family-problems, or in your children or even in your friends. Even if one or more of these areas are suffering, the real problem is you. The real problem that caused this reaction is not in the exterior, but in the interior: it is the excess of Yin energy, leading to great receptivity towards all things, especially the negative ones on which we seem to dwell so much. You become receptive not only to the things you like, but also to those you deeply dislike. They are now free to disturb you. Therefore, the solution to this inner problem is also of an inner nature: simply find methods to enhance your Yang energy and apply them correctly.

These methods begin with what you eat and end with specific techniques you need to practice. There are also herbs that will help you in this attempt to gain immunity against stress and continuity in your erotic and soul-related experiences. Usually men are quite discreet about their privacy, and therefore statistics aren’t always perfect. However, over 80 percent of men have had the tendency to begin working out and get the body they always dreamed of at some point in their lives. But years go by, and the tendencies to be what they dreamed of are sabotaged by various reasons and the desire to seriously embark on a program and get that body fades away and finally disappears under the pressure of daily stress. The success in your undertaking, the absence of stress, inner pressure, nervousness, the re-discovery of your inner enthusiasm and pleasure in lovemaking are all possible if you apply the things you can find in our articles.

  1. Sedentary Life

This is a disease generated by urbanism and industrialism. Its effects are: obesity, lack of muscular strength, lack of vitality, lack of sexual vigor, dependence on exterior stimuli, absence of will and vivacity. Over fifty percent of Americans spend their spare time watching T.V. or playing video games. Undoubtedly, the T.V. is the most effective surrogate for existence that has ever been discovered.

sedentary life

If half of our active time during the day is spent at work, where the tendency is towards specialized and routine activities, and the other half eating, watching T.V., or in front of the computer, and perhaps some other activities that involve the same level of participation, then we may easily realize and predict how the men of the following century will look like.

A clear indication of the level of sedentarism in our contemporary society is the huge and monstrous number of devices, aliments, medicine, earrings, belts, shoes, pajamas, bracelets that “will help you loose weight without any effort”.

If these “exotic” and often hilarious products had appeared fifty years ago, they would have caused an immense burst of laughter. However, today they no longer surprise or upset anybody. Obesity is usually associated with sedentarism and lack of interest with which most people have to deal with. Therefore, most people struggle to lose the excess weight. Although many men are convinced that their problem is the fact that they became over-weight, in fact their problems are a sedentary life and lack of interest in their own person, which reside on a subconscious level and diminish the man’s inner energy, his natural state of effervescence and characteristic creative male dynamism. The low level of Yang energy will automatically lead to disastrous effects in the overall energy economy of the organism. On this weakened energy base, man is no longer able to spread his wings and face life as he should, instead he will very often feel the need to rest, perceiving his existence on an aggressive level, and thus being forced to develop a defensive attitude against it.

Many people perceive the importance of leading an active life, of being dynamic and of gaining control over their own body and vitality but few people do it. According to Tantric and also Taoist teachings, such men actually aspire to enhance their Yang energy, to gain complete control over their body, as well as over their subtle bodies, to do what their mind and soul aspire to. It is not an accident that the martial arts have reached such peaks of popularity in the West. This occurred because these martial arts originate in the harmony that must be established between the Yin and Yang principles, and this is what Westerners lack. It is unnecessary to continue listing the disadvantages of sedentarism. It is quite obvious for each man that his lover would love to see him sharp, fit, flexible and emanating erotic vigor at all times. So let us study the possibilities of solving this problem. Whenever we want to overcome a state of inner inertia, of fatigue or idleness, we need to have something better to replace the old, unhealthy habit with.

sedentary life

Two questions arise: what will our new way of life look like? and what should we begin with? In the case of regular people, the answer to these two questions depends to a great extent on their age, social status, and individual constitution. In the beginning, we will only have a vague idea of how our life will be like after we take these important decisions. If we just choose a sports program, the hardship and problems that will be greater than what we imagined. The temptations to give up, the so called “encouragements” of various friends, and most of all a disproportion between what we imagined the results would be and what they actually are, after a short interval of practice.

Studies indicate that only a small number of people trying this style have found it satisfactory. The classical exercises to cultivate the physical body are to a great extent quite mechanical and quite boring, despite our awareness that they are necessary. Indeed, in order to fight this problem of sedentarism, we have to make up a program of dynamic exercises, but we also have to be aware that the roots of our problem is not in our physical body, but in our minds. There is a certain habit that accustomed us to being idle, and to stagnate, and the fact that we decided to practice some sport does not necessarily change the mental attitude associated to it. In the absence of inner enthusiasm and dynamism we will never grow truly strong as men and as human beings. So here is the practical advice: there are some yogic techniques that are quite successful in fighting these inertial tendencies. They should be done with the adequate concentration, so the effects in fighting lack of willpower, in amplifying virility, in re-invigorating the organism are fully perceived and assimilated into your inner universe.

The great advantage of practicing these postures is that since they should be performed with adequate mental concentration they also serve to enhance it. Furthermore, within a few months of perseverant practice you may develop other inner qualities such as will power, tenacity, mental focus and intuition. These qualities are a great help in our daily life, and in all our actions. This fact makes our daily practice very beneficial for our life. We won’t say that this is will be easy. Easily obtained results don’t usually last. This is why, on this more difficult path, the results will be significant and long lasting, not to mention, treasured and appreciated.

Ejaculation Control

“During lovemaking, if a man cannot not find the right rhythm, he will easily lose his vital essence (sperm). This will result in an ejaculatory orgasm which leads to exhaustion. If it happens frequently in a short period of time, then the 100 diseases will start to develop in his body.”

Yu – Fang – Pi – Chun

According to Taoist philosophy, man, having all male attributes represents the Yang (+) force. The masculine principle is a lot more volatile, faster and more active than the feminine principle which represents the Yin (-) force.

anatomy of male organ

The woman is more passive; her moves are calmer and slower. By comparing male sexual vigor to female eroticism the ancient texts often use metaphors of fire and water. Fire belongs to Yang, though its action is fast and strong, it is often defeated by water, which is a predominantly Yin force. Nowadays, control over the ejaculation is a very important element in sexual intercourse. This is the most important issue in the Taoist art of love. Let’s take into account some Taoist advices:

  1. Beginners should not to be too excited or too passionate, too hasty or hurried.
  2. The beginner must learn to penetrate the vagina very slowly (and gently) and come out suddenly if he feels that ejaculation is imminent.
  3. If he feels that the excitement increases too much, he must stop thrusting immediately and withdraw very slowly so that only 1-2 cm remain inside the vagina. He will remain completely still in this position.

Then he will breathe deeply, contract his pelvic platform muscles very strongly (the anal sphincters and the PC muscle). At the same time he must focus his mind on the process of holding back his sperm. Thus he will sublimate and transmute the enormous force contained in the sperm into psychic, mental and spiritual energies. After this period (which can be 5 – 50 seconds), he can make some moves of gradual and prudent penetration. If he still feels that the excitement is too much he must apply once more the method described earlier (the blocking method) and even the “three fingers” method before going back to intercourse.

The blocking method is also valid for a woman in the case where she has problems controlling her sexual energy. It will be even more efficient if both lovers use it at the same time (even if only one of them is close to having an orgasm).

  1. The one who wants to control his ejaculation has to be careful not to be hasty and have a very strong tenacity.
  2. The blocking method makes sexual control easier, it is very efficient but it has to be used instantly, correctly and at the right moment. It needs to take place sooner than the non-return point. (when the ejaculation process has been initiated the correct moment has passed)

What is the advantage of having sexual intercourse without ejaculating? It is a natural question that all men ask from the beginning of their training to obtain control over their sexual energies. Here is what an old Taoist treaty says:

The Emperor HUANG-TI asked his master in the art of love:

“I would like to know now; what is the advantage of realizing sexual union always without ejaculating?”

His Initiator SOU-NU answered:

  •  “If just once, a man is capable of making love without losing his seed (sperm) he will strengthen his mind and his body very much.
  •  If he makes it twice, his hearing will be better and his sight also.
  •  If he makes it three times, he will be healed from all sickness.
  •  If he makes it four times, his soul will be so much quieter.
  •  Five times and his blood circulation and heart condition will be greatly improved.
  •  Six times and he will get strong mental power.
  •  Seven times and a huge happiness will come to him.
  •  Eight times and his face and body will become radiant, magnetic and charming.
  •  Nine times and he will be younger and will live longer.
  • Ten times and he will be like an Immortal Genius having access to hidden, ultimate Macro cosmic worlds, develop psychic powers, mental and spiritual paranormal capacities etc.

All these are also valid for women when they can control the explosive sexual discharge. When it is not controlled it makes her lose her essential sexual potential that sustains her state of pleasure and thus her erotic ability will be greatly diminished.

How To Avoid Ejaculation

Now, when you started learning how to control your sexual muscles you became capable of learning some techniques so to help you control your sexual energy when your arousal reaches high levels.

stop ejaculation

The more you will practice the exercises presented on our site so far, the easier it will be for you to practice the ones that follow and avoid crossing the point of non-return.


The most important thing that you must do is to maintain awareness of your own rhythm of arousal and to stop before you reach the point of no return.

The name given to this technique in sexology is the stop/start technique and it is based on the idea that it is better to stop sooner than later, even if you feel you could keep going for a while longer.

In the beginning, you will need to cease the stimulation for at least 30-40 seconds, so that the impulse to ejaculate will have time to fade away.


The deep breath the basics of sexual continence is highly important for controlling the rhythm of your arousal and for avoiding ejaculation.

However, some men in advanced stages of sexual continence, breathe rapidly in order to avoid ejaculation (yogic tradition named this pattern of breathing the fire breath), and direct the sexual energy to the head area. Deep breathing will help you acquire a state of inner calm and peace, while the rapid breathing helps you transform the sexual energy into an inner “fire” once you are advanced enough to handle it.

The Pc Muscle Contraction

As we already mentioned, the PC muscle surrounds the prostate through which the semen must pass before expulsion.


If you learn how to contract the prostate during orgasm in the contraction phase (when the prostate contracts involuntarily), you will learn how to avoid the discharge of semen. The dreadful point of non-return is situated somewhere between contractions and expulsion.

A man who practices lovemaking with sexual continence described his experience in the following terms: “I avoid ejaculation simply by contracting my PC muscle at the right time. It took some time to reach this result, but it is definitely worth the effort.”


Many specialists in sexology recommend the squeezing of the penis Squeezing – A secret way to avoid ejaculation), which is a technique that was developed for men confronted with premature ejaculation.


The exercise is quite simple. Place the index and middle finger of the right hand on the posterior part of the penis, and the thumb on its anterior side and then squeeze. Some men hold their penis as they hold the handle of a bicycle, with all their hand, and this helps them reduce their excitation.

Although these techniques may be very effective in solo practice, they are quite inappropriate when making love, because they imply solitude. However, if this is the only way for you to avoid ejaculation, you should do it anyway.

Another effective technique is to press the base of your penis, because this pressure will help you control your arousal and will strengthen your erections.

The pressure of the point between the anus and sexual organs while contracting the PC muscle is one of the most ancient and efficient Taoist techniques used to control sexual energy and prevent ejaculation.

This helps delay ejaculation through concentration as well as through the interruption of the ejaculatory flux. First, locate the point situated slightly in front of the anus. If you identified the correct area, then you should feel a small hollow when you press.

You will then have to push up a little, until you feel a slight articulation. You may use this technique even during intercourse without pulling out.

Prolong Intercourse

For both men and women, the usual orgasm (the ejaculatory orgasm in the case of men and the explosive orgasm in the case of women) doesn’t last more than a few seconds, regardless of its intensity.

Therefore, each man wants to prolong the duration of the miraculous sensations and feelings felt during orgasm. This justified wish can become a reality if you follow the teachings of ancient Taoist works

But you have to take into consideration that a prolonged orgasm doesn’t mean the extension of ejaculation, because ejaculation and orgasm are not the same. So, you will learn how to prolong the state of orgasm or in other words you will learn how to be transported into delight for a long time.

In the beginning it is necessary to practice certain simple exercises.

Pressing Hard On The Protatic Spot Stops Ejaculation

One of the keys of getting control over ejaculation is self-stimulation. But the aim is not to ejaculate, but to maintain erection for at least half an hour. All this time the man has to concentrate on his sensations and when he feels that he is getting close to the climax he has to stop self-stimulation for a few minutes.

pressing hard

The prostatic zone is the equivalent of the G spot for men. The man can stimulate this zone by pressing an exterior spot, which is situated on the perineum, between the testicles and anus. This is the place of the pubbo-coccygian muscle and has the shape of the number eight.

They form the so-called pelvic platform. The first loop is the base of the penis or the vagina. The second one surrounds the anus. The prostatic spot is situated approximately in the middle of the perineum, where the two loops come together.

After you find it, you will see that by pressing it firmly and rhythmically you can get an erection, also if it is pressed very hard and this pressure is maintained for a long time you can avoid ejaculation.

It is good to study your reactions when you self-stimulate. For that we recommend combining self-stimulation and massage of the prostatic spot.


During self-stimulation check to see if a thick secretion appears from the urinary orifice during the peak moments of excitement. If you notice a few drops it means that you’re close to your aim – prolonging the orgasm.

This thick secretion always comes along with a prolonged orgasm. For beginners it is recommended not to be too excited, too passionate, too hasty or in a hurry. It takes at least two weeks of daily training in order to get to such a performance, but this period of personal training is absolutely necessary before reaching a prolonged orgasm with your lover.

Testicles Hide The Power Of Virility

Stand in front of a mirror with your legs slightly spread and easily bent. Contract your abdominal muscles. This will eventually raise the testicles. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, put together as a ring around the base of the testicles, you can localize the muscles, whose contractions act upon the testicles.

We recommend that you repeat this exercise as many as a hundred times a day. It is necessary to be very patient in order to get a good control over these muscles. Once you’ve obtained it, you’ll notice a great improvement in your sexual life.

Control of sexual energy can also be improved by traction of testicles. This can be done by pulling up the skin between testicles or by pulling them with your fingers in the shape of a ring. Be careful! Do not pull too hard because you might stop the blood flow.

Some men even use a special ring to keep constant pressure over their testicles. If you feel you are close to the non-return point, where you can’t avoid ejaculation any further, you should relax your testicles and ejaculation will not occur.

Learn how to relax the muscles of the pelvic platform in any position. Also, you have to stop any kind of stimulation when you are getting close to the climax, but you can do it again after the critical moment has passed.

When you will manage to maintain an erection without ejaculation for at least 30 minutes, you will notice that it will be very easy to prolong its duration even more. 30 minutes is the shortest period of time required to produce vase-dilatation and the proper muscular tension in order to get a prolonged orgasm.

Techniques For Getting Strong Erection

Many people consider that part of what makes a man, a man, lies in his erection.

Usually, the erection appears during foreplay or while the man expects sexual intercourse. However, tension, age, and other psychic factors make it difficult to get an erection sometimes.

Therefore, we shall introduce the causes that generate this fact and the possibilities to fight it, according to the oriental art of lovemaking.

First, it is highly recommend that after a man has had an orgasm (preferably without ejaculation) he does not hurry towards a new erection. The process of gaining another erection should be slow, and lacking any kind of stress, with a woman’s help if possible.

man running

The union of the two lovers through a sexual act performed with sexual continence makes it necessary to fulfill two apparently opposing conditions: maintaining a strong erection, which needs an intense erotic stimulation, and avoiding ejaculation precisely because of this intense stimulation.

In order to “live” with both these conditions, we have to know that sexual play depends on three distinct nervous groups:

  • one that maintains the sensorial-motor connection between the sexual organs and the brain, consequently our main “sexual organ”;
  • the other, the parasympathetic system, causes and maintains the erection;
  • and the last one, the sympathetic system, is responsible for ejaculation.

It is equally important that we know a few aspects connected to the phenomenon of the erection. There are two fundamental types of erections:

  1. Nocturnal or morning erections, which are purely reflexive
  2. Erections caused by erotic stimulation, either directly or through dreams.

The first type of erection particularly interests us because it brings two specific cases into the light: the first occurs in older couples where the man can no longer perform as well, and the second occurs due to “phony impotence” in which most men blame their lack of potency on some physical problems.

However, except in some very rare and exceptional cases, every night, every man has at least five full erections, ever since he was young.

The German researchers quoted by doctor Sherman J. Siber in his book: “The Male”, have studied great numbers of men in their sleep and determined that a man’s penis becomes erect for 25 minutes to 84 minutes, during the Rapid Eye Movement phase, or in other words while dreaming.

coupleIf the subject is awakened, he usually remembers the content of his dream. Furthermore, it has been proven that nocturnal erections are not connected to the content of the dream, which most of the time had nothing erotic in it. Thus, with some “erectile” math we realize that by the age of 75, the average penis was “up” for 33,000 hours – this is about four years, four months, four weeks, leaving aside the leap years. Knowing that an erection depends on the parasympathetic nervous system, whose role is also to slow the breath and heartbeats, as well as to dilate the blood vessels, and that ejaculation depends on the sympathetic nervous system, one may easily notice that impotence and premature ejaculation have one thing in common: the over-excitation of the sympathetic nervous system due to anxiety.

Here’s a classic situation: a man meets a woman whom he desires greatly. He thinks anxiously: “but what if I’m not up to the task”. Thus, the fear of a humiliating failure is over-exciting his sympathetic nervous system.

The result: his heart beats like crazy and his breath becomes rapid and superficial. These are all processes that inhibit the action of his “opponent”, the parasympathetic nervous system, in charge of erections. Then, despite the best efforts of the disconcerted seducer, the result will be totally disappointing. What’s worse, he may ejaculate even before entering the woman. The experienced woman may save the day by calming and helping her partner relax. Once his sympathetic nervous system is relaxed, his becomes breath deep and regular, the parasympathetic system takes over and opens the gates towards an erotic paradise.

Let us turn our attention towards the ejaculatory process again. Premature or not, ejaculation depends on the sympathetic nervous system, which warns the seminal glands to prepare for seminal expulsion. One movement and the sympathetic system will cause the powerful contractions form the base of the penis, which in turn will cause an ejaculation, at this point it is irreversible process

In conclusion: in order to overcome impotence, we have to manage and calm our sympathetic nervous system. In order to control the erection and prevent ejaculation, we have to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

What Are The Practical Methods?

In order to activate the parasympathetic system we should control and be aware of our breathing. Breathe in slowly, deeply, and exhale gradually, relaxed.

This respiratory pattern should be constant during the sexual act, starting with foreplay. The man gains insight and stays calm, his reward being a full erection, and a satisfied woman. Furthermore, in order to avoid over exciting your sympathetic system, it is highly important that the movements of the two lovers are smooth, and the man adapts to the rhythm of his lover. Avoid all sudden movements, smile and maintain a relaxed atmosphere. Finally, instead of losing his potency with age, the man who practices sexual continence gains strength and resistance.


Preserving of the sperm enhances the libido, and the man will not experience the progressive erosion of his sexual power – a constant worry of any man over 40 years old. The young man “compensates” for loss of energy through ejaculation through a faster “recharge”. At a young age, a man has to wait only a few minutes before he is ready again. Later, while he advances in age, he has to wait up to several hours until he is ready for a new experience. However, as compensation for his patience, the years that pass bring sexual maturity to each man, even to those who ejaculate, which makes them appreciated lovers. So, is the “quick” erection such a great asset? The “aged” lover may wait a little longer, but he can carry on making love for a longer period, making him more desirable +

Let us now discuss the sexual “erosion” that comes around with age. The cause is the terrible waste of sperm that occurs with each passing year. However, by preserving your sexual energy through the practice of sexual continence you will always be youthful and full of energy. Frequent ejaculations shorten the man’s orgasms as well. While in his 20’s, a man could “project” his sperm to about half a meter, a distance that decreases dramatically with age due to frequent ejaculations. In order to avoid these unpleasant aspects there is only one solution – to avoid wasting the sperm. A man as a sexual animal is an exception and cannot be compared to other mammals. Nonetheless, we should mention the fact that animals themselves copulate only for short periods of time and only for reproduction purposes. Their males may spend months or years without intercourse.

Seminal retention facilitates a rich sexual life, allowing several intimate contacts a day, and preserves the biological youth of the practitioner. It is enough to practice seminal retention for only a week or two in order to be able to notice the sexual prowess coming back. The principal objection to seminal retention is that the testicles produce spermatozoids continuously regardless of the number of ejaculations. This is true. However, when the ejaculations are too close in time, the spermatozoids are less numerous and the sperm contains a number of immature gametes, indicating the fact that the testicles have to work extra heard and the pressure on them is greater than it would normally be. There is no need to worry, men that have been practicing sexual continence for decades are living proof of the fact that it does not imply any risk to one’s health, only benefits. 

The Erection – The Starting Point In Lovemaking

It is important that we underline the following aspects:

  • The hardness and duration of the erection are a sign of a man’s virility. The erection-phenomenon is the pillar that sustains sexual experience, be it profane or initiated. The practice of the exercises described in the “Men” section of our site can give you a stronger erection, stimulate your erotic vitality and allow the penis to maintain an upright position for hours.
  • It is important to understand that an erection may be triggered a lot easier if before intercourse you relax your whole body, insisting on the erogenous-sexual areas.

How To Learn Sexual Continence, Exercises For Beginners

Medical studies have discovered that any psycho-mental tension, any sexual repression or inhibition is “translated” by the organism through an involuntary contraction or muscular tension at the level of the genital system.

The relaxation and control of the muscles belonging to the inferior abdomen and to the genital area balances a human being’s psyche because it is a psychosomatic feedback mechanism.

nervous system

These simple oriental techniques open a new, fascinating world of possibilities and satisfactions on many levels for the daring, sincere and lucid practitioners.

A very simple but extremely efficient method to hold the semen inside your body during sexual intercourse is the gesture of the horse.

The Cure For Premature Ejaculation

Another method is “the squeezing”. In order to hold the semen, the man should strongly squeeze his phallus when he feels he is about to ejaculate.

This method that prolongs sexual intercourse has been practiced in the oriental traditions from Japan, India, China, since ancient times. American sexologists William Masters and Virginia Johnson have recently rediscovered it. They successfully treated many premature ejaculation cases using this method. More information about the anatomy of the penis will make you understand how to generate more intense and longer lasting erotic sensations that will also be completely controlled.

The penis is the main masculine erogenous zone. Naturally, it is very sensitive to touches and caresses. It also has its own secrets which some of the more receptive among us have already discovered. Fine vibrations applied to the gland, a slight pinch of the urinary orifice, the touch of the area between anus and genitals, a delicate massage of the testicles, are just some of the secrets practiced in the oriental art of lovemaking. The Japanese used them for pleasure and for curing and defusing emotional tensions through presopuncture, reflexology, and squeezing. Any couple wishing to control their sexual potential can practice the squeezing technique. While practicing it, your erection may get less hard, but this is not a problem since everything will get normal after you start making love again.

“The squeezing” is an exercise that should be done gradually, first during manual or maybe oral caresses. After you are able to control it, you can use this technique during intercourse. In this case, penetration should be gradual and, in the beginning, slow.


This method requires pressure on some sensitive spots and constant awareness of the sensations that precede ejaculation. This technique is useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation and for men wishing to practice sexual continence . The squeeze method can be practiced in many ways. There are also more spots on the phallus that can be successfully stimulated. The proper points to press are those from the corona glands.

Some sexologists consider that the entire gland should be squeezed between the thumb and index. Either way, the squeezing of the phallus has been practiced in India since ancient times so it is a reliable method.

In fact, firm pressure at the base of the penis, between the anus and sexual organs, is probably the most efficient manual method for blocking ejaculation. At this level there is a muscular muff whose repeated contraction can block seminal loss all by itself.

This area is evident to some men because of their practice. Furthermore, this pressure, be it manual or through muscular contraction, amplifies the controlled pressure because here lies the projection of the prostate, which has a sensitivity similar to a woman’s G spot.

The Greatest Virility

Fractioned urination is a secret way to control sexual energy. Taoist sages considered that the one who controls his urinary potential implicitly controls his sexual potential.

The following simple but efficient methods generate this type of control.

  1. The first method is fractioned urination, which means to urinate in short bursts and to take a break of a few seconds between each of them. This break should be long enough to completely stop the urinary flow of the urine.

You may feel thrills in your entire body, ascending along your spine, especially during the first few jets. These thrills are a manifestation of the energy that results from transmutation generated by the firm and strong contraction of the urinary sphincters.

The effects of this method are:

  • Better control over the vital and creative energies while practicing erotic continence
  • An increase of the yang, solar, dynamic virility, energizing your whole body
  • An increase of your vital energy and will power.

Fractioning the urine jet 30 times during each urination for about three weeks will cure many genital and urinary diseases, disorders and will harmoniously amplify the libido.

The transmutation and sublimation of the energies generated by this technique will increase virility, sexual power, mental abilities and the power to concentrate.

  1. The second method says that half an hour before making love you should drink as much water, tea or juice as possible, at least 1 liter, so that while making love your bladder is full.

You need to feel like urinating. Then, you should relax the urinary sphincters during intercourse and the entire inferior abdominal area just as you would when you want to urinate.

You should not worry, it is practically impossible to urinate now. Thus, in a few minutes, you will start to feel the energy ascending easily and spontaneously.

You may also feel some very pleasant thrills and an intense erotic emotional states. You can endlessly prolong this state by relaxing the sphincters and the inferior abdominal part.

Techniques For Controlling The Sexual Energy

Why is This Is Control So Important?

The reasons are simple and easy to understand. A man’s strength, his efficiency, his capacity for action, his vital, mental and spiritual resources are in close connection with his potential sexual energy.

Now we will present three efficient techniques specifically designed for control over the sexual energy.

The Three – Fingers Methods

The three-finger method has its origins in China, and dates back 5,000 years ago. It is a very simple method and anyone can learn it. Basically, it stops the loss of the sperm through pressure applied with the fingers.

3 fingers method

How To Do It

A few seconds before ejaculation, pull out from your partner’s vagina and press the point between the anus and sexual organ with the three longer fingers of the right hand. Thus, if done correctly, the pressure applied in this area prevents ejaculation and the waste of sexual energy.

First, locate the exact spot: Press the point between the anus and scrotum – a “gate” through which the energy comes in and out of the body.

Second, press with a medium force, feeling the exact pressure to apply: Usually, as the fingertips are quite strong, the pressure should not be very strong in order to stop the fluid.

Next, use all the three fingers: (index, middle finger and ring finger) to stop the fluid. If we use one finger only, the sperm will tend to pass by.

Two fingers will not totally block the channel, therefore use the index and the ring finger to press both sides of the urethra and immobilize it and then the middle finger to press directly on the urethra. Bend the fingers, most of all the middle finger.

When To Do It

Immediately after you feel that ejaculation is imminent, pull out of your lover’s vagina, and apply the pressure to stop the fluid. If you wait too long, the pressure will not be enough to stop the fluid.

This pressure should be applied before, during and after the contractions announcing ejaculation.

Block the “gate” with your fingers until you are absolutely certain that the ejaculation will no longer occur. The result of this blockage is that an important part of the seed will flow back inside the seminal reservoirs it came from.

There is no danger in affecting the internal channels, because the tissues from this area are very elastic and capable of receiving the fluid.

You might think that the seminal reservoir could not contain the sperm over a certain level. This hypothesis would be correct if the male reproductive system would have been a simple reservoir with a hose. However, it is nothing like that. When the fluid stored there reaches a certain level, several processes occur.

First: The secretion of sperm diminishes, saving energy and the nutritional substances required for the secretion of sperm.

Second: The body has a natural tendency to reabsorb this fluid.

Third, the Taoists have perfected a “vaporizing” system, channeling the energy to the upper centers of force, reducing the pressure in the inferior seminal channels and in the prostate.

The seminal liquid is transmuted into other substances necessary for the body and the energy resulted from the transmutation process is then sublimated into more refined energies.

This process resembles that of boiling water changing into vapors, a property that allows the water to transform and at the same time preserves the qualities of the water.

The spermatic liquid is thus transmuted into other substances needed for the body, resulting in a superior, more refined form of energy.

The force of the seed means more than the chemical analysis may comprise. Any scientist may mix the constituents of sperm. However, the laboratory-sperm can never have the reproductive force of life.

The main practitioners of this method are the beginners and medium practitioners of sexual continence that do not master it entirely.

In fact, this method is quite helpful, but you should abandon it when you master the sublimation of the sexual energy.

In the first stages of the practice, you may experience a sensation of discomfort. This is normal and you should not become anxious as this method implies the external blocking of ejaculation.

Practical Advice

  1. Do not overdo it in the beginning. Use this powerful method only once in 2 or 3 days and not more than that. The old and the weakened should practice this method only once a week.
  2. After using this method, your inner “fire” will raise. Therefore, it would be good if you drink more water.
  3. After practicing the method of the external blockage for 1-3 months, or even less, you will notice an increase in your sexual appetite. Your erection will appear often and faster. However, do not abuse of your new found power, increase your sexual activity gradually.
  1. The practice of this method requires a powerful pressure applied with the fingertips. If you cannot do it from the beginning, practice until you achieve the exact pressure needed.
  2. Because a small quantity of sperm will still remain in the urethra, a part of the seed will be lost after the erection disappears. Thus, in order to use this method for contraceptive purposes, you have to pull out of your lover’s vagina before the erection fades away. It is also compulsory that you urinate before making love again. For total safety, you may also use spermicide or other contraceptive means, at your disposal.
  1. In the beginning, you may feel a little tired after lovemaking, because of the effort you made to avoid ejaculation. Nonetheless, your reserves of vital energy will benefit from a boost of energy shortly after lovemaking. The tiredness will be replaced with a delicious state of euphoria.
  1. However, a part of your vital energy will be consumed through this method. In order to avoid this loss entirely, you should master the internal blockage method. The energy lost through the external blockage represents between 40 and 60% of the total force of your seed. Even so, this method is preferable over the uncontrolled ejaculation. The external blockage offers considerable power and virility. This is an excellent method for beginners and it precedes the internal blockage.
Four Ways Of Increasing The Quantity Of Semens

“Wise men of the Orient have always sought means of preventing the discharge of the seminal fluid. They have realized the tremendous implications of the sexual act: when performed with love and discipline, it may awaken dormant powers of the mind and body.” Mantak Chia


What You Have To Know About Sperm

Sperm is the storehouse of male sexual energy. A single ejaculation has 200 to 500 million sperm cells, each a potential human being. There are enough spermatozoa lost in a single ejaculatory orgasm to populate the entire United States.

Ejaculation of the male seed, except in the case when the couple wants to have children, is a wasteful loss of an extremely precious treasure.

The loss of sexual energy over a long period of time weakens the man’s health and vitality and it gradually leads to the development of the inferior or animal nature of a human being.

By transmutation of the seed into energy the man rejuvenates. He becomes full of energy all the time. Because of this reason many traditional spiritual paths require male celibacy.

The Oriental sages considered one drop of semen equal in vital power to one hundred drops of blood. Extraordinary powers, including healing and clairvoyance may evolve when one retains the semen and drives its power back up into the body.

Scientific analysis has found that semen contains a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions, enzymes and other vital nutritional substances.

From the esoteric point of view the seed represents the Life Force or in other words the subtle power that separates the living from the dead.

With frequent ejaculation of sperm, vitality ultimately leaves you. At first the man will not feel drained, but after years of wasting his sexual potential, his health will begin to drop alarmingly. When the hormonal secretions of the sexual glands are regularly leached out, the body is sapped at its roots.

Here are 4 ways of increasing the quantity of semen, not for wasting it but for transmuting it into energy. Thus you will obtain a priceless treasure – a tremendous quantity of vital energy that can be sublimated into more refined energies, giving you more and more elevated states of consciousness.

  1. Holding and Massaging the Testicles

This exercise stimulates hormonal and sperm secretion and increases the man’s sexual potential. In order to do it, rub your hands one against the other until they become hot. Hold the penis up with one hand and the testicles with the other and squeeze them easily. Squeeze them quick and hard, but not painfully. Squeeze them at least 100 times before changing hands and do the same with the other.

  1. Shaking The Testicles

Rub your hands till they become hot and hold up the penis with one of them. With the other hold the testicles and start shaking them lightly, gradually increase the intensity. Shake them for at least 3-5 minutes. Change hands and repeat.

  1. Striking the testicles 

Rub your hands till they become hot. Hold the penis up with one hand and strike the testicles lightly with the other, increasing the intensity gradually (but not too hard). Do that for at least 3-5 minutes. Then change hands and do it again. Also hit their base, the perineum.

  1. The Circular Massage Of The Testicles

Rub your hands again. Hold the penis with one hand and massage the testicles with the other, using your thumb. Massage circularly both ways for at least for 3-5 minutes (100 – 300 times). Change hands and repeat this procedure. Or you can hold the testicles with your fingers and massage them with your palm.


These exercises increase the sexual potential (the sperm quantity) and hormonal secretion. Therefore, men will have more sexual energy. These exercises also stimulate the prostate and lead the energy to the penis.

After doing them you must use some techniques for raising the energy to the upper centers Otherwise, you will be confronted with irritability, a scatter-brained mind, an excessively extroverted state and another unpleasant psychic states that are generated when the sexual energy stagnates in the genital area.

All You Have To Know About Sperm

One of the most recent studies done by the Kinsley Institute in the USA reached the conclusion that a man usually ejaculates 5.000 times during a lifetime and they estimated that this corresponds to approximately 16 liters of sperm.

Thus, according to specialists in the area, a young man of 15 ejaculates five times a week, and at 30 years three times a week.

Furthermore, the statistics performed by sexology-researchers have indicated that one man discharges about 200 to 500 billion of spermatozoa during one ejaculation.

Theoretically, one ejaculation may conceive the entire population of the USA, a fact that confirms the idea that man has a stock of sexual energy even more powerful than the atomic bomb. The question that comes out naturally is the following: what would a man who does not ejaculate be capable of and how would he use this energy. He could easily become a superman!

However, before starting your practice in the area of the sexual continence, you should find out more about the priceless treasure that you have within.

  1. Does the ejaculatory liquid normally contain sperm?

Yes, except in pathological cases, the ejaculatory liquid contains: lubricating liquid, spermatic liquid, prostate liquid and sometimes a little urine.

  1. In the moment of the ejaculation, do the testicles come up towards the body?

Yes. Usually, the left testicle of men is smaller than the right one and hangs lower. During ejaculation, the muscles that sustain the testicles contract and thus the testicles are drawn towards the abdomen.

They may even leave the scrotum, and climb up towards the abdomen. There is nothing to worry about, because after a short moment of relaxation they come back to their place. If this should not happen, check with your physician.

  1. Can the volume of sperm become greater for procreation purposes?

Yes. This usually happens if the man does not make love for 7 days beforehand. The quantity of sperm builds up and when the discharge takes place, the sperm will be in greater quantity.

  1. Does orgasm imply ejaculation?

No. By training your PC muscles and practicing to control your genitals, you will find out that you are capable of discerning between orgasm as a complex psychic state and ejaculation, as a mundane physical act.

This allows a man to experience several states of orgasm without experiencing the unpleasant and undesirable effects of repeated ejaculations.

The oriental theme of sexual continence clearly explains the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and offers practical solutions to get here.

  1. Does the sperm always contain spermatozoa?

No. Maybe due to testicle related problems, or to an obstruction of the channel that allows the sperm to get out of the body, the spermatic level may not contain spermatozoa.

Vasectomy, the surgical obstruction of the spermatic channels prevents the spermatozoa from passing towards the seminal testicles and is sometimes used as a contraceptive method.

  1. Can the sperm change its color?

Yes. In the case of a urinary infection, the sperm may become yellowish, and in case of hemorrhage it becomes pink, or even red. Any change in the sperm color should be a clear sign of trouble so please check with a specialist.

  1. Do tight pants prevent the secretion of sperm?

Yes. Tight pants keep the testicles close to the rest of the body and thus their temperature rises. The temperature of the testicles should normally be 2 degrees below the temperature of the rest of the body in order for sperm to be produced.

  1. Can sperm be used to identify a man?

Yes. The sperm is a genuine genetic print; the smell, taste and consistency are different and unique for each man.

  1. Do larger testicles contain more sperm than smaller testicles?

Yes, and this is because they contain more channels required for its production. The principle according to which capacity determines quantity applies here as well.

  1. Do women perceive a man’s ejaculation inside their vagina?

Not necessarily. The lubrication of the vagina during intercourse reduces to a minimum its capacity of distinguishing between the liquids present inside. Most of the time, the woman anticipate the moment of ejaculation because of the contractions of the penis that precede this moment.

  1. Does the quantity of sperm decreases with age?

Yes. Because of repeated ejaculation, the secretions of the glands decrease. Another reason for this is the decrease of the number of hormones and the weakening of the sexual muscles.

  1. Can one ejaculate even if he does not have an erection?

Yes. Men suffering from impotence may ejaculate in the absence of a flow of blood that usually causes the penis to swell and become erect.

  1. Does the volume of the sperm reach 4 ml?

Yes. However, this volume is different from man to man and depends on circumstances.

  1. Can drugs influence ejaculation?

Yes. The drugs used in neuropsychological treatments (neurological, anti-depressives) may have this side effect. However, most treatments of this kind inhibit sperm secretion.

The Extraordinary Power Of The Sexual potion


Man’s greatest achievement consists in turning his sexual energetic potential into superior creativity and psycho-spiritual energy. They ensure his rapid evolution.

Retaining the seminal fluid is the first step a man must take in order to reverse the cycle where he pays an exorbitant and useless price for his sexual satisfaction, without getting to experience ecstasy.


Many diverging opinions have emerged with time, regarding the secret sexuality potion. The sages of the Orient understood a long time ago that the controlled and loving sexual act can lead to awakening the latent powers of the mind and body.

The act of love has always been considered gainful, spiritualizing and a spring of happiness. The Taoist masters discovered the principles of immortality in it.

By exercising control over certain muscles, tendons and tissue in the inferior part of your body and by transmitting the genital tension throughout the entire body, you can retain the seminal fluid.

You will experience intense and varied feelings of pleasure at the same time. The states of happiness you can reach through this kind of lovemaking are completely different from the common physical pleasures. The intensity of these feelings is so great that they can wake up the spirituality of the person who experiences them.

A man who masters this method will discover a completely different kind of outlook on sexuality and will see on his own the extent to which his life has changed for the better. The couple becomes a generator of huge quantities of energy.

By using this method you will be able to make love more often while your relationship will experience the psycho-mental and spiritual effects in a totally beneficial manner.


It is estimated that a man ejaculates approximately 5000 times in a lifetime, the equivalent of 15 liters of seminal fluid. These statistics give us details about the ejaculating frequency of a common American.

15                        3
16-20                        3.5
21-25                         4
26-30                       3.5
31-35                       3
36-40                        2.5
41-45                        2
46-50                        2
50-55                        1.5
56-60                         1

lost we use KINSEY’S estimation.

5000 x 3 cc (fluid) = 15,000 cc

This means approximately 15 liters of seminal fluid. A man loses approximately 2-5 cc during a normal ejaculation. This quantity contains 200-500 million individual sperm cells.


This is an amazing statement. In a common ejaculation 2-5 million spermatozoa are discharged/eliminated. Distributed to 250 million eggs, one single ejaculation might generate the actual population of USA. By multiplying it with 5000 ejaculations, we get the numeric indicator of the seminal power.

A man ejaculates a quantity large enough to create a trillion human lives. There is the capacity in a man of creating a quantity of energy 200 times bigger than the atomic bomb. If this huge reserve of psychic energy would be directed towards love and harmony, the inhabitants of our planet would have been eternally happy.

Scientists might find this idea amusing. In fact, anybody might find it amusing! To say that in the sperm of a single man exists a huge vital potential might appear to be bordering on insanity.

Nevertheless, despite the apparent utopia and lack of common sense this is the truth! By keeping this force within us, we will be able to assimilate huge quantities of energy and to focus them on our inner capacities.

Consequently, if this energy is assimilated inside, the effects of this assimilation can differ from one individual to another. There are not two people having the same reaction or the same type of energy.

Some people develop their physical force more than others; they are more resistant to certain diseases. Other people use this huge potential to evolve spiritually. Whatever direction you take, you have got the capacity of substantially enriching your active life by adapting creatively to the environment.


The actions and reactions of many men are still confined to the influence of their biological instincts, but when they reach a higher level of understanding, the achievement of the ultimate freedom will prevail over the influence of instincts.

This is not against our nature. We are created with the power of cultivating our energy to a level where the control of the physical body is a very simple thing.

Men have conceived the nuclear weapon and have sent people to the Moon, why shouldn’t we use our mind in order to rule and control our body, which is closer than the Moon?

Scientific explanations are so unimportant compared to the capacity of creating 4 billion unique human beings, each of them with creative intelligence. Modern theoretical physicists admits that today it is impossible to analyze the ecstatic act of creation.

Quantum physics accepted the perspective that there is no physical particle on the basis of creation of the world. There are only multiple universes of space and time, brought together in the infinite formatting energetic fields.

Sexual energy is a field of force generated inside the body that interacts with great cosmic fields through complex processes and phenomena of resonance. The scientists of today cannot understand this connection.

But there is no reason that says we should wait 500 years for science to explain us sexuality, when each person is able to experience his own manifestation of the sexual energetic field.

Oriental masters were true scientists with a true power of introspection and self-analysis, who devoted their lives to human evolution through spirituality. Each generation has tested the practices that have been passed to them and tried to enrich them.

The methods have changed in time, but the principle remained the same: the seminal power is a gigantic force and men can use it any time they want to. The subtle essence of seminal substance is the “fuel” that helps the conscious spirit expand into the infinite.

The Sexual Response Cycle

There are five main stages to the sexual response cycle:

  1. Desire (also called libido). This stage, in which a man or woman begins to want or “desire” sexual intimacy or gratification, may last anywhere from a moment to many years.
  2. Excitement (also called arousal). This stage, which is characterized by the body’s initial response to feelings of sexual desire, may last from minutes to several hours.
  3. Plateau This stage, the highest point of sexual excitement, generally lasts between 30 seconds and three minutes.
  4. Orgasm This stage, the peak of the plateau stage and the point at which sexual tension is released, generally lasts for less than a minute.
  5. Resolution The duration of this stage—the period during which the body returns to its pre excitement state—varies greatly and generally increases with age.

The Stages Of Sexual Response

Stage 1: Desire

Our minds and bodies can respond sexually to a variety of stimuli—including sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, movement, fantasy, and memory. These stimuli can create sexual desire—a strong wanting for sexual stimulation (either by oneself or with another person) or sexual intimacy that may cause one to seek sexual satisfaction. Societal and cultural values influence the range of stimuli that provoke sexual desire, and ideals about the stimuli considered “sexual” or “attractive” can vary greatly between cultures and among subsets of a single culture. In addition, each individual reacts to sets of stimuli that are idiosyncratic—based on his or her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Indications of Desire: Desire is a prelude to sexual excitement and sexual activity—it occurs in the mind rather than the body and may not progress to sexual excitement without further physical or mental stimulation. Desire may be communicated between potential sexual partners either verbally or through body language and behavior (for example, through “flirting”). This communication, which is shaped by sociocultural factors, may be subtle and easily misread. In different cultures, behaviors meant to communicate desire may vary greatly along gender lines; for example, in some cultures, women are expected not to express overt, verbal communication of their sexual desire, whereas such communication from men is expected.

Stage 2: Excitement (arousal) 

Excitement is the body’s physical response to desire. (A person who manifests the physical indications of excitement is termed to be “aroused” or “excited.”) The progression from desire to excitement depends on a wide variety of factors—it may be brought on by sensory stimulation, thoughts, fantasy, or even the suggestion that desire may be reciprocated. For some persons (particularly for some adolescents), the excitement stage may be achieved with very little physical or mental stimulation, whereas for others, significant intimacy, physical stimulation, or fantasy may be required. It generally takes longer for women to achieve full arousal than for men to do so. Excitement may lead to intimacy and sexual activity, but this is not inevitable: for both sexes, initial physical excitement may be lost and regained many times without progression to the next stage.


Indications of Excitement: Excitement can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following body changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate and blood pressure increase, body muscles tense, sexual flush occurs, nipples become erect, genital and pelvic blood vessels become engorged, and involuntary and voluntary muscles contract.

For women: The vagina lengthens and widens, the clitoris swells and enlarges, breasts increase in size, the labia swell and separate, the vagina becomes lubricated, and the uterus rises slightly. Vaginal lubrication is the key indicator of sexual excitement.

For men: The penis becomes erect, the scrotum thickens, and the testes rise closer to the body. Erection of the penis is the key indicator of sexual excitement.

Stage 3: Plateau

If physical or mental stimulation (especially stroking and rubbing of erogenous zones or sexual intercourse) continues during full arousal, the plateau stage may be achieved. This stage, the highest moment of sexual excitement before orgasm, may be achieved, lost, and regained several times without the occurrence of orgasm.

Indications of the Plateau Stage. The plateau stage can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following physiological changes:

For both sexes: Breathing rate, heart rate, and blood pressure further increase, sexual flush deepens, and muscle tension increases. There is a sense of impending orgasm.

For women: The clitoris withdraws, the Bartholin’s glands lubricate, the areolae around the nipples become larger, the labia continue to swell, the uterus tips to stand high in the abdomen, and the “orgasmic platform” develops (that is, the lower vagina swells, narrows, and tightens).

For men: The ridge of the glans penis becomes more prominent, the Cowper’s glands secrete preejaculatory fluid, and the testes rise closer to the body.

Stage 4: Orgasm

Indications of Orgasm. The intensity of orgasm can vary among individuals and can vary for an individual from one sexual experience to another. Orgasm may involve intense spasm and loss of awareness, or it may be signaled by as little as a sigh or subtle relaxation. Orgasm can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following physiological changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure reach their highest peak, sexual flush spreads over the body, and there is a loss of muscle control (spasms).

For women: The uterus, vagina, anus, and muscles of the pelvic floor contract five to 12 times at 0.8-second intervals.

For men: Ejaculation (contractions of the ejaculatory duct in the prostate gland cause semen to be ejected through the urethra and penis) occurs, and the urethra, anus, and muscles of the pelvic floor contract three to six times at 0.8-second intervals.

Stage 5: Resolution

Resolution is the period following orgasm, during which muscles relax and the body begins to return to its preexcitement state. Immediately following orgasm, men experience a refractory period, during which erection cannot be achieved (the duration of this period varies among individuals and increases with age). Women experience no refractory period—they can either enter the resolution stage or return to the excitement or plateau stage immediately following orgasm.

Indications of Resolution: Resolution can be communicated between partners verbally, through body language, through behavior, or through any of the following body changes:

For both sexes: Heart rate and blood pressure dip below normal, returning to normal soon afterward; the whole body (including the palms of hands and soles of feet) sweats; there is a loss of muscle tension, increased relaxation, and drowsiness.

For women: Blood vessels dilate to drain the pelvic tissues and decrease engorgement; the breasts and areolae decrease in size; nipples lose their erection; the clitoris resumes its prearousal position and shrinks slightly; the labia return to normal size and position; the vagina relaxes; the cervix opens to help semen travel up into the uterus (closing 20–30 minutes after orgasm); and the uterus lowers into the upper vagina (location of semen after male orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse).

For men: Nipples lose their erection; the penis lightens in color and becomes softer and smaller; the scrotum relaxes, and the testes drop farther away from the body. Depending on a number of factors (including age), the refractory period in men may last anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours or more.

Use Your mental Power To Enhance Your Penis

So far we have presented various ways to enlarge your penis, which involve more or less complicated procedures, and consequently they were more or less accessible to most men.

In the following we will discuss a method that does not require a special diet, or medicine, or special devices. This method is accessible to all men, and still it is not for any man!

The ingredients you need to have results are:

  • a powerful desire of attaining your dream
  • a firm belief in your undertaking
  • perseverance
  • a strong and focused mind

Consequently, we address those who admit that the force of the mind has a miraculous influence on human life and implicitly on the human body.

In order to get excellent results by using your own mental power you need to free your mind from prejudice and not to allow doubts to stop you.

The main problem with practicing this technique is the fact that many men think they are confident when in fact they are consumed by doubts, deeply rooted in their subconscious.

Consequently, we will discuss a method based on bio-energy and on the extraordinary power of the mind.

We will also use these weapons, but change the target for our objective: penis enlargement.

The following method is based on several observations:

  • It has been proved that psychic traumas rooted in childhood may delay the physical, emotional, or psychic development of the human being. Human cells are capable of multiplication, and this may be performed in all cases: for the development of a fetus or for the proliferation of cancer, as a negative example. The brain is a powerful organ, because all bodily functions are generated here: the activity of the heart, the circulation of the blood, hormonal secretion, etc.
  • Any person may order his or her brain through their thinking – because the brain is an instrument used in their development as human beings. This way of acting is called mental programming.

A person may program his or her brain to act on their cells, sometimes even to correct an apparently irremediable physical handicap, caused by an exterior traumatic factor.

The Method Itself

In order to apply the mental programming method, you must act as follows:

Before beginning take a piece of paper and divide it in two with a line. On the left side draw a silhouette representing yourself, with an erection. Draw your penis proportionally with the real size it actually has.

It is not necessary for the drawing to be professional, but it is important its size is correlated with the size of your body.

Draw the same silhouette on the right side of the paper, but make the size of the penis as you would like it to be. This part represents your goal.

However, keep your expectations realistic: if your penis is small in erection, do not draw it on the right side as an immense sexual organ, because you will make your mind face an impossible task.

Visualize your penis as 2 or 3 cm bigger than it really is, don’t imagine it three or four times bigger than it actually is.

Another effective variant for visualizing your penis enlarged is to take a nude side photo. It is recommend that the picture includes more than just the genital area.

Transfer the picture to a computer and process it until your penis gets the size you desire. Then print the paper, because this is the support you will be working with.

Once the drawing or the picture is finished, stare at it intensely, willing it to become reality.

Visualize this daily, for 20 to 30 minutes, then place the picture or drawing somewhere at hand and do not think about it anymore. This drawing or this picture is meant to provide your subconscious with a clear and precise objective.

Drawings, images and graphic representations generally enter rapidly, effortlessly and deeply into the subconscious. Visualizing this image and picturing yourself as you want to be is a method of ordering the latent subconscious forces to become active.

Besides this visualization which should last for three months, you also need to do the following for 20 to 30 minutes a day:

Sit comfortably, with your spine straight (this is a very important aspect, as the subtle energies circulate along the spine and a wrong posture blocks their circulation). Place your soles on the ground.

Close your eyes, relax your mind and keep your mind clear of any thoughts for several minutes. Then hold your penis in your right hand, and begin to massage it from the base to the top. When the right hand reaches the top, the left hand begins the same move at the base and so on.

These movements are slow, like a gentle touch. Try to perceive how a subtle energy fluid comes out of your hands and acts on your penis. If can’t perceive this fluid from the very beginning, imagine that you feel it.

During these movements keep in mind one thing: the image of your penis growing, try to have a very clear image, as if you were watching a movie.

Do not get discouraged if you have difficulties in the beginning. Persevere and in time you will succeed. Do your best and impose the image of your organ on your mind, as you want it to be.

This thought must not be a simple desire, but more like an order. Your subconscious is your servant. And its power is your power. It’s duty to serve us and it will, if we persevere in asking it to do so.

At the end of three weeks take another piece of paper and perform the following test: divide the paper in two – to the left the silhouette with the penis as you have it at that moment, to the right as you want to be. Take the first paper and compare them, particularly the left side of the paper.

If in the most recent drawing your penis is larger than in the first, your subconscious has assimilated the instructions you’ve given it. It is a scientifically proven fact that the brain needs at least three weeks to perfectly integrate new information.

You need to understand that even though your sexual organ may not become larger in only three weeks as this interval is too short for the action of the molecules to become significant. However if your subconscious has assimilated the orders you have given it, the desired result won’t be far behind.

If, on the contrary you will notice that there is absolutely no difference between the two drawings, or for instance that the second representation of your penis is smaller than the first, it means that this method does not work for you and that you should look for a more “mechanical” approach.

If you belong to the first case of the two discussed above, it is only a matter of time and perseverance until you will get to enjoy the results of your efforts.

Remember that in any procedure of penis enlargement the “enemy” is to masturbate and ejaculate, as this will turn your attention away from your goal and it will dissipate the mind.

This is the only method for penis enlargement that can be practiced even when the penis is in erection, so you need to be careful, control your pleasure and avoid ejaculating. Keep in mind the idea that through this procedure you do not desire erotic pleasure, but penis enlargement.

If you will regularly practice this exercise without loosing heart, you will definitely reach your goal. It is difficult to predict the interval required for the appearance of the desired results, because this depends directly on your capacity to concentrate.

Nonetheless, the results will appear within 3 months to 1 year, if you respect all the given instructions.

We wish you good luck!

Increase Your Sexual Appetite With Minerals

Zinc – is a very important element for preserving masculine potency. It can be found in many aphrodisiac aliments, among which are pollen, honey, mushrooms, onions, wheat germs.

Calcium – is a mineral essential for maintaining the central and peripheral nervous system in good working order. Among other things, the absence of calcium leads to the decrease of the libido, and in more serious cases it leads to an accentuated loss of erotic vigor and even to fainting.

Administrating calcium as synthetic pills or powder has a relatively small effect, because in some cases it is not assimilated, and in other cases an over dose is unknowingly administered.

Therefore, the most appropriate thing to do would be to find aliments that are rich in calcium, such as: milk, eggs, dairy products , beans, peas, carrots, celery and apples.

Potassium – is a mineral element of great importance for the organism, because it has a significant role in the majority of the metabolism’s processes that occur with the organism.

The required dosage of potassium for an adult man is 2-4 grams a day. The absence of potassium leads to serious disorders such as: nervous hyper excitability, muscular cramps, changes in the cardiac rhythm and in some rare cases even death through cardiac arrest.

The influence of potassium on male sexuality and potency is indirect, reflected by its influence on the vital processes of the organism.

Potassium is useful for fighting hypertension, hyper excitability and for the treatment of diabetes. Aliments containing potassium are indicated in all cures of revitalization and rejuvenation.

Aliments containing potassium are: potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables in general, whole cereals, sunflower oil and seeds, fruits in general, grapefruit, pineapple, oranges, grapes.

Magnesium – has an important part to play in a series of vital processes found in the human body, influencing cellular metabolism and certain hormonal processes.

It is useful for the treatment of vascular diseases, whose direct consequence is male impotence, and in fighting certain urinary disorders.

In cases of psychic diseases and disorders, manifested through insomnia, trembling, and the lack of synchronization in one’s gestures we recommend an increased and balanced intake of magnesium, preferably from natural sources.

Phosphor – is a mineral on whose presence depend all processes of assimilation, and of cell metabolism within our bodies. The daily portion of phosphor is approximately 1-2 grams per day.

The symptoms indicating a lack of phosphor are anxiety, hyper excitability, a slowing of one’s mental processes, difficult control over one’s movements, teeth deterioration, muscular asthenia and severe weakening of the immune-system. Phosphor is easily assimilated from milk, cheese, and spawn.

All the minerals and vitamins we have presented here have a great impact on the activity of the sexual glands in the case of men and women.

Some of them are directly involved in the hormonal processes of the gonads and hypophysis, while others indirectly but powerfully influence one’s sexuality through the roles they play in preserving the overall vitality of one’s organism.

We also need to underline the fact that many of the useful substances previously presented have an extraordinary influence on the psyche, confirming the theories according to which the way we eat significantly influences the way we live, feel and think.

In light of these facts, it is obvious that a pure, balanced diet composed of fresh fruits, vegetables, and diary products is vastly superior in almost every way to other diets.

Increase Your Sexual Appetite With Vitamins

Vitamins and oligo-elements (micro-elements) existing in aliments play a major role in regulating and preserving certain functions of the organism, the sexual functions included.

In this article we will discuss the vitamins and oligo-elements vital to the preservation and enhancement of one’s sexual functions.

Vitamins sustain the functions of a series of organs and glands. A greater intake of vitamins may remedy certain deficiencies and may help the organism in the process of recovery.

However, we need to note that the excessive presence of certain vitamins and minerals in the organism may lead to organic imbalances and even diseases.

Specialists in the field have reached the conclusion that vitamins and minerals extracted from aliments are the healthiest, and they recommend them over synthetic or semi-synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Consequently, we will recommend in the following the aliments capable of offering the necessary vitamins for the organism, without the need for synthetic pills.


Vitamin A has an important role in the activity of the endocrine glands, especially the suprarenal glands and the gonads. The lack of Vitamin A leads to a decrease of the sexual appetite, and undesirable modifications of the seminal channels and genital epithelium.

The Complex B Vitamins are involved in the production of sexual hormones, in both men and women. They contribute to the preservation of vigor and overall state of health.

Vitamins B1, B2, and B12 are of utmost importance, because they play an essential role in the function of the hypophysis, which controls the function of the gonads.

Vitamin B1 plays an important role in regulating the nervous and cardiac activities. It is effective in the treatment of impotence and sexual disorders associated to hypertension, stress, and psychic problems.

Vitamin B2 is involved in preserving the balance of the immune and nervous systems. The lack of Vitamin B2 is manifested through dermatitis, asthenia, anemia, etc.

Vitamins B2 and B15 are considered the vitamins of youth. Laboratory tests have showed a significant increase in one’s life-span due to the help of these Vitamins.

Vitamins B1 and B2 are found in fresh whole flour, in beer yeast, in fresh wheat husks, nuts, corn, whole rice, rye, peas, beans, spinach and red beet.

Vitamin B12 can only be found in animal products: cheese (20 micrograms per 100 grams), eggs (5 micrograms per 100 grams), and milk (0.20-1 micrograms per 100 grams). The daily recommended dose is 2 micrograms per 100 grams.

Vitamin B15 is abundantly found in the apricot kernel.

Vitamin E has an important role in the activity of the testicles. It is used for the treatment of oligospermia, impotence, and the pathologic curving of the penis.

It is necessary in order to maintain the gonads and hypophysis in good working order, and it is also named the “fertility vitamin”.

It is considered an aphrodisiac, stimulating and normalizing erotic desires in both men and women. The lack of Vitamin E causes sterility and impotence.

Vitamin E is contained in germinated corn oil, sunflower oil, peanuts, whole bread, sunflower seeds, spinach, egg and cabbage.

Vitamin F, also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids, is essential for the proper assimilation of the A and E vitamins.

It is also very important in maintaining a healthy weight balance, thus being useful in the case of men who experience potency and sexual dynamics disorders because of their excess weight.

Vitamin P is indicated in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases as well as diseases causing physical and psychic exhaustion. It effectively combats vascular impotence.

Vitamin C

vitamin C is indicated for the treatment of vascular impotence and it has an important role in regulating the nervous and cardiac activity.

It is effective for the treatment of impotence and sexual disorders associated to stress, hypertension and psychic disorders.

Vitamins B6, B12, K and P play an important part in regulating nervous activity, which influences the activity of the sexual glands.

Aphrodisiac Food

Germinated Wheat

Germinated wheat is an aliment that is very rich in vitamins and calories. Among the vitamins, there are the complex B vitamins such as, B1, B2, B6, B12, B15 and the E vitamin, which play a very important role in maintaining one’s vitality and erotic vigor. The minerals contained in germinated wheat are calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium and silica.

A germinated wheat cure lasts for two weeks during which you should take at least two spoons of germinated wheat per day, or 100-200 grams. You can prepare the germinated wheat yourself, at home, or you can purchase it from a store, where it is found as powder or as flakes.

The recipe for preparing germinated wheat is as follows: 24 hours before the preparation, chose and carefully wash the wheat. After washing, place it on a plate, without drying it. Cover the plate and leave it in a warm place. After 24 hours, the wheat will germinate. After taking it from the plate, the wheat is dry and ready to be grinded.

If you have germinated wheat powder, you should moisten it in water or warm milk and add some honey to it. We recommend eating it on an empty stomach, or at least not combining it with a heavy meal, so it can be easily digested and assimilated.

The germinated wheat cure is rejuvenating and helps to recover one’s strength quickly. It is indicated in cases of arthritis, nervous exhaustion, urinary disorders and migraines.

You may add the germinated wheat flakes to soup, as an ingredient, or you may consume them separately.

A very effective recipe in regaining your strength and vitality is as follows: take germinated wheat flakes, warm milk, honey and your favorite spices. Leave the flakes in the milk for 40 minutes or even one hour, then add the honey and spices, and mix

Hot spices are a very good choice because they are powerful aphrodisiacs. Try: ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, or even coriander, fennel and dill (seeds).

The spices should be in powder form, because their role is to help digestion and to stimulate, increase and regulate the appetite.

A two week cure is highly recommended for people who are underweight, or who lack erotic vitality and vigor. This is one of the recipes that have a most spectacular effect in gaining weight, for those who need this effect.

However, this cure is not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes, obesity, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, and for people who have an excess of Yin energy.

Aphrodisiac Fruits

Fruits are of great importance as rejuvenating and aphrodisiac aliments, because they are also nourishing, energizing and they stimulate the metabolism.

Most of the fruits renowned as aphrodisiacs contain large amounts of sugars that are very easily assimilated. Their aphrodisiac quality is easily perceived by people, not as momentary but as a long term effect.

They are especially recommended for overweight men and men who have had a diet based on animal products, thus accumulating many toxins in their body. For people who have purified their bodies, certain fruits are excellent aphrodisiacs, which act immediately, as they are nurturing and invigorating, unlike the other aphrodisiacs that usually leave one with a heavy and unpleasant sensation.

In the ancient Orient, fruits were included in erotic rituals and ceremonies due to their stimulating action as well as their pure resonance.

In the following, we will list the fruits used for their aphrodisiac and re-vitalizing qualities, adding special recommendations and indications for each.


In Europe, they are a symbol of life and fertility. Grapes are also among the most easily digestible aliments. They contain a large amount of sugar, up to 23.51% of the fruit itself, a significant quantity of vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B6, and in smaller quantities vitamins C and P.

Grape juice is a very digestible aliment that preserves the same vitamins that are found in the fruit, and has a high energy value: 900 calories in one kilo.

The Cure With Grapes

start by consuming ½ a kilo of grapes a day, before the main meals. Increases the quantity with ½ a kilo each day, until you reach 3 kilos, and then progressively decrease it until you reach ½ kilo again. During this cure you should not eat meat, refined sugar, sweets, and alcohol.

This cure is recommended for people confronted with intellectual exhaustion. Good results are also obtained in cases of sexual asthenia caused by stress, physical exhaustion, nervous exhaustion, or psychic traumas. It has exceptional rejuvenating and refreshing effects

It drains the toxins away from the body and stimulates the recovery process. It is also recommended in cases of vascular impotence and prepares the path for cures of sexual refreshment with powerful aphrodisiacs such as pollen, ginseng, and secret roots.

If taken before lovemaking, the grape-juice is invigorating, energizing, and is very helpful for urinary retention which we will describe later on.


Basically, they are dried grapes. They contain a great quantity of sugars, a reason for which they are already quite famous as aphrodisiacs and quite energizing as well. They are recommended for overweight men, with lots of adipose tissue.

In a daily diet, they successfully replace refined sugar and the sweets made from it. They are ingredients of certain aphrodisiac recipes, alongside honey, cocoa, germinated wheat and aphrodisiac spices.

They are used in rejuvenating cures, or in the raw-fruit and vegetable diets for their high energy in-take.


They may be consumed raw or dried. When fresh, the figs have diuretic and purifying qualities, and are of great help in detoxifying cures.

When dried, they have a high level of sugar, 62-80 %, and are a remarkable aphrodisiac aliment. They also contain vitamins A, B1, B2, P, C and minerals that have an important role in preserving the sexual function of the organism: calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and phosphor.

Figs are useful for the treatment of vascular impotence, for the states of asthenia, physical weakness, and lack of vitality.

For overweight people, we recommend figs be used with moderation. 


In tropical countries it is largely used for increasing one’s sexual strength. Also, the pineapple has a relatively high level of sugars, 16-19 %. It contains vitamins A, C and some of the complex B vitamins.

It contains the following minerals: magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphor, and iron. It also contains a certain digestive agent that helps the digestion of proteins, and therefore it is recommended for people with digestion and metabolism disorders.


In ancient Greece, they were considered a symbol of vitality and fertility. The bright red color of its core caused its association with the color of blood, a symbol of life itself.

Despite its fame, this fruit was not properly studied by the nutritionists. However, it is appreciated because of certain agents and bitter substances that grant it tonic, anti-infectious and immune-system stimulating properties. It is especially indicated for fighting asthenia, obesity and intoxications.

Oriental medicine recommends pomegranates for men predisposed towards inactivity, sleepiness and apathy.

Food – A Key For Increasing Your Virility

More consistent and contains the following vitamins: A, B1, B6, and minerals: calcium, phosphor, potassium and magnesium.

It is an aliment that is rich in energy, recommended for processes of growth and repair performed by the organism. It also has a slight hypo tensor effect, which is why it is indicated for preventing vascular impotence and other complications caused by hyper-tension.

  1. Pollen

It is one of the medicinal foods that have a quick and ample reinvigorating effect. It stimulates all the vital processes of a person and is an important element in all cures of rejuvenation.

In cases of a greatly diminished sexual appetite due to stress or temporary weakness, it acts efficiently in reestablishing normal sexual activity in only two weeks after being introduced into your diet.

The pollen contains many substances that play an important role in preserving and enhancing masculine potency: zinc, many vitamins and arginine (arginine is one of the eight essential amino acids, it is contained in the spermatic cells in proportion of 80% and in its absence, there has been noted a decrease in the sexual appetite of both men and women).

The pollen cure begins with 15 to 20 grams a day, taken on an empty stomach in one or two portions. The pollen should be chewed for at least five minutes before being swallowed. This cure is usually recommended for two weeks, but it can be prolonged for months or even years, because pollen has no side-effects.

For people who are very weakened 30-40 grams of pollen is recommended to start off, two or three times, and then they should revert to the usual quantity.

Some authors recommend that the initial doses be only 10 grams and the ordinary daily doses be of 5 grams. This is because there have been reported cases of pollen abuse that (as any other case of abuse) had noxious effects experienced mainly by the liver.

However, the great majority of clinical tests indicated no side-effects at doses of 30 grams per day. So, if you decide to take pollen and feel uncomfortable, or if you have a history of liver or hepatic problems, it is best if you take only half of the quantities recommended here.

Chew each intake of pollen as much as you can, minimum 5 minutes and maximum 15-20 minutes. In cases of a pollen allergy, you may grind the pollen and mix it with honey.

An important note should be made regarding the quality of the pollen you buy. Its color may differ according to the plants from which it was harvested, but it will always taste sweet, not bitter or sour.

The bitter taste indicates that the pollen was burnt while drying, and the sour taste indicates that the pollen has degraded and that it should not be consumed under any circumstances, because it has become highly toxic.

Even so, you should store your pollen in a refrigerator because at a temperature of over 15 degrees Celsius, larvae may appear in it.

You should also keep it away from any sources of humidity, as it will degrade and taste sour. The healthiest pollen is always the freshest one. You may keep pollen for twelve months if you store it in dry and cold place.

Along with it being a stimulant of sexual activity, the pollen also has other great qualities: it regulates body weight, stimulates mental processes, fights depression and anxiety

It is very good at treating vascular disorders that have as an effect the insufficient blood irrigation of the pelvic area, which in time can lead to secondary impotence.

Pollen is a very valuable addition to the diets of older men and also for younger men and convalescents.

  1. Honey

It is a highly effective aphrodisiac for both men and women. It has a reinvigorating effect, is very nourishing, leads to the quantitative increase of the secretions the sexual glands produce and in small quantities (about 2 teaspoonfuls a day) it helps to harmoniously adjust the body’s weight.

Its energy value is quite high, and because the organism can easily assimilate it, it becomes even more effective and precious as an energizer.

As previously mentioned, it is also used as an aphrodisiac, or as support for medicinal plants or other remedies with aphrodisiac effects.

It is known and reputed as an aphrodisiac in the erotic arts of the great majority of people around the world and is even considered a kind of love-elixir. In the ancient myths of many cultures, honey is depicted as a celestial gift from the gods.

An Arabic scientist, named Djenilouss recommended this, several hundred years back: “the person who feels weakened should drink one glass of thick honey before going to bed and eat 20 almonds and 100 pine seeds as well. This diet should be observed for 30 days.” This recipe has not lost its validity, despite its age.

Another simple and famous recipe consists of one egg yolk, one spoon of liquid honey, 100 ml of warm milk, and a little cardamom powder. This recipe is recommended for weak and thin men.

Honey is recommended especially in liquid form. Warming it up leads to a decrease of its curative value, due to the annulment of its enzymatic properties (a temperature of above 45 Celsius degrees destroys these enzymes).

It would be ideal to use honey obtained from one plant only. For a more pronounced aphrodisiac effect, consume forest, sunflower, fir or acacia honey and avoid poppy and linden tree honey as much as possible.

Honey is especially suited for the preservation of vitamin-fruits such as sea buckthorn, hibiscus, blackberries, etc.

  1. Nuts

They represent another aliment that is high in energy (the energy value of nuts is 660-710 cal/100 gr.), with a high content of proteins (14%), fat (63%) and glucides (15%). They are extremely rich in zinc, copper, and vitamin E, containing small quantities of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

Nuts are recommended as aphrodisiacs for both men and women, especially for those having to deal with physical weakness, anemia, etc. Nuts are also said to stimulate sperm secretion.

People suffering of or predisposed to arterial sclerosis should eat nuts, because they are reputed as an anti-sclerotic remedy. Their energy value is comparable to that of meat and they hold the advantage of being much, much healthier. Furthermore, they are easier to digest, especially when compared to other aliments of the same consistency.

Nuts contain great quantities of the vitamin known as F2, which makes them highly valued for the treatment of impotence and sterility.

The F vitamin is a new name for what we used to know as unsaturated fatty acids. The F vitamin plays an important part in the assimilation of the A vitamin and especially E vitamin, which are also essential in preserving one’s sexual potency.

They can be used in cases of diabetes and enuresis (uncontrolled nocturnal urination). We remind you that there is a very close connection between the urinary apparatus and the genital apparatus. Many traditional texts mention that controlling one’s urinary potential equals controlling one’s sexual potential.

Making nuts an important part of your diet is also advisable if you are going through some hard times, physically or mentally.

  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an aliment with a high energy value. They contain great levels of protein (which made them famous as “vegetal meat”) and vitamins (B1, B2, C and pro-vitamin A) and this makes them a very useful aliment for those in need of a rich and consistent diet.

In the Orient, lovers traditionally use mushrooms. They are said to amplify the vital and erotic energies and at the same time they stimulate the transformation and the sublimation of these energies.

Recent studies have underlined the fact that the majority of edible mushrooms have remarkable effects in terms of organic and cerebral stimulation.

They fill our organism’s needs with minerals such as: zinc, potassium, calcium, cobalt, copper, iodine, magnesium and manganese.

They are a little harder to digest due to their richness in cellulose, therefore they should be be chewed very slowly and thoroughly.

People with weak digestive capabilities should consume less during their meals. For better digestion it is recommended to spice them up with pepperoni, pepper, savory, cumin and anise. These spices are also aphrodisiacs that harmoniously enhance erotic desires.

Mushrooms that have been preserved through drying are very consistent and effective. The mushrooms designed for drying should be fresh, young and very healthy.

Dried mushrooms are recommended for both underweight and overweight men, as they ensure a great intake of energy that can afterwards be used on a physical or psychic level, according to each person’s needs

Preparation is different for each type: for overweight people, dried mushrooms are more appropriate, because they can be added to raw vegetable salads. For people with a poor digestion, as previously stated, the quantity should be moderate.

Mushrooms preserved in hermetic vessels, if improperly dried or if humid become a suitable environment for very harmful micro organisms. Therefore, we recommend drying them up and storing them in paper-bags, in a dry place of course.

Final warning: as mushroom intoxications are very dangerous, sometimes even lethal, you should be extremely cautious when buying them. It is better to avoid purchasing them from doubtful sources.

  1. Celery

Also known as an aphrodisiac and medicinal plant, celery is a traditional component used to preserve or regain one’s sexual power. It contains many minerals (calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium) and vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, A).

The leaves are recommended as spices in many re-vitalizing foods, or salads, as well as in the treatment of sexual impotence or insufficiency, especially in the case of overweight people. The fresh leaves of celery greatly stimulate hormonal activity.

The celery’s root acts as a sort of tonic, enhancing vitality and resistance to prolonged physical effort. It is also recommended in cures for purification and against obesity.

Its aperitif qualities make it an important addition to the diet of thin and weakened persons. It is especially useful in cures for increasing one’s vitality, because as previously stated, it acts as a digestive, nervous and immune system tonic.

  1. Almonds

Almonds have great nutritive power. The pits of sweet almonds are rich in proteins and lipids. Besides their high energy value (600 calories/100 gr) they are also rich in mineral substances, especially calcium, iron, phosphor and potassium. They also contain complex B vitamins and vitamin A.

Almonds are especially indicated for the diets of underweight men, with anemia and an insufficiency of calcium and magnesium.

Due to their reduced glucide content they are also indicated for the diet of diabetic persons. However, one should always respect the rules of balance and moderation, especially in a diet.

  1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame, aliments prepared from sesame seeds have a great energetic value and are very rich in vitamin E. Sesame is an aliment that stimulates virility.

A product derived from sesame is known as halva, made with sesame and honey, which is one of the best aphrodisiac aliments known to man.

In Arabia, in order to prolong the sexual act, it is recommended that men eat a sesame paste named tahini, which somewhat resembles butter, but it is made entirely of sesame through a special process.

  1. Onion

Onion is one of the most common and well known aphrodisiacs. It is also very easy to obtain it. Its popularity as an aphrodisiac reached such peaks that in some Catholic monasteries the monks were forbidden to eat onions.

From a chemical composition point of view, onions contain the complex B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), pro-vitamin A, and in smaller quantities vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, flour, iodine, manganese, nickel and silicium.

A green onion is 2 times richer in calcium and iron, 5 times richer in potassium and chrome, and 3 times richer in vitamin C than a mature, dried onion.

The onion is a powerful stimulant for the nerves, a renowned glandular balancer and a stimulant for the immune system. It is recommended in several cures of purification and re-vitalization, due to its depurative qualities.

Aside from being an aphrodisiac, it also helps fight some diseases that cause impotence, such as: urinary infections, diabetes, etc.

The following will introduce you to some aphrodisiac recipes from ancient Arabic texts dating all the way back to 1300. However, if you wish to apply these recipes, please take into account that in over six centuries, the organism of the human being has changed and it may not easily process the aliments described below.


  1. A man who will eat for three days three egg yolks mixed with chopped onions will have the endurance needed for a whole night of lovemaking. (be careful with your liver, though).
  2. To enhance a man’s vigor, prepare some onion juice, then add an equal quantity of honey and boil slowly until the honey melts completely. Then take it from the fire and is serve it either cold or warm. (You may get better results if you do not process this mixture thermally but simply mix the ingredients in the blender).
  3. Chop and fry an onion in oil with aromas and spices, and then mix it with egg yolk. Eat this meal for a few days.

Note: Some people don’t tolerate onions as well as others, therefore the effect may be reversed on them: there may be states of sleepiness, even digestive problems, especially if these aforementioned aliments are consumed excessively.

For people with a slow digestion it is recommended to spice up the onion and egg mixture with plenty of condiments such as: pepper, hot pepperoni, curry, ginger, fennel and other spices that improve the digestive process.

Another note should be made about the smell raw onion leaves. This may not be very aphrodisiac like, therefore you must think carefully and find a solution that will allow you to undertake these dietary recommendations and still be as charming and as classy as always.

Remember that the effect of the plants and aliments previously described is in general and not instantaneous (which would disappear just as quickly as it appeared). They act in time, balancing and enhancing your sexual energy gradually.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is a famous aphrodisiac in both the East and the West. For instance, in Japan it used to be considered a basic aphrodisiac, almost reaching honey’s fame in this area. It is also used as a spice in various meals which strengthen the organism.

Garlic’s beneficial effect on an organism suffering from infections is of great importance, due to some chemical substances that make it up.

It is successfully used in fighting off infections of the genitalia, and it may be applied both internally and externally. Used raw or as spice, the garlic has tonic like, aphrodisiac and balancing effects on the organism.

In folk tradition, garlic is used to avoid ejaculations while sleeping, as well as in the treatment of premature ejaculations, where it is necessary to eat at least one clove of garlic.


GARLIC JUICE WITH HONEY AND PROPOLIS: One teaspoon of garlic juice plus 1-3 teaspoons of honey plus 1 teaspoon of propolis tincture are used in the treatment of the common cold, renal infections and impotence caused by an infectious disease.

An Arab doctor notes in ancient writings from 1300: “Men who have lost their sexual potency due to an infectious disease should eat spiced foods, with plenty of garlic, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and pepper.”

In great quantities garlic slows the thinking process, therefore moderation is advisable. For the people who cannot stand garlic in their diet, it is recommended to drink apple-vinegar with water or lemon juice after eating it.

Many researchers in the natural medicine field recommend in cases of a cold to eat 2 cloves of garlic daily. This is also useful for other disorders of the respiratory tracts, for hormonal imbalance and for the cure of cardio-vascular diseases.

Some researchers indicate the fact that garlic has beneficial effects on one’s psychic activity, bringing balance to it.

Furthermore, the action of garlic as an anti-cancer agent has also been confirmed.

  1. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk is one of the most important aliments recommended for people who want to stop eating meat.

Its protein content is 15 %, lipid is 12-13 %, and mineral salts 0,8-1,1%. It also contains vitamins A, D, E and in smaller quantities vitamins B1, B2 and B12. Among minerals there are: calcium, phosphor, iron, zinc and magnesium.

The yolk is more easily digested than the egg-white, therefore, we recommend that you avoid eating the egg-white as much as possible.

The yolk is especially recommended for people who lack vitality and who cannot eat large quantities of food during one meal. It is also recommended to spice up the egg yolk, in order to help with digestion.

Egg yolk is also almost as famous as honey from an aphrodisiac point of view. To benefit from this particular quality, mix the yolk with honey and spices, or honey and milk.

Here are some excerpts from ancient oriental writings: “the man that desires to make love all through the night should eat many eggs fried in fresh butter.” (careful with your liver!)

“The result will be delightful and amazing for the person eating egg yolks mixed with cinnamon and pepper for several days.”

Advice from a very smart sheik: “A man who eats egg yolk on an empty stomach every morning will soon notice that this aliment is powerful sexual excitant. The same result is obtained if we mix the yolks with freshly chopped onions and we consume this for 3 days.”

We must eat eggs in moderate quantities, however, otherwise we will risk having liver problems. People with a slow digestion should be particularly careful with this aliment. Usually, egg yolks are easier to digest if they are not boiled or fried, but served raw.

Caution: Avoid eating eggs (even egg yolks) in large quantities if you suffer of: hepatic insufficiency, lesions of the intestinal mucous membrane, gal affections and any other disorders related to these.

  1. Milk

Milk is a highly nutritious aliment, especially recommended for people who have a delicate, frail body constitution, who lack calcium, as well as to convalescents and sick people.

Consuming milk has a preserving effect on the organism, helping the formation of the muscular, sanguine and nervous tissues, as well as the formation of strong, healthy bones. It is effective in fighting spasmophilia. It gives physical vigor and helps preserve a normal state of health.

Combined with honey and aromatic spices, such as ginger, cardamom, fennel, cloves, cumin, coriander or cinnamon, milk is a very powerful aphrodisiac.

Overweight people, or those who suffer because of sinus problems, chronic allergy or too much mucus should only consume very small quantities of milk, spiced richly with ginger.

Furthermore, people who have a slow digestion must be careful when consuming milk, as this causes flatulence and ultimately leads to indigestion.

It is advisable not to consume milk that was just taken out of the fridge. The best milk is 100% natural milk, taken under adequate hygiene conditions of course.

  1. Goat Milk

Goat milk has all the qualities of cow milk, but with an added difference, its nutritive value is greater. It is one of the most effective and re-vitalizing aliments, especially if consumed without previously being boiled. It brings great vitality and virility to the men who drink it.

It has a very powerful rejuvenating effect if drank daily, with honey, and associated with a diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Its special properties that stimulate vitality and masculinity were known from antiquity by both the Eastern and Western cultures. The famous ancient doctor Discoride, who prescribed goat milk for increased vigor, also mentiones it

  1. Sunflower Seeds

They are a strong aliment, containing both minerals and vitamins useful to the organism. The most important vitamins are vitamin E and vitamin F, which are found in a high proportion compared to other aliments.

It is recommended that they be consumed as an ingredient in one’s daily diet not as a dietary supplement.

The combination of sunflower seeds with whole cereals, in the composition of bread, or kornspitz in its German name is excellent.

This type of bread puts the therapeutic properties of the whole cereals and of the sunflower seeds to good use, and it is highly appreciated for its vitamins, for the vascular protection it offers because of its chemical components, as well as for balancing one’s body weight.

Sunflower seeds have a restorative effect on the sexual glands due to the high intake of vitamin E. They are also very good for the treatment of vascular impotence, for rejuvenating cures with raw fruits and vegetables, because they have an energetic intake that compensates for the number of low calories found in raw meals.