1st time presented for female sterility. Restores your confidence and improve your life style.


Agape Promotes & Maintain hormonal growth stimulate anterior pituitary produce perfect atmosphere for fertilization normalizes production of estrogen and progesterone in female. Produce of FSH & LH normal menses and pregnancy promotes by agape. All the ingredients in Agape tablet have natural effects against sterility and infertility by nature.

Acts against sterility due to hormonal disorder infertility due to follicle growth disorder. Amenorrhea, ovulatory failure, hormonal dysfunction, polycystic ovary syndrome

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Hormonal dysfunction, Ovulatory Failure, Ovarian Dysfunction, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Menstrual Derangement e.g: Amenorrhea, (Functional, Menorrhea, Poly menorrhea), Painful Menstruation.

Each tablet contains:

Black Borax                                 33.33mg
Borax                                            33.33mg
Black Pepper                               33.33mg
Cassia Absus Seed of                 33.33mg
Red Ochre                                    33.33mg
White Sandalwood                     33.33mg
Pterocarpus Stantalinus           33.33mg
Fogonia Arabica                          33.33mg
Sphaeranthus Hirtus                 33.33mg
Barg Chamba                               33.33mg
Margosabarg                                33.33mg
St. lgntaius Beans                       33.33mg
Carcuma Zedorria                      33.33mg
Iron                                                33.33mg
Ferula Foetida                             33.33mg

Agape tablet is available in 30 tablet blister pack.

One tablet daily before bed with milk.

Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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