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Best for all types of piles. Reduces anal pain and bleeding Promptly reduces swelling, Checks haemorrhoiodal congestion. Eases evacuation & reduces potal pressure. Arrest secondary infections.

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A herbal preparation which relieves piles without surgery. All types of piles, including hemorrhoids, are extremely painful. For the treatment of this disease Taseer Herblal Laboratories has prepared Oxycap tablets in the light of lengthy experiments spreading over almost half a century. These tablets are efficacious in stopping the flow of blood. They dry the anal warts, alleviate burning sensation and pain and relieve constipation which is the basic cause of piles. These tablets uproot piles and are effective in both hemorrhoids and rheumatic piles.

Oxycap provide relief in varicose veins from symptoms like pain, congestion, enlargement of superficial veins and night cramps. Oxycap reduces venous congestion by toning up the blood vessels. Oxycap helps in shrinking of engorged veins. Oxycap also relieves painful, inflamed bleedings piles and often averts surgery. Oxycap helps shrink piles masses and checks secondary infection. Oxycap speeds healing by exerting analgesic and anti-inflammatory action on piles.

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Oxycap is the most useful drug for itching and burning of anus piles depondent upon abdominal. Dlethora frequent unsuccessful desire hard knotty insufficient heam orrhoid oizing and bleaching pain and pressure in rectum and anus. The best remedy for all types of piles.

Each tablet contains:

Mustard             10mg
Soap Nut            10mg
Sulphar               10mg
Marzosa Tree    10mg
Kala Dana          10mg
Extbabris           10mg

Oxycap is available in 60 tablets blister pack.

Two tablets thrice a day after meal of as directed by the physician.

Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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