Dyron Syrup

Dyron Syrup

Natural Remedy for new and Chronic Dysentery and Diarrhea

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Dysentery is a disease that upsets a person routine activities and causes inconvenience. It also causes abdominal pain, colic and intestinal disorders. Usually patient discharges mucus and blood with stool, and feels restless, anxiety and debility. The ingredients of Dyron syrup alleviate abdominal pain, and cures colic and intestinal irritation. It cures the patient from disease and relieves discomfort by controlling mucus and blood along with stool

An effective cure for cholera and liver disorders. Dyron syrup is efficacious in nausea, vomiting, cholera and liver disorders. It alleviates anxiety, restlessness and acute thirst. It is also a very refreshing medicine. It also potentiates the functions of liver and stomach.

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Thin watery stools with undigested food, thirst caused by factor too rich food, white coated tongue, prostration, recommended in convalescence dysentery, nucuos or bloody. Loose and repeated bad smelling and unnatural colored of stools. New period of teeth. Setting of children alongwith fever

Each ML of drug is extracted from

Zangbil                                      27.50mg
Ajvine                                        27.50mg
Punica Grantum                      27.50mg
Nagar Motha                            27.50mg
Elettaria Cardamomum         27.50mg
Bayleaf-Folia Maiabothi        27.50mg

Each 60ml contains extract of herbal ingredients in Sucrose base sweetening agents and preservative.

Dyron Syrup is available in 60ml pack.

Infants : ½ teaspoon thrice daily
1 to 6 years : 1 teaspoon thrice daily
6 to Adults : 1 tablespoon thrice daily
or as directed by physician

Shake well before use. Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children. To be consumed with in month after


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