Lecoseen (Qurs)

Lecoseen (Qurs)

Effective for leucourrhoea, amenorrhoea and related problems.


Leucorrhoea is one of the diseases peculiar to women. It is very troublesome disease which adversely affects the female beauty & elegance & causes the gradual decline of health. The patient is unable to show interest in her routine work. She feels general weakness and debility. It can cause physical weakness, fatigue, coxalagia & anorexia. The ingredients of Lecoseen cure, leucorrhoea successfully. It is also effective in calcium deficiency.

The use of Lecoseen redresses the general weakness, paleness of face, backache, pain, tardiness and calcium deficiency. It restores health and makes the face blooming. Liquidin redresses the weakness of the uterus and remedies the irregularity in the menstruation cycle. It makes the woman escape form the habit of eating clay or soil.

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Amenorrhoea, Anorexia, Calcium Deficiency, Fatigue, Leucorrhoea. .

Each Tablet Contains:

Oyster shell calcium                     83.33 mg
Coral calcium                                 83.33 mg
Egg shell calcium                          83.33 mg
Alum Dehyderated                       83.33 mg
Magnesium Silicate                      83.33 mg
Base                                                 Q.S

Lecoseen Qurs is available in 50 qurs Jar & 500 qurs Jar.

Take two tablets thrice a day with milk after meal or as directed by the physician.

Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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