Golden tablets

Golden tablets

A Complete Solution of your problems relating energy strength and vitality.


It is the choice for today to recover energy and vitality clinical efficacy of Golden tablets, after clinical trials way excellent. Non steroidal, non synthetic, non hormonal. A total herbal formulation with excellent demonstration of efficacy. The human body is a great masterpiece of nature. The natural proportions of minerals in the human body play an important role in the maintenance of body functions. The modern scientific research has affirmed the theory of the physicians of the past that the quantity of minerals in the human body decreases with age and one feels general weakness. If the deficiency in minerals is not duly met, it can lead in muscular, mental and physical debility and one shows the signs of growing old rapidly. Taseer Herbal Laboratories, keeping in view the latest scientific research, has prepared Golden tablets containing Golden tablets mixed with other vital minerals. These capsules meet the deficiency in minerals in the human body and make one feel youthful.

The tablets effectively alleviate the nervous and physical weakness and increase sexual potency. The remarkable features of Golden tablets are as follows: A dependable compound of Golden tablets and minerals without side effects. Increase the number of semen in count. It arouses lasciviousness (sexual desire) in men. It helps to maintain sexual and physical energy. It makes the nervous system strong. It increases the natural resistance of body to disease. It cures mental weakness and enhances the mental fatigue. It makes the temperament refreshed and lively. It alleviates the stress and strain caused by the day to day requirements of the modern time. It arouses appetite by regulating the digestive system. It is equally good for women to maintain their health.

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Increase in spermatogenesis, increase in labido, increase in production of testosterone, fertility of female, body energy.

Each Tablet Contains:

Myristica Fragrans
Cinnamoum Cassia
Myristica Nagi
Myristus Caryphylus
Cetepede Arbicularis
Laurta Agilis

Golden tablet is available in 10 tablets Blister pack & 12×10 Box.

One to two tablets twice a day or one to two hours before sexual intercourse.

Take with butter, milk, honey or protein diet. Usual recommended course of treatment is fout to six weeks or as directed by he physician.Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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