Allergino Syrup

Allergino Syrup

Provide instant relief form various allergies like cough, congestion, coryza and many more.

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Taseer Herbal Laboratories offering Allergino Syrup, which is used to treat allergies like sneezing, running nose, etc. These Allergino syrup is very effective and processed under the supervision of experts for assuring precise composition.

Allergino syrup contains the active ingredients. It belongs to a group of herbs which help relieve the symptoms of some allergies and itchy skin rashes. The syrup is used to treat the allergic symptoms (runny or itchy nose with or without stuffiness) caused by hay fever and other allergies e.g. pet and house dust mite allergies. The syrup can also be taken to relieve the rashes and itching of chronic urticaria (hives). Urticaria can occur as a persistent condition and is recognized by the formation of raised white or reddish lumps surrounded by red inflamed areas which itch or sting.

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

For all allergic Conditions, Acne, Pimples, Skin Rashes & Itching, Eczema, Skin Diseases, Seasonal Allergy (Pollen Allergy)

Each ML of drug is extracted from

Ext. Ebony                                     34.72 mg
Ext. Dabergia Sisso                      34.72 mg
Ext. White Sandal Wood             34.72 mg
Ext. Red Sandal Wood                 64.44 mg
Ext. Thistle Seeds of                     69.44 mg
Ext. Chebulle Myrobalan            34.72 mg
Ext. Tephrosa Purpura                34.72 mg
Ext. Fumaria                                  69.44 mg
Ext. Jujube Fruit                           173.61 mg

Each 120ml contains extract of herbal ingredients in Sucrose base sweetening agents and preservative.

Allergino Syrup is available in 120ml pack.

Adults : 1-2 Tablespoon full 3-4 times daily.
Children : ½-1 Teaspoon full 3-4 times daily.

Shake well before use. Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children. To be consumed with in month after


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