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Sex can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your life. It may strengthen your relationship with your partner. Taseer Kasturi Course can add excitement in your life.

Stress and busy lifestyle are some of the factors that can makes loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males and as a result there is disturbed life.Taseer Kasturi Coursecan trigger the production of natural hormones in the body, increase the serection of testosterone, supply nutrients essential for the enlargement of the penis, effectively increase the blood flow in sexual organ, improve the volume of genitals, make it longer, harder and tolerant, prolong the duration of erection, improve the self-confidence in sexual life, benefit sexuality, and completely rescue men from the three troubles of premature ejaculation, impotence and shortness and smallness of penis. It is mainly indicated for male loss of libido, short and small penis, dysfunction of erection and premature ejaculation, no activity of spermatozoa, oligospermia and other conditions. It will not result in any toxic or side reactions, and no drug dependence is found.

Taseer Kasturi Course can increase the blood measurement of males genitals, expand its cubage , make it longer, stronger and harder. Simutaneouly, this product promotes the sexual desire, prevents not erecting and premature ejaculation, increases the resistance and makes you more self-confidence.

Taseer Kasturi Course that is very helpful in curing sex ailments like lack of erection and sperms count. Known as a sex stimulant and is used for increasing sperms count, deformed semen and treating spermotorrhoea.Taseer Kasturi Course that is a unique herbal formulation used for vigour, vitality, poor libido, loss of erection, premature ejaculation & to regain complete physical fitness

1.Fast Acting Formulation

2.Starts working in Minutes

3.Powerful and Longer Lasting Erections

4.Immediate increase in Sexual Desire and Libido

5.Immediate Increase for your Penis Size and Girth

6.Immediately Arouses Your Sexual Drive and Desire

7.Experience Solid and Rock Hard Turgidity of your erections

8.Prolongs your Orgasmic Experience and Reduces Your Refractory Period

Enjoy the long lasting experience & feel the difference.

Taseer Kasturi Course makes the penis erect quickly, improve sexual intercourse quality, shorten the interval for a second intercourse and reduce fatigue. Remove premature ejaculation, activate kidney function and increase secretion of testicle cells.It contains many vigor factors required by male, long-term administration canincrease spirit, essence and vigor and prevent prostate and other similar diseases

Taseer Kasturi Course is highly effective in treating below mentioned sex related problems









Taseer Kasturi Course gives results that are often noticed within few days and improve with use. Being herbal it is absoulutely safe, clinically proven & result oriented.

100% natural herbal formula which is result oriented and clinically proven for penis enlargement that works to increase penis size, improve sexual health and strengthen erections. Herbs from many parts of the world are formulated into a blend that enlarges the penis erectile tissues called corpa cavernous.

Treatment Benefits

Enlarges by three to four inches

Makes it thicker, longer and harder in just a few weeks

Increase blood flow to the penile erectile chambers

Our Herbal Penis enlargement treatment is all natural and DO NOT causes any adverse side effects. Over 35 years of experience assure safety and satisfaction.

With an enhanced penis, you contact more pleasurable areas of the female body, penetrating further and giving your partner greater fulfillment.

Increase the number and size of these blood vessels as well as increasing ligament us stretch

100% safe and natural Herbal Formula which permanently enlarges the penis.

Ayurvedic Natural Growth Formula gives your penis the ability to achieve its full natural size. 

All-Natural Way To Stop Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Gain Rock-Hard, Fuller Erections, And Finally Satisfy Your Woman?”

1.Extend your sexual experience

2.Make love the way SHE wants

3.Be the best lover your partner has ever had

4.Never be embarrassed by erectile dysfunction again.

5.Finally allow your partner to reach orgasm before you do

6.Achieve the most intense and satisfying orgasms possible

7.Improve your sexual self-confidence and love-making prowess

You’ll be amazed to discover that the power of rock hard, fuller, at will erections is now within reach. There are so many benefits to the Love Guru, not the least of which is the way you improved sexual performance will change your life, increase your confidence and enhance your relationships.

Taseer Kasturi Course is extremely pleasurable and can change your lovemaking forever. You will be opening yourself up to a new world where you and your partner can enjoy powerful, extremely fulfilling, and ecstatic sex for a lifetime.

Other Benefits of Taseer Kasturi Course

1.Help maintain erection longer, increase sexual desire, braise testosterone levels, and     increase sperm count.

2.Prolonged Erections Even After Multiple Climaxes

3.Help produce sperm and strengthen the back and knees

4.Generate sexual heat while promoting incredible sexual endurance

5.It is proven that the only effective method to overcoming Premature Ejaculation

6.Helps to remove premature ejaculation and a male can stay longer

7.Helps the body maintains these vital functions and keeps them routine

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Taseer Hab-e-Kasturi 

A Natural Way To Stop Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Gain Perfectly, Firmer Rock-Hard, Fuller Erections…

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI can help to enhance your erection, staying power and libido. It is used not only by those with sexual dysfunction but also by those who desire a more fulfilling and more explosive sex life

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI fills your body with energy so that you can perform for hours, even without a break and your erection will be very firm, and your penis will be rock hard … for as long as you desire.TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI desensitizes your penis to prevent premature ejaculation. If you choose to ejaculate; you can do so with complete assurance that your penis will never go limp. In fact, your penis will remain just as hard… even after multiple ejaculations.

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI is an erection enhancer which works by improving all body blood circulation and as such increases blood flow to the penis and relaxes the penile tissue to hold more blood, the process of which leads to a harder, stronger and longer lasting erection.

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI for super improved sexual performance, man sex power treatment, small penis, premature ejaculation, impotency, inability to maintain erection, incomplete erection, diminished sexual drive are all problems that can be cured using this TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI.

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI works by simply unclogging the blockages in the arteries and promoting optimum blood flow to the penis for longer, stronger and harder erections each and every time. It also helps to increase the testosterone level in men who have low libido.

A large Number of people are using our precious and unique botanical herbal sex medicine TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI in the sex of world medicine our product popularity is growing day by day in all over the world. It also increases the level for sex derive enhancement and also improves hormones productions, semen and sperm natural production.

Experience the POWER BOOST


1.Powerful Long Lasting Erections

2.Increases Sexual Desire and Libido  

3.Increases Your “Orgasm” Experiences

4.Increases Size and Girth of your penis

5.Increases Turgidity and Hardness of your erections

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI is a one a day all natural male enhancement tablet designed to give you stronger erections, more powerful stamina, and more intense sexual experiences. Finally an all natural alternative for men that works.

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI is a one a day all natural male enhancement tablet designed to give you stronger erections, more powerful stamina, and more intense sexual experiences. Finally an all natural alternative for men that works!

TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI is designed to immediately increase the size and power of your erections, and give you a more intense and satisfying sexual experience. If you want harder, longer-lasting erections, intense orgasms and the assurance of enduring virility, this product is for you.

Introducing the only ERECTION PILL that gives you rock-solid erections

Enjoy powerful and strong erections in just a matter of seconds! Give your sexual partner the satisfaction of intense intimate experiences and incredible orgasms. TheTASEER HAB-E- KASTURI is completely safe and can give you the sexual power and pleasure you demand!

Everybody wants to be the best they can be, and now thanks to our unique TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI you can increase your penis size and your sexual confidence in the bedroom.

You no longer have to be nervous about your sexual size and performance. This all natural supplement will help you to increase your confidence and enjoy a more satisfying sexual lifestyle that you deserve.


TASEER HAB-E- KASTURI gives you reliable solid firm erections that give you better sexual desire or libido at the same time heightens the levels of sexual arousal and intense sexual sensations, bringing you to longer lasting orgasms that you can depend on!

1.Promotes genital blood flow and gives you that “ALL READY” to go feeling as well as the ROCK HARD feeling!

2.Immediate increase in Penis Size and Girth with enhancement of up to 1 inch!

3.No need to worry about premature ejaculation allowing you to enjoy simultaneous orgasm with your partner!

4.Longer lasting rock hard erections means DEEPER PENETRATION

5.Reduce Recovery Time between ejaculations – ALWAYS ON and READY to reload and react quickly, again and again!

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Kasturi Tilla

At last, A Herbal proven formula for Penis enlargement has been discovered!

This oil is very effective in removing common affliction of the make organ i.e. shrinkage, thickness, slow erection and swelling of organic veins. It has been formulated to arrest quick ejaculation and continued semen discharge. After using TASEER KASTURI TILLA  the most noticeable changes will be the width of your penis and longer lasting erection. This Tilla is a unique herbal formula for Penis enlargement that works to increase Penis size, improve sexual health and strengthen erection.

TASEER KASTURI TILLA  is a natural and an herbal formula which works for the enhancement of the erectile organ. It helps in increasing the size of the erectile organ, improves the sexual health and works along with sexual stimulation for much better erections. The content of TASEER KASTURI TILLA  is herbal. The application is done in a topical form. This Tilla works for better erections which last for a longer duration. The natural ingredients which are present in this oil stimulate sensor systems in the skin of the erectile organ and the pubic area.

The results seen after using this tilla are:

Your Penis Will Become Longer, Stronger & Harder

1.Efficiency of erection is increased

2.Better rigidity

3.Improved control over ejaculation

4.Quicker arousal

5.Improved potency

TASEER KASTURI TILLA  is best Massage oil for men. Herbs and natural oils that have been traditionally used by men as a massage oil to naturally enhance erection, size and beat pre-mature ejaculation by way of massage or topical application. TASEER KASTURI TILLA  is one of the fastest and simplest doctor-recommended methods available for improving your erection strength! This carefully formulated mix of botanicals has a potent effect on the male erection, bringing it to a level of hardness rarely experienced by the average man. Give yourself the advantage of centuries of herbal medicine with the backing of modern transdermal delivery technology – the best of both worlds! TASEER KASTURI TILLA  latest formulation is EXTRA potent as it contains extracts of active ingredients infused via TASEER KASTURI TILLA proprietary production method in a Good Manufacturing Practice Production Facility.

How Penis Work?

The penis is mainly made of tissue called Corpora Carvernosa (CC) and Corpus Spongiosum (CS). Corpora Carnevosa (CC) is a sponge-like tissue that traps bloods during erection. Corpus Spongiosum that runs along the length of the penis is the nerves center for penis. When physical or psychological sexual stimulation is applied, blood will flow into these compartments. Concurrently, the rate of blood leaving them is also temporarily reduced. As a result, bloods are trapped in these compartments and the penis is erected. Below is the illustration of penis internal structure.


TASEER KASTURI TILLA  transversal effect translates to a very firm, fuller penis because of the growth and engorgement of penile tissue with a longer erection time without the danger of having a premature ejaculation.

TASEER KASTURI TILLA  is a blend of natural ingredients that work on the tone and support of the whole reproductive system of men, to boost blood circulation and its flow directly to the penis, and to create a place to enhance erection and arousal.   Each natural extract and nutrient was chosen for a specific benefit to the male sexual system. All these ingredients go to work directly within the male genitalia, with effects on hormonal levels, blood flow and the responsive cells of the penis.

As a Result, 

TASEER KASTURI TILLA Will Bring Tremendous Physiological Changes & You Will Start Feeling These

1.Your penis will gain length, enlargement, strength and toughness

2.More toughness during sex and prolonged vigor and erection

3.Stupendous increase in time and quantity of your ejaculation

4.Enormous increased rate of your sex desire

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Kasturi Laboob-e-Azam:

Promotes energy & stamina, protects health, & enhances mood

Active people looking for added endurance and energy, alertness, improved mood, and enhanced immunity, will find it all in this natural and safe energy stimulant to boost physical and mental performance. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM provides more energy, mood elevation and general health enhancement without the unwanted side effects found with most stimulants. Its ingredients actually enhance immune function, improve cellular function, and fortify the body. It is a healthy boost to body, mind and spirit, and is a powerful stress reducer. We guarantee it’s the healthiest energy supplement you will ever use.

TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM maintaining youthfulness, vigor, vitality of the body and keeping away ageing process, senility and debility. It maintains the proper functioning of the cells and rejuvenates the cells. As such it also keeps away the diseases. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM means to impart long, healthy, disease free life, intelligence, power of memory, youth and luster. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM is most useful and thus famous one. It is the most popular rejuvenating herbal Tonic It works on the immune system of the body protecting body against everyday infections like cough cold and fever TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAMfights toxic elements within our body, imparts it with power, develops and strengthens the immunity system. It is also considered to be cardiac muscle toner, a powerful rejuvenator and a memory booster.


1.26 vitamins and minerals, with carbohydrates and protein for energy, a healthier  alternative than many caffeine beverages.

2.Antioxidants that may help protect you from free radicals, which are molecules that can destroy healthy cells.

3.Vitamin E may help protect against heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and also protect   your heart, eyes and lungs.

4.Vitamin C that may help prevent colds and flu, keep your gums strong and healthy, and  increase your resistance to heart disease and cancer.

5.Calcium to help maintain strong, healthy bones and teeth. Calcium also functions in the regulation of the heartbeat and helps with blood functions, such as the clotting of blood.

6.As a part of a diet low in sodium, may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure

The smooth functioning of the lungs is facilitated by the regular intake of TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM Moisture balance is maintained in the lungs and gives new energy to respiratory system. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM helps purify blood and invigorates the liver and helps to eliminate toxins. It helps the downward flow of energy in the body and eases constipation. Apart from these, the TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM eliminates wastes from the body without overworking the urinary system.

1.Its effectiveness in many areas makes it a product that will significantly improve your day and your life.

2.Increased Energy & Stamina

3.Mental & Emotional Well-being through Powerful Mood Elevators

4.Faster Fat Burning for Weight Loss & Diet Suppression

5.Increased Vitality & Enthusiasm for life

6.Increased Focus & Concentration

7.Appetite Suppression

8.Immune System Enhancing

9.Adrenal Support

10.Critical Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants

Complete heart, brain and liver care remedy made from natural herbs which strengthens the ailing & weak heart brain and liver. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM is effective in strengthening the Heart & liver Muscles, Enhanced concentration, controlling Blood Pressure, maintaining the normal Pulse Rate and other Heart Diseases. It helps to maintain the balance between supply and demand of myocardial oxygen. It helps regulate lipid metabolism by increasing the protective HDL-cholesterol while lowering both total and bad LDL-cholesterol. TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM Enhance concentration, improved memory for teachers, business professionals and instantly rebuilds your mental reserves.


TASEER KASTURI LABOOB–E-AZAM combines stimulants for energy, ingredients for metabolic function, and mood elevators for well-being. Its purpose is to provide an energy boost to the body in a healthy way that doesn’t stress your system. It increases metabolism, helps cells burn energy efficiently, enhances health through critical vitamins and amino acids, and has powerful mood elevators that create an overall feeling of happiness, increased focus and emotional and mental well-being. It is an excellent stress reducer and is even effective as an antidepressant. It simply gives you more daily energy and vitality.

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Kasturi Khamira:

This Khamira is particularly useful in removing the weakness of heart. Rectifies palpitation and depression quickly. Strengthens the Brain and Liver

TASEER KASTURI KHAMIRA is an effective and potent cardiac tonic with well-known antioxidant properties.

TASEER KASTURI KHAMIRA is an effective nerve tonic which strengthens the heart and mind while providing relief from melancholia and hysteria. Its regular use restores good mood by dispelling mental exhaustion, depression and melancholy. It is a good cure for common cold, catarrh and is also effective against acidity.

An effective herbal tonic for senile debility and quick recovery after prolonged illness. It stimulates the functioning of all major organs of the body and gives a feeling of well being. His medicine is mainly made from the natural herbs a rare and precious specialty of the Eastern Asia and brain strengthening nutrients refined with the latest advanced pharmaceutical technology. Through long term research and the repeated clinical tests in numerous cases, this product has been proved to promote the metabolism of the brain cell tissue and the brain cells capacity of absorbing the nutrients needed by them from blood. It can strengthen the activity of brain cells, inhibit their premature ageing and promote the return of the cerebral functions to normal. This medicine is safe and reliable and free from any side effects with its outstanding effects confirmed by modern medical specialists. It is both a brain-treating nutrient suited for men old and young in all the four seasons of a year and a brain-strengthening medicine which is hard to come by.

A reliable herbal remedy formulated by the collection of the ingredients beneficial for heart and brain which serves as a nervine and cardiac tonic

TASEER KASTURI KHAMIRA is particularly useful in removing the weakness of heart. Rectifies palpitation and depression quickly. Strengthens the Brain and Liver and is chief potent tonic during the convalescent period.

1.Quickly improve brain & liver function by providing the nutrients.

2.It is an effective complete cardiac tonic.

3.Improved stamina & Endurance.

4.Increase Energy Levels.

5.Superior Physical & Athletic Performance.

6.Enhanced Focus & Concentration.

7.Relief from Fatigue & Exhaustion.

8.Improves poor blood circulation.

It is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from mental exhaustion, physical fatigue, and general debility and have defective vision. Its regular use helps in improving eyesight.

It is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from mental exhaustion, physical fatigue, and general debility and have defective vision. Its regular use helps in improving eyesight.

it is a brain tonic and is useful for melancholia, other mental depressive states and palpitation.

For general nervous debility and brain weakness, for cardiac weakness and palpitation

TASEER KASTURI KHAMIRA is designed to support your entire cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries and veins. It contains a unique complex of synergistic nutrients, including special vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, peptides, specific phytonutrients, and herbal extracts, which provide unparalleled support for the heart and circulatory system.

It eliminates palpitation of heart; useful in the weakness of eyesight and renders support and strength to the heart and brain. Those who are engaged in mental work, whether young people, must not fall a prey to mental fatigue. This preparation offers a safe remedy to sharpen their intelligence and memory.

TASEER KASTURI KHAMIRA can be used regularly in a general capacity to promote systemic balance in the brain, spinal cord and the entire nervous system, as well as in conjunction with other remedies to maintain therapeutic effectiveness.

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Taseer Safoof-e-Kasturi:

Increase ejaculation fluid, sperm activity, and sperm count during the ejaculation process

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is medically proof to increase ejaculation fluid, sperm activity, and sperm count during the ejaculation process. TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is a very effective solution of low sperm count, poor ejaculation or pre mature ejaculation and decreases their ability to full erection.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI containing a high level of amino acids assists the body in creating more ejaculation fluid. It does not only increase your sperm count but it magnified sperm activity also. It gives more ejaculation fluid on the orgasm and relieves spermatorrhoea. Increased fluid prolongs the orgasm, allowing for a very intense and drawn out experience. In short more sperm pills increase penis erection, size, stamina, desire, and performance.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is a potent blend of natural ingredients that have been demonstrated through documented international research to strengthen the prostate gland, help your body eliminate toxins and even help increase your sexual stamina and enjoyment. The 100% natural ingredients found in TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURIreally work. It is not only boosting your sexuality but also this is very trustworthy and good for men’s sexual health.


1.Increase semen volume

2.Make your semen look whiter, thicker and healthier

3.Give you intense male orgasms that won’t stop

4.Impress your sex partner with massive semen ejaculations

5.Boost your confidence in your sexual abilities

6.Help you become multi orgasmic

7.Give you increased sexual energy & desire

8.Relieves spermatorrhoea


TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is a non prescription, 100% natural herbal supplement that cures spermatorrhoea and is suitable for men of all ages.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI acts on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, it helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays of ejaculation by up to 20 mins.TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI has been very favorably reported by large number researchers. It contains indigenous ingredients of ancient reputed herbal drugs having salutary pharmacological action in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, masturbation and allied sex disorders. The constituents of TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI bring about powerful contraction of the seminal vesicle cutting up the afferent stimuli from the seminal vesicle and thus relieve spermatorrhoea. It tones up the system and improves the general vitality and acts as a restorative nervine tonic. It is not just a sedative and it does not diminish desire or sex interest as bromides, valerian and other tranquillizers usually do.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is reported to be efficient in improving the morphology and motility of the sperms, as accounted by various workers. It is a compound of native drugs reputed to have a pharmacological action in oligo-spermia. It tones up the system, improves the broad-spectrum vitality and acts as a curative and nervine tonic.TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI also effect an entire and powerful contraction of the seminal vesicles, as a result bringing about their total evacuation and increases the quantity of semen ejaculated. TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is an herbal formulation well reported upon and presumed in a significant clinical condition where modern medicine offers little hope.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI is a herbo-mineral formula that has shown outstanding results in cases of common benign prostate enlargement, a condition known as B.P.H. (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) affecting more than half the men above fifty years.

It is a combination of herbs that have decongestant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic actions. Patients experienced free flow of urine that was hypothesized to be secondary to the decrease in the size of the prostate.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI has been clinically shown to increase testosterone levels thereby improving spermatogenesis and male sexual function. It has been described by many as the answer to couples who can’t wait or cannot afford IVF.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-KASTURI works in two major ways to improve fertility. First, it is a powerful testosterone and Androgen booster. This group of hormones is primarily responsible for sexual expression and healthy function.

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







Taseer Kasturi Mughaliz:

Best supplement TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ thickening the semen, Increases sperm count & motality Removes erectile dysfunction Prevents early ejaculation, nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea Increases libido in men removes sexual complexes.

Herbal medicine for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigor to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ used to improve men’s function, e.g. help from spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ regulates premature ejaculation by neuro-endocrine way. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is a safe formulation that acts on the higher centers of emotions in the brain and locally on the sex organs directly or indirectly. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ reduces anxiety and calms the individual. By acting through the neuro-endocrine pathway, TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ regulates the process of ejaculation.

It was use to treat prospermia, spermatorrhea, weak semen, sex problem, loose desire, short penis, waist and knee aching, four limps fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, weakness and night sweat, frequent nocturnal, and prostatitis etc.

It was use to treat prospermia, spermatorrhea, weak semen, sex problem, loose desire, short penis, waist and knee aching, four limps fatigue, dizziness and tinnitus, weakness and night sweat, frequent nocturnal, and prostatitis etc.


Semen 500 can help you get the most out of your sex, if your suffering from poor sexual performances then this will also effect your confidence. That lack of confidence stems from the fear of not being able to satisfy your partner sexually. This can cause problems in all aspects of your life. Semen 500 can give you the confidence you’ve been missing and take both your

TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is a miraculous herbal supplement that helps in promoting spermatogenesis by its action improving the function of the testicles that includes testicles, seminal vesicle and epididymas functions. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ helps in improving the sperm count and is also beneficial in raising the quality of semen as it increases the LH-FSH producing basophil cells in the pituitary gland. The pure herbal formulation of TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ has been put to test with uncountable tests and clinical trials and only after that it has been marketed for the people with problems of men. It is the certified herbal formulation that not only improves the sperm count but also the morphology as well as sperm motility. This is herbal combination is tested clinically and no side effects were seen under intensive clinical trials. This Herbal formulation bears the reputation of the supplement that helps in improving the condition of oligospermia. It is extremely helpful in toning up of the reproductive system in males and is also effective in enhancing the general vitality. It is also considered as a restorative and nervine tonic.

TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is an Herbal formulation that supports in complete and powerful contraction of the seminal vesicles, as a result bringing about their absolute evacuation and also increases the quantity of semen ejaculated from the male genital. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is an herbal supplement that is well reported upon and apparent in an important clinical condition where the so called modern medicine (allopathic) offers little ray of optimism.


1.Herbal TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ helps in rectifying problem of Oligospermia

2.TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ helps in increasing Sperm Count

3.TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is extremely effective in improving the quality of sperms for better progeny

4.It is also very much effective in reducing prostate enlargement (BPH) and allied problems.

5.Great heath without any exposure to chemicals and toxins

6.It is helpful in achieving the permanent solution to your problem

TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ stops semen leakage. The functions of this traditional ASIAN medicine formula are to stabilize the kidneys while binding up semen. This Herbal formula is best suited for conditions of spermatorrhea due to instability of the essence gate (kidney and liver deficiency). When the kidneys are deficient and the essence is weak then Qi will also be deficient. TASEER KASTURI MUGHALIZ is best herbal medicine for the treatment of spermatorrhea. When one suffers from this condition, semen becomes water like and, at the time of urination and motions.

Taseer Kasturi Course Based On Six Functions







 Ten Simple Tips on Increase Sperm Count

Tips to improve and increase a low sperm count which is the leading cause of male infertility. Temporary reduction in sperm production is related to various causes like heavy duty cycling, exposure to extreme heat, ill fitting briefs, insomnia, performance pressure and emotional stress. All of these are causes of low sperm count in men. However, patients who suffer from this temporary low count can try out some helpful lifestyle changes to boost their sperm count. About six percent of males between the ages of fifteen and fifty struggle with infertility. Male infertility can be caused by a variety of problems.

A specific cause, such as a varicocele, can be responsible for a low sperm count. A recent study shows that sperm count can be improved by a combination of zinc and folicacid. Low vitamin C has also been implicated in an abnormal sperm count. One all natural vitamin and fertility supplement called Taseer safoof-e-kasturi has been found in a study to improve the sperm quality.

A low sperm count can also reflect lifestyle choices that negatively impact male fertility. The following are some that may influence the sperm count:

1.Take a regular vitamin and fertility supplement

2.Stop smoking because smoking significantly decreases both sperm count and sperm-cell motility.

3.Prevent overheating of the scotum: An increase of scrotal temperature (caused by tight underwear, long stays in a sauna or Jacuzzi, for example) can impair sperm production.

4.Prevent excessive stress and perform relaxation exercises: Since infertility and life in general can be stressful, learn to relax. Stress is sometimes responsible for certain infertility problems such as hormonal problems.

5.Maintain a healthy weight: Not too under or overweight since weight influences estrogen and testosterone levels.

6.Stop using drugs: Prolonged use of recreational drugs (for example, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine).

7.Stop steroids: Anabolic steroid use (may cause testicular shrinkage).

8.Do not overly exercise: Overly intense exercise (high levels of adrenal steroid hormones can cause a testosterone deficiency).

9.Stay away from Environmental hazards and toxins (such as pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, radioactive substances, mercury, benzene, boron, and heavy metals).

10.Eat well, get hydrated and sleep well. Malnutrition and anemia can negatively affect your sperm count.

Changing these behaviors may improve a man’s fertility and should be considered when a couple is trying to conceive. Watch your body temperature: Avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, and saunas since they raise the body temperature and may cause changes in ovulation and reduced sperm count.  

When a man suffers from low sperm count, he produces low quality sperm that is unable to fertilize the egg of the female. Which means that the sufferer will not be able to make a baby until he increases his sperm count because his sperm is below normal condition; this condition is also known as “Oligospermia”.

The usual causes of low sperm count are:

-Wearing under pants that are just too tight

-Zinc deficiency

-Excessive smoking

-Being obese (overweight)

-Infected semen

-Steroid use

-Malformed genitals

-Over exerting the body physically and mentally too

-Always subjecting the scrotum to too high temperatures i.e. saunas, hot tubs, bathing with very hot water

-Constant masturbation

-Too much alcohol intake

-Poor eating habits

-Infections in the prostrate gland

If you and your wife have been trying for ages to get pregnant, you might be suffering from low sperm count, but this does not mean that you and your partner will remain childless. There are several known methods that will help you increase your sperm count and these methods include:

1) Maintain a Healthy Diet and Eating Habit

With so many fast foods joints opening in different parts of the neighborhood, it will take a lot of discipline to stay away from processed foods because over processed foods usually lead to low sperm count. It might be a difficult thing to do especially if you are always on the go, but try as much as possible to eat foods that contain a lot of vitamins – which is great for increasing sperm count. Also add a lot of fresh vegetables to your diet too, you can also eat the following foods listed below because they are good for increasing sperm count as well:



-Celery (not cooked)

-Oysters (extremely rich in Zinc)

-Avocados etc.

2) Stay Away from Testicle Heating Conditions!

Avoid conditions that could expose your testicles to high temperatures, for example stay away from hot water baths, tight underpants/undergarments and saunas. You may miss the soothing effect of these hot water therapies but you will be rewarded with increased sperm count (this is the part where you smile).

3) Quit bad unhealthy habits

Let’s get some perspective here people, smoking and excessive alcohol intake are not just disgusting habits, they also contribute to low sperm count. Know this, alcohol and smoking affects the quality of a man’s sperm.

4) Masturbating less Often

It is no secret that most men love to masturbate but if you find it difficult to stop masturbating, simply reducing the frequency of your masturbating sessions will also help you increase sperm count. Frequent masturbation makes your semen dense, so you should maintain a three day recess between two successive ejaculations.

There are many over the counter and prescription pills that are used to increase sperm count. There are many available supplements available in online pharmacy stores and some of these pills include:

-Vitamins C, E and B12 supplements

-Carination supplements

-Arginine supplements

-Coenzyme Q10 supplements

-Zinc supplements

Increase Sperm Count

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One of the most recent studies of the Kinsley Institute, USA reached the conclusion that a man usually ejaculates 5.000 times during a lifetime and they estimated that this corresponds to approximately 16 liters of sperm.

Thus, according to specialists in the area, a young man of 15 ejaculates three times a week, and at 30 years five times a week.

Moreover, the statistics performed by sexology-researchers have indicated that one man discharges about 200 and 500 billions of spermatozoa during one ejaculation.

Theoretically, one ejaculation may conceive the entire population of the USA, fact that confirms the idea that a man practically has a stock of sexual energy even more powerful than an atomic bomb. The question that comes out naturally is the following: what would be capable of a man that does not ejaculate and would use this energy in different manners. He would certainly become a superman!

However, before starting your practice in the area of the sexual continence, you should find out more about the priceless treasure that you have within.

1. Does the ejaculatory liquid normally contain sperm?

Yes, except the pathological cases, the ejaculatory liquid contains: lubricating liquid, spermatic liquid, prostate liquid and sometimes urine.

2. In the moment of the ejaculation, do the testicles come up towards the body?

Yes. Usually, the left testicle of men is smaller than the right one and hangs lower. During ejaculation, the muscles that sustain the testicles contract and thus the testicles are drawn towards the abdomen.

They may even leave the scrotum, and climb up towards the abdomen. There is nothing to worry about, as after a short moment of relaxation they come back to their place. If this should not happen, check with your physician.

3. Can the volume of the sperm become greater for procreation purposes?

Yes. This usually happens if the man does not make love for 7 days beforehand. The quantity of sperm builds up and when the discharge takes place, the sperm will be in a larger quantity.

4. Does the orgasm imply ejaculation?

No. By training your PC muscles and practicing your control over your genitals, you will find out that you are capable of discerning between orgasm as a complex psychical state and ejaculation, as a physical act.

This allows the man to experience several states of orgasm without experiencing inevitably the state of downfall that follows the ejaculation.

The oriental theme of sexual continence clearly explains the difference between orgasm and ejaculation and offers practical solutions to get here.

5. Does the sperm always contain spermatozoa?

No. Maybe due to testicle related problems, or to an obstruction of the channel that allows the sperm to get out of the body, the spermatic level may not contain spermatozoa.

Vasectomy (the surgical obstruction) of the spermatic channels prevents the spermatozoa to pass towards the seminal testicles and is a contraceptive method suited for men.

6. Can the sperm change its color?

Yes. In the case of urinary infection, the sperm may become yellowish, and in case of hemorrhage it becomes pink, or even red. Any change in the sperm color should be a clear sign and check with a specialist.

7. Do tight pants prevent the secretion of sperm?

Yes. Tight pants keep the testicles close to the rest of the body and thus their temperature rises. The temperature of the testicles should normally be 2 degrees below the temperature of the rest of the body in order for the sperm to be produced.

8. Swallowing the sperm may be a way of transmitting the germs it might contain?

Yes. If the sperm contains pathogen germs, they will be transmitted though the bubal and digestive mucous of the woman and carry on the infection. Therefore, this is a way of transmitting many sexual diseases.

9. Can sperm be a factor in identifying a man?

Yes. The sperm is a genuine genetic print; the smell, taste and consistency are characteristic to each man.

10. Larger testicles contain more sperm than smaller testicles?

Yes, and this is because they contain more channels required for the production of the sperm. The principle according to which the capacity determines the quantity applies here as well.

11. Do women perceive a man’s ejaculation inside their vagina?

Not necessarily. The lubrication of the vagina during intercourse reduces to minimum its capacity of distinguishing between the liquids present inside. Most of the times, the women anticipate the moment of ejaculation because of the penis’ contractions that precede this moment.

12. Does the quantity of sperm decreases with age?

Yes. Because of repeated ejaculation, the secretions of the glands decrease. Another reason for this is the decrease of the number of hormones and the weakening of the sexual muscles.

13. Can one ejaculate even if he does not have an refection?

Yes. Men suffering from impotence may ejaculate in the absence of a flow of blood that usually causes the penis to swallow and become erect.

14. Does the volume of the sperm reach 4 ml?

Yes. However, this volume is different from man to man and depending on circumstances.

15. Can drugs influence ejaculation?

Yes. The drugs used in neuron-psychological treatments (narcoleptic, anti-depressives) may have this side effect. However, most treatments of this kind inhibit the sperm secretion.

 Techniques to prevent premature ejaculation

Masters and Johnson Method

This is the technique developed by the famous sexologists. It involves masturbation, either by you or with help from a partner:

Masturbate (lubrication with Astroglide may be helpful). Allow yourself to stop just before ejaculating, relaxing, even letting your erection to decrease. Repeat this until you have a better idea when you have reached the “point of no return”. With a partner allow her to stimulate you either via masturbation, and then signal when you are close to ejaculating. Signaling can often come in the form of a gentle squeeze or, more bluntly saying “Stop” or “Slow down”. It may take several attempts to be successful using the Masters and Johnson Method. Using this “start and stop” method during intercourse may take practice.

Squeeze Technique

Stop-start or squeeze technique

The couple should then be instructed on sexual therapy, such as the stop-start or squeeze-pause technique popularized by Masters and Johnson.

The female partner should slowly begin stimulation of the male and should stop as soon as he senses a feeling of excessive excitement that may lead to ejaculatory inevitability.

Then, she should administer a firm compression of the penis just behind the glans, pressing mainly under the penis. This should be uncomfortable but not painful.

Stimulation then should begin again after the male has a feeling that the ejaculation is no longer imminent

The process should be repeated and practiced at least 10 or more times. Gradually, most males find this technique helps decrease the impending inevitable need to ejaculate.

After a period of practicing this method, the couple can sit facing each other, with the woman’s legs crossing on top of the male’s legs. She can stimulate him by manipulating his penis close to, then with friction against, her vulval area. Each time he senses excessive excitement, she can apply the squeeze and stop all stimulation until he calms down enough for the process to be repeated.

Finally, coitus may be attempted, with the female partner in the superior position so that she may withdraw immediately and again apply a squeeze to remove his urge to climax.

Most couples find this technique to be highly successful. It can also help the female partner to be more aroused and can shorten her time to climax because it constitutes a form of extended foreplay in many cases.

This is a variation of the Masters and Johnson Method. This is where the partner “pinches” the tip or base of the man’s penis before ejaculation. This decreases the amount of blood flow to the penis, causing the man to lose his erection. Squeeze Technique to prevent premature ejaculation

The Pressure Point

Pressure point to stop premature ejaculation

If you are close to ejaculating you may want to know about nature’s own Panic Button. Between the scroum and the anus there is a duct that can prevent ejaculation. Have yourself or your partner press with their fingers and you can often stop the ejaculation in its tracks.

The nerve is passing limited or unclear instructions, this is a quick effect and it is proportional to the intensity and duration of the pressure you apply to the nerve. If you hit the right area you could feel an “electrical impulse” running through your limb.

By applying timely pressure on key points you can make unclear or you can limit the instruction to have a climax allowing you to temporarily delay the urge to ejaculate.

No medication, psychotherapy or long exercise training needed, just apply these pressure point techniques. They are simple, quick and again easy to use at the moment when you need to delay your ejaculation the most

If you are close to ejaculating you may want to know about nature’s own Panic Button. Between the scroum and the anus there is a duct that can prevent ejaculation. Have yourself or your partner press with their fingers and you can often stop the ejaculation in its tracks. Pressure points to control premature ejaculation

The Pelvic-muscle (PC Muscle)

Controlling the pubococcygeus muscle is another way of preventing ejaculation. This is the muscle we use to stop ourselves from urinating midstream. Learn to contract that muscle ten times a day and you can use this as another alternative of the start-stop method. PC Muscle Exercises to prevent premature ejaculation

Second Time Around

Men often take a longer time to ejaculate during the second time of coitus. If the first time was too quick, you may want to engage in extended foreplay or oral stimulation while preparation for a repeat performance.

18 Premature ejaculation tips

1. Never attempt to hold back ejaculation without first alternating to change focus of stimulation.

2. Employing PC muscle exercises will assist greatly in preventing premature ejaculation.

3. Attempt to let the urge to ejaculate subside completely before resuming.

4. A key contribution to premature ejaculation is allowing anxiety to dominate and intercept your focus.

5. Slower love making reflects anxiety and habit.

6. Placing the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth can help retard ejaculation.

7. Breathing deep helps to prolong the anticipation and/or anxiety.

8. Condoms are an excellent way of reducing sensitivity to the penis.

9. Alternating from constant strokes to deep circular motion helps to prevent over stimulation to the penis head, which triggers rapid ejaculation. Try doing circular and shallower thrusts.

10. Finding unique methods of stimulation your partner may prove to be more desired and can help to reduce the expectancy of performance.

11. Drugs and alcohol naturally get in the way of self awareness. It is highly recommended not to use drugs.

12. It is completely wrong to believe that penis is the only part where sex happens. It is important to know sensuality of the whole body necessary for controlling ejaculation. Sensual pleasure in the whole body will release pressure from the penis and you will enjoy your sex longer.

13. Bathing or taking a shower relaxes man’s body and increases his ability for complete body sexual arousal, and thus a longer sexual intercourse. Staying relaxed is a big key to longer intercourse.

14. The man-on-top (missionary) position can be fun, but it’s harder for most men to control their ejaculatory timing, because they have to hold themselves up. Try making love with the woman on top. This position is more relaxing for men, and it often helps ejaculatory control.

15. Make some noise. Love moans help men (and women) relax, and they often help men last longer.

16. Try to maintain a sense of humor about any accidental spills.

17. Masturbation before any sex act also ensures your control over rapid climax or ejaculation.

18. Put on a condom, it will cut down your sensitivity and will ensure long time in bed.

Dr Thomas Stuttaford and Suzi Godson

Dr Thomas Stuttaford

1-Men aren’t irresistible and not all women are desperate for sex. Good lovemaking starts long before you reach the bedroom, so before any sex, have a bath. Everyone smells: some women like the smell of male sweat, others don’t, but no one likes the smell of stale sweat.

2-Teeth are as important as the groin and armpits. Don’t forget to brush them after your bath. When kissing a girl, or even sitting close to her, she won’t want to smell your bad breath or notice salad between your teeth any more than she’ll want to smell yesterday’s sweat.

3-Avoid a heavy meal before sex. Oysters and asparagus are assumed to be aphrodisiacs, but this is only because of visual or olfactory associations. Be careful with drink. We all know drinking increases a man’s desire but decreases his ability, but not everyone realizes it also affects a woman’s sexual response.

4-Any penile discharge or sore, however apparently trivial, means that sex is out. Chlamydia in the male may be almost symptom-free. It may show only as a mild inflammation of the end of the penis, so that the lips are stuck together in the morning.

5-Aways use a condom in the disease of Chlamydia. Regular partner should still have Chlamydia and blood tests.

6-Don’t rush into sex and focus attention immediately on the genitalia. Take it slowly. Learn to massage. This can easily shade into great foreplay, especially if your partner is tired or stressed. Use plenty of lubrication.

7-Make certain that your partner knows how attractive you find her by paying as much attention to kissing her, complimenting her and generally spoiling her. Don’t neglect the breasts and other erogenous zones.  

8-Both sexes have off days. Most men occasionally have poor or tardy erections and even fit, athletic, overenthusiastic men, as well as the inexperienced and anxious, may suffer premature ejaculation.

Suzi Godson

1-There’s no substitute for excitement. The range of lubricants on the market can add slip and slide, but should never be used as a short cut.

2-There’s more to sex than pushing the right button. Men have discovered that the key to female orgasm is clitoral stimulation, and many now rub the lamp rather than poking around inside it. The upside is that women are climaxing more often but the increase in emphasis on genital manipulation has made for some very mechanical sex. Going straight to the erogenous zones is the equivalent of fast forward. Men who focus on left breast, right breast, genitals, reduce their partner to a set of body parts.

3-Though clitoral orgasm is easy to achieve, most women want to experience penetrative orgasm. Intercourse is the ultimate connection between man and woman and the sensation of fullness that it creates is intensely pleasurable.

4-Women are slow burners. They take longer to become aroused and get as much pleasure, if not more, out of tenderness, kissing and cuddling. Though quickie sex has its place, for women on the whole, the longer sex takes, the better it feels. If arousal is allowed to build gradually, it floods the whole body rather than being confined to the genital area and a delayed orgasm is infinitely more powerful than an orgasm induced by five minutes of digital manipulation.

5-Sexual gymnastics are often distracting. Chopping and changing positions and techniques can make a woman’s sexual excitement plummet.

6-Trusting for hours without climaxing doesn’t make you a stud muffin. It does make the vagina numb and sore.

7-Don’t assume your partner is comfortable in her own skin. A survey of 3,500 British women, by the bathroom equipment company SHUC, found that one woman in ten feels so embarrassed about her body that she turns the lights out before taking off her clothes. The average woman still spends a lot of time every day beating herself up about her weight and looks. Nakedness increases that vulnerability, so be sensitive to her insecurities and, if you think that your partner looks great, for God’s sake tell her.

8-Be polite. Definitely warn her when you think you are going to come. With regard to orgasm, always operate a ladies-first policy.

9-Remember to take your socks off.

Losing Erection During Intercourse – 3 Tips to Fix It

By Bobby Kolfax

Are you losing your erection during intercourse? I know what you’re going through, along with millions of other men. It’s an embarrassing and humiliating problem that makes us afraid to have sex. The issue is that it’s an endless cycle. You’re so worried about keeping your erection hard that you end up losing focus along with your wood.

I used to be like that, too, until I discovered how to finally keep my erection stiff for as long as I want, all the way until orgasm! A few tricks that have helped me were:

Relax: This may seem obvious, but many of you may not be aware of how tense you actually are during intercourse. Your entire body freezes up and you flex your genitals. This restricts blood flow to the penis and numbs the sensation of sex. Try to make your body limp, specifically your lower body.

Concentrate: Focus your entire mind on how good it feels. I constantly find my mind wandering and once I notice, my erection starts going soft. It takes a strong, conscious effort to keep your erection strong.

Masturbate Less: Let those hormones build up! It’ll help keep you more aroused and in the zone. The only problem I’ve found with this is if I wait too many days without any type of release, I turn into a mix of a premature ejaculator while suffering from erectile dysfunction. When I am erect and fully concentrating, I feel like busting early, but when I’m going soft, I don’t feel anything.

Relaxing, concentrating, and masturbating less are a few things you can do to help if you’re losing your erection during intercourse.

Sex Guide for Men:

Male and female are incomplete without each other. Their lives become really meaningful only when they reach the stage of complete mental and physical harmony. Nature has created man and woman for each other and sex has got a vital role to bring them as close as possible. If the sexual life of married couple is fully satisfactory and blissful, only then they can remain mentally and physically healthy, otherwise a gap of unhappiness and frustration starts developing between them which is a curse of modern society. Ignorance of sexual behaviour can be a cause for this situation. These days it is our ambition to give best possible education to our children so that they achieve the highest goal in their lives. We tell them about every part of their bodies except the sexual organs. Why so? Simply because the society considers it bad? Perhaps they are not aware of the fact that children have natural curiosity about sex. When their queries regarding sex are not answered properly by parents, they revert to their equally ignorant friends, who try to satisfy their curiosity by wrong notions and distorted facts in the tender brains of the children. Therefore it is a moral duty of the parents to impart all necessary knowledge and information to their growing children about sex and its importance in life. This only can save them from wrong notions and disastrous results.


When a boy crosses the childhood and enters into youth, he gets lots of imaginary ideas. This is the most delicate period of his life. Every part of his body blooms. At this age if he controls himself and his passion, he flourishes like a flower and his personality shines. He tries to climb higher and higher and he is successful in his life. But I feel sorry to note that many of the youth adopt wrong ways. It may be due to bad company they are keeping or for want of necessary sexual knowledge. Then indulge in some unnatural means to satisfy their sexual urge and ruin the lives. At that time they are not aware of the fact of life but they realize their mistakes when they get married as they unable to perform well in sexual act and unable to satisfy their wives. They repent for what they did in the past, because they cannot fully enjoy the charm of happy married life. They felt a condition of dried up semen, which is the most valuable treasure of life and was wasted by them just for nothing.


If a person cannot fully satisfy his wife in the sexual act he is called impotent and the disorder is called as Impotency. It is of many kinds. The person loses his retention power in sexual play, one gets discharged without satisfying the women and she does not reach climax and in the end the penis loses its capacity of erection. These are few sings of Impotency. The main cause of impotency is excess of masturbation, secondly excess of inter course. At this stage the patient has a desire for inter course, but he is helpless because his penis does not erect enough, in other words it can be said that the penis becomes like a paralyzed part of the body. Some how or other he achieves some erection in the penis but he discharges before intercourse. This disease ruins the happy married life. The Patient feels disappointed and loses his confidence, he sees gloom and darkness around him and very often he thinks of committing suicide. Impotency not only affects the man; one can easily imagine the mental condition of the women whose husband is impotent. She becomes very much disappointed and frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of the sexual desire, but the desire of having a child which is more important to a woman. To fulfill this desire she may take the help of some other person by which a heaven like home turns into hell.

Venereal Diseases

There should be a complete and vigilant checking for the venereal disease. It may exist in any of the partners or in both of them. It is a disease, which generally is transmitted by the affected person to the another who does intercourse with the former. Generally prostitutes pass on this disease to the man concerned. And from him it automatically transferred to the wife. Venereal diseases are very much harmful. These weaken the sexual potency as well as affect the process of intercourse. Immediately after the symptoms are observed the treatment should be taken from a competent physician. The blood examination is very necessary after the treatment is completed.

Changes in blood due to VD

Those who suffer from Gonorrhea or syphilis and have not taken pains to treat themselves adequately must be prepared to experience all forms of obstructions not only in the treatment of disease in the general but also in the maintaining good health.

According to the medical authorities venereal poison remains active for several year in the body and therefore person who might have contracted it means preserves it in the process of purification for a number of years even though a systematic medical treatment may had been undergone in earlier years. The patients should not have a sense of false security and assume that because they do not see any particular sign of these diseases, they are assuredly sound. We do not wish to frighten people, but it is a grim fact.


This is one of the most dangerous diseases and is the result of having intercourse with the prostitute and girl of bad character. The main symptom of this disease is that after a few intercourses with a prostitute a small boil appears on the penis and very soon it takes the shape of a wound. At the first wound is very minor and if one is careless or delays the treatment, it will have the effect on the coming generations. In the first stage some boils come out on his organ. In the second stage some black spots appear on the body and copper coloured boils come out which take the shape of wounds later on. In the third stage the effects of syphilis reaches bones and develop into wounds such as lepers have. If the germs of syphilis reach brain, the patient may suffer from paralysis and at last he falls into the clutches of death. Therefore this disease should be immediately cared for and at the very outcome of the symptoms; one should rush for his treatment.


This disease also develops from having intercourse with the women of bad character. After some days after intercourse one feels burning sensation at the time of urination. This burning sensation and pain grow so much that the patient literally cries with pain and hesitates to urinate. After some days pus starts coming out from the penis, sometimes blood may also appear with the pus. When penis, this disease becomes chronic, the irritation reduces. But pus continues to come out. If this pus some now touches the eyes, there are all possibilities of getting blind. If one notice and symptoms of this disease he must immediately consult a good Hakeem and get complete treatment.

Important Instruction to youth

1.Always avoid bad company. Do not read vulgar and obscene literature and safe guard yourself from bad talks. Always try to preserve your semen, the gem of life.

2.Do not be afraid of night discharges. If is happens once or twice a month, it is a natural course, but if night discharges happen in frequently, one must consult some qualified and experienced physician.

3.Marriage is a pious co-relation and one should abide by every rule of marriage. Do not treat your wife as if she was only meant for sexual pleasure, but always given full respect to her. Do not have intercourse when she is in her menses periods.

4.Always avoid the company of prostitutes. If you go to them, you will ruin your wealth, health and youth and you may suffer from many dangerous diseases. 5. Do not have intercourse immediately after meals but it should be done 2 to 3 hours later.

5.Always try to avoid too much spicy food, wine tobacco and excess of tea etc.

6.Have your bath daily and don’t forget to clean your male organ (Penis) with sufficient water because some white colored substance (magmas) collects in the male organ that can develop infections.

7.Always go for urination before going to bed.

8.Get yourself thoroughly examined by an experienced and qualified medical practitioner before marriage and act upon his advice.

9.If you suffer from any contagious disease, you should immediately consult some qualified and experienced physician.

10.Masturbation starts from bad company, therefore always avoid bad company and try to control this bad habit with a firm determination.

Sex & Marriage

Knowledge of sex is very important, at least for post marital life because at times, lack of knowledge about sex ruins the, marital life of couple. It has been noticed that man have too much of misconception about sex. They fear weather they will able to satisfy their wife during intercourse or not. This feeling develops generally due to 4 factors: 1. When the husband is physically weaker than his wife is. 2. When the wife is more beautiful than she is husband 3.When the husband starts thinking that his organ has become weaker because of masturbation, homosexual intercourse or due to press-push method of intercourse that he had adopted earlier.

Now lets us deal the problem individually. In case first, when the husband is physically inferior to his wife, the couple is not satisfied during sex. Although they are physically healthy but psychologically the are defeated. Actually, enjoyment in the intercourse can be divided into 2 parts. First being the pleasure in the excitement which is generally called as foreplay and the second being the actual performance of intercourse unto the point of climax. The pleasure in the first part is fully dependent on the mental concentration towards the sexual thought and activities, appearance of the body of the both husband and wife. For a brief period after marriage, the physical appearance matters but as life proceeds, this factor becomes meaningless. In the second case when the wife is more beautiful than the husband, then an inferiority complex grips the husband and he does not feel comfortable at the thought of intercourse and does not find full strength in the organ at the time of intercourse. Even the wife gets irritated but hardly understands the problem. But if the wife is matured enough, she can easily trace out the root cause of the problem and sort it out. In most of the cases, the female reaches the climax later than man does. There are some causes behind it. One of them is that the productive organ of a man is outside, while in case of women, it is inside. In case of man, it is touched prior to the women, so the pleasure for the man begins, prior to the women, and hence, even being equally strong in sex, man discharge earlier than the women. One more factors matter. Suppose a man is fully excited when he touches his wife but in many cases, wife at the times of touch will not be so excited. Hence, there will be a phase difference in man and his wife. Sometimes a man think that he is not competent for his wife so far sexual strength in concerned. But it is only a misunderstanding because of aforesaid factor. To remove this misunderstanding, man should try to compensate this phase of difference in their degree of excitement. Here is the second way, that is the medical treatment. For this a man should visit a well-qualified Hakeem. To take pills, drugs and other things, which shows the immediate effect is highly dangerous for the youth. He will loose all potentiality in long run and reach a stage even after taking drugs, man is helpless to achieve the required potential.

 Bigger Penis Size:

Having a big size doesn’t hurt (usually), but most agree that the quality of sex is much more important than size.

The average length ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 inches. There are men who express dissatisfaction with 6-inch and long for 8-inches. As for women, they widely believe thatinch tape size is irrelevant; being attentive to a woman’s sexual and emotional needs is a far more important factor than how well endowed a man.

All in all, a man’s endowment is a helpful attribute in pleasing a woman, but actions speak louder than size. The fact is a man with a larger size covers more of the women’s vaginal erogenous zones, which can lead to higher stimulation. But it doesn’t mean anything if the man isn’t equipped mentally and sexually to work his tool.

As for ways to increase size there are many – yet only a few lead to satisfying results.

Enlargement Exercises:

One of the main principles for enlargement is to improve circulation and to increase the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. It is the erectile tissue that engorges with blood when sexually aroused resulting in an erection. The theory goes that if the erectile tissue can be encouraged to hold a greater volume of blood than it could otherwise naturally accommodate, then this will in turn result in a larger size both when erect and flaccid.

Jelling (Milking) Exercise –

The basic technique is quite simple to perform and relies on applying a milking motion along the length of the semi erect penile shaft. To achieve this, the thumb and forefinger are used to encircle the base. A moderately firm grip is used to maintain the partial erection and to ensure the blood is securely trapped. Maintaining this moderate pressure, the grip hand then slides forward along the length of the shaft and forces as much blood as possible into all areas of the erectile tissue. As the grip hand nears the end of the penile shaft the alternate hand then repeats the process, resulting in a continuous motion with each stroke taking around 1-2 seconds. To perform the Jell correctly, it is often helpful to use a lubricant Oil as this helps the gripping hand to slide without resistance along the length.

Enlargement exercises are usually performed when it is flaccid. The basic technique involves gripping firmly around the head and then gently pulling forward. The idea of the stretch is not to pull it to the point of pain but to just pull sufficiently so that it is stretched to its maximum comfortable limit. An example of a stretching exercise would then be to hold the stretch for approximately 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the process would then be repeated 10-15 times.

Weight Hanging –

The use of weights and stretchers to enlarge the size, it is based on the principle of tensile force and the body’s ability to adapt and change under such influence. Through the application of sustained and continuous tension, cells within an area subjected to such force divide and multiply, resulting in increased tissue mass.

Ballooning –

One of the ways to obtain a larger erection and size is by “ballooning”. This method involves prolonging your ejaculation. Therefore, this means in order to begin ballooning, the first step is to learn how to last longer. You must be able to hold your ejaculation back 3-5 times during sexual activity. If it’s impossible to hold back the ejaculation or withhold from ejaculating prematurely then you must first take Kohinoor Gold to gain endurance. This will put you on the road to being a more sexually stimulating lover, as well as put you in the perfect position to practice the Penile Ballooning Technique.

While it is erect, begin massaging your penile shaft, footing, and base, pubis, groins, and scrotum to increase the blood flow. By holding back the ejaculation you will start to accelerate the metabolism of testosterone. All the while, you must hold back on ejaculation about 3 to 5 times. Then you will be free to release.

If you practice this technique frequently, it will stimulate growth in the corpora cavernous, the spongy tissue in shaft. People who have practiced ballooning consistently have achieved gains anywhere from 1 to 3 inches. This technique takes practice, but the rewards are great!

Tips for a healthier penile

Get some extra sleep. An hour of extra sleep a day will add up to extra energy… for work, play and sex. This can interfere with your ability to perform sexually.

Eat healthy. You will derive all kinds of benefits from a diet rich in vitamins and low in fat. Your organ will also be more likely to function at full capacity.

Exercise. Working out will improve the blood flow that results from a healthier heart, which in turn benefits your sexual organ.

More Penile Enlargement Exercises –

Before doing any exercise, do a Warm up and lubrication with Penis Massage Oil.

Power Stretch Exercise:

1. Stretch the head outwards directly in front of you, holding it for 5-7 seconds.

2. Now, take it firmly in your hand and pull towards your right. You should feel a pressure on your left side. Hold it for 5-6 seconds.

3. Now, hold the head of your penile in your hand and stretch towards your left, holding it for 5-6 seconds.

4. Next pull it downwards and hold it for 5-6 seconds.

5. Finally, pull it in the upward direction and hold it for 5-6 seconds.

6. Repeat the above steps for 5-6 minutes. You should perform them at least 10-12 times.

Circular Stretch Exercise

1. Again stretch the head directly outwards in front of you for 5-6 seconds.

3. Now comes the circular stretching. Slowly start rotating it in anticlockwise direction and reach the starting point.

4. Repeat from step 1 to step 3 for at least 20-30 times.

Sit Down Stretch Exercise

1. First of all massage your it until it is in initial erect state.

2. Next, sit on a table while placing your penile backwards. That is, your body is in front and head towards backward. Keep sitting until it is being stretched.

3. Keep sitting for at least 5-10 minutes.

Ultimate Jell Exercise

1. Massage it until it reaches the middle of erection.

2. With your right hand hold it from the base and make an “OK” sign using your thumb and index finger.

3. Starting from the base, slowly move your hand towards the head. It should take 2-3 seconds to perform this.

4. When you reach the head, take the left hand and form a similar “OK” with the thumb and forefinger at the base and start moving it towards the head.

5. Repeat the above steps using alternate both hands, touching every part except the very top part i.e. head.

6. Perform this exercise for at least 70-80 times (5-7 minutes)

Jell and Hold Exercise

Similar to above Ultimate Jell Exercise. The only difference is that in the Jell and Hold, you have to hold it for 10 seconds when you reach the head. Perform this for 20 strokes.

V Stretch Exercise

1. Hold the head with your right hand, making an OK sign.

2. Now stretch it outwards and Hold there for 5 seconds.

3. Using the left hand thumb, apply pressure at base.

4. Move the thumb slowly down the penile, still applying pressure until it reaches the head. This should take no longer than 10 seconds.

5. Move the thumb back to the base. This should take no longer than 10 seconds.

6. Repeat the above steps 10 times.

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And if you still wish to have a larger size of your penis, try to practice some of the penis enlargement exercises. There are a lot of men who have got results of surprising increase of 1 to 3 inches in their penis size. This method requires exercise, but just the once you’ve learnt it along, you will have the proper penis volume and self-belief it acquires to please any lady.

What is sex education?

Sex education, which is sometimes called sexuality education or sex and relationships education, is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. Sex education is also about coupledeveloping young people’s skills so that they make informed choices about their behaviour, and feel confident and competent about acting on these choices. It is widely accepted that young people have a right to sex education, partly because it is a means by which they are helped to protect themselves against abuse, exploitation, unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.

What are the aims of sex education?

Sex education seeks both to reduce the risks of potentially negative outcomes from sexual behaviour, like unwanted or unplanned pregnancies and infection with sexually transmitted diseases, and to enhance the quality of relationships. It is also about developing young people’s ability to make decisions over their lifetime. Sex education that works, by which we mean that it is effective is sex education that contributes to this overall aim.

What skills should sex education develop?

If sex education is going to be effective it needs to include opportunities for young people to develop skills, as it can be hard for them to act on the basis of only having information.6 7 The skills young people develop as part of sex education are linked to more general life-skills. Being able to communicate, listen, negotiate, ask for and identify sources of help and advice, are useful life-skills and can be applied in terms of sexual relationships. Effective sex education develops young people’s skills in negotiation, decision-making, assertion and listening. Other important skills include being able to recognize pressures from other people and to resist them, dealing with and challenging prejudice and being able to seek help from adults – including parents, careers and professionals – through the family, community and health and welfare services. Sex education that works also helps equip young people with the skills to be able to differentiate between accurate and inaccurate information, and to discuss a range of moral and social issues and perspectives on sex and sexuality, including different cultural attitudes and sensitive issues like sexuality, abortion and contraception.

Forming attitudes and beliefs

Young people can be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in relation to sex and sexuality. These sometimes appear contradictory and confusing. For example, some health messages emphasize the risks and dangers associated with sexual activity and some media coverage promotes the idea that being sexually active makes a person more attractive and mature. Because sex and sexuality are sensitive subjects, young people and sex educators can have strong views on what attitudes people should hold, and what moral framework should govern people’s behavior these too can sometimes seem to be at odds. Young people are very interested in the moral and cultural frameworks that binds sex and sexuality. They often welcome opportunities to talk about issues where people have strong views, like abortion, sex before marriage, lesbian and gay issues and contraception and birth control. It is important to remember that talking in a balanced way about differences in opinion does not promote one set of views over another, or mean that one agrees with a particular view. Part of exploring and understanding cultural, religious and moral views is finding out that you can agree to disagree.

Attempts to impose narrow moralistic views about sex and sexuality on young people through sex education have failed.  

Providing sex education have attitudes and beliefs of their own about sex and sexuality and it is important not to let these influence negatively the sex education that they provide. For example, even if a person believes that young people should not have sex until they are married, this does not imply withholding important information about safer sex and contraception. Attempts to impose narrow moralistic views about sex and sexuality on young people through sex education have failed. Rather than trying to deter or frighten young people away from having sex, effective sex education includes work on attitudes and beliefs, coupled with skills development, that enables young people to choose whether or not to have a sexual relationship taking into account the potential risks of any sexual activity.

Effective sex education also provides young people with an opportunity to explore the reasons why people have sex, and to think about how it involves emotions, respect for one self and other people and their feelings, decisions and bodies. Young people should have the chance to explore gender differences and how ethnicity and sexuality can influence people’s feelings and options. They should be able to decide for themselves what the positive qualities of relationships are. It is important that they understand how bullying, stereotyping, abuse and exploitation can negatively influence relationships.

So what information should be given to young people?

Young people get information about sex and sexuality from a wide range of sources including each other, through the media including advertising, television and magazines, as well as leaflets, books and websites) which are intended to be sources of information about sex and sexuality. Some of this will be accurate and some inaccurate. Providing information through sex education is therefore about finding out what young people already know and adding to their existing knowledge and correcting any misinformation they may have. For example, young people may have heard that condoms are not effective against HIV/AIDS or that there is a cure for AIDS. It is important to provide information which corrects mistaken beliefs. Without correct information young people can put themselves at greater risk. 

Information is also important as the basis on which young people can developed well- informed attitudes and views about sex and sexuality. Young people need to have information on all the following topics:

1-Sexual development




They need to have information about the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty and sexual reproduction, including fertilization and conception and about sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. They also need to know about contraception and birth control including what contraceptives there are, how they work, how people use them, how they decide what to use or not, and how they can be obtained. In terms of information about relationships they need to know about what kinds of relationships there are, about love and commitment, marriage and partnership and the law relating to sexual behavior and relationships as well as the range of religious and cultural views on sex and sexuality and sexual diversity. In addition, young people should be provided with information about abortion, sexuality, and confidentiality, as well as about the range of sources of advice and support that is available in the community and nationally.

When should sex education start?

Sex education that works starts early, before young people reach puberty, and before they have developed established patterns of behavior. The precise age at which information should be provided depends on the physical, emotional and intellectual development of the young people as well as their level of understanding. What is covered and also how, depends on who is providing the sex education, when they are providing it, and in what context, as well as what the individual young person wants to know about.

It is important not to delay providing information to young people but to begin when they are young. Providing basic information provides the foundation on which more complex knowledge is built up over time. This also means that sex education has to be sustained. For example, when they are very young, children can be informed about how people grow and change over time, and how babies become children and then adults, and this provides the basis on which they understand more detailed information about puberty provided in the pre-teenage years. They can also when they are young, be provided with information about viruses and germs that attack the body. This provides the basis for talking to them later about infections that can be caught through sexual contact.

Providing basic information provides the foundation on which more complex knowledge is built up over time.

Some people are concerned that providing information about sex and sexuality arouses curiosity and can lead to sexual experimentation. However, in a review of 48 studies of comprehensive sex and STD/HIV education programmers in US schools, there was found to be strong evidence that such programmers did not increase sexual activity. Some of them reduced sexual activity, or increased rates of condom use or other contraceptives, or both. It is important to remember that young people can store up information provided at any time, for a time when they need it later on.

Sometimes it can be difficult for adults to know when to raise issues, but the important thing is to maintain an open relationship with children which provides them with opportunities to ask questions when they have them. Parents and careers can also be proactive and engage young people in discussions about sex, sexuality and relationships. Naturally, many parents and their children feel embarrassed about talking about some aspects of sex and sexuality. Viewing sex education as an on-going conversation about values, attitudes and issues as well as providing facts can be helpful. The best basis to proceed on is a sound relationship in which a young person feels able to ask a question or raise an issue if they feel they need to. It has been shown that in countries like The Netherlands, where many families regard it as an important responsibility to talk openly with children about sex and sexuality, this contributes to greater cultural openness about sex and sexuality and improved sexual health among young people.

The role of many parents and careers as sex educators changes as young people get older and young people are provided with more opportunities to receive formal sex education through schools and community-settings. However, it doesn’t get any less important. Because sex education in school tends to take place in blocks of time, it can’t always address issues relevant to young people at a particular time, and parents can fulfill a particularly important role in providing information and opportunities to discuss things as they arise.

Who should provide sex education?

Different settings provide different contexts and opportunities for sex education. At home, young people can easily have one-to-one discussions with parents or careers which focus on specific issues, questions or concerns. They can have a dialogue about their attitudes and views. Sex education at home also tends to take place over a long time, and involve lots of short interactions between parents and children. There may be times when young people seem reluctant to talk, but it is important not to interpret any diffidence as meaning that there is nothing left to talk about. As young people get older advantage can be taken of opportunities provided by things seen on television for example, as an opportunity to initiate conversation. It is also important not to defer dealing with a question or issue for too long as it can suggest that you are unwilling to talk about it.

In school the interaction between the teacher and young people takes a different form and is often provided in organized blocks of lessons. It is not as well suited to advising the individual as it is to providing information from an impartial point of view. The most effective sex education acknowledges the different contributions each setting can make. School programmer which involve parents, notifying them what is being taught and when, can support the initiation of dialogue at home.

In some countries, the involvement of young people themselves in developing and providing sex education has increased as a means of ensuring the relevance and accessibility of provision. Consultation with young people at the point when programmers are designed, helps ensure that they are relevant and the involvement of young people in delivering programmers may reinforce messages as they model attitudes and behavior to their peers.

Formal programmers with these elements have been shown to increase young people’s levels of knowledge about sex and sexuality, put back the average age at which they first have sexual intercourse and decrease risk when they do have sex. All the elements are important and inter-related, and sex education needs to be supported by links to sexual health services, otherwise it is not going to be so effective. It also takes into account the messages about sexual values and behavior young people get from other sources, like friends and the media. It is also responsive to the needs of the young people themselves – whether they are girls or boys, on their own or in a single sex or mixed sex group, and what they know already, their age and experiences.

Taking sex education forward

Providing effective sex education can seem daunting because it means tackling potentially sensitive issues. However, because sex education comprises many individual activities, which take place across a wide range of settings and periods of time, there are lots of opportunities to contribute.

The nature of a person’s contribution depends on their relationship, role and expertise in relation to young people. For example, parents are best placed in relation to young people to provide continuity of individual support and education starting from early in their lives. School-based education programmers are particularly good at providing information and opportunities for skills development and attitude clarification in more formal ways, through lessons within a curriculum. Community-based projects provide opportunities for young people to access advice and information in less formal ways. Sexual health and other health and welfare services can provide access to specific information, support and advice. Sex education through the mass media, often supported by local, regional or national Government and non-governmental agencies and departments, can help to raise public awareness of sex health issues.

Because sex education can take place across a wide range of settings, there are lots of opportunities to contribute.

Further development of sex education partly depends on joining up these elements in a coherent way to meet the needs of young people. There is also a need to pay more attention to the needs of specific groups of young people like young parents, young lesbian, gay and bisexual people, as well as those who may be out of touch with services and schools and socially vulnerable, like young refugees and asylum-seekers, young people in care, young people in prisons, and also those living on the street.

The circumstances and context available to parents and other sex educators are different from place to place. Practical or political realities in a particular country may limit people’s ability to provide young people with comprehensive sex education combining all the elements in the best way possible. But the basic principles outlined here apply everywhere. By making our own contribution and valuing that made by others, and by being guided by these principles, we can provide more sex education that works and improve the support we offer to young people.