Spermogin (10 tablets)

Spermogin (10 tablets)

$ 400.00

Herbal Remedy effective for nocturnal emission, masturbation and Chronic Discharge. Regulates the function of prostate gland.


An effective medicine for nocturnal emission (wet dream). Most of the medicines for wet dream have sedative effect. Such medicines suppress the disease temporarily and it relapses when the medicine is left. Generon tablets cure the disease permanently. It also relieves Coxalgia (pain in the hip joints), physical weakness and fatigue associated with nocturnal emission.

Generon tablet is the compound of such components that eradicate the causes of wet dream by regulating the functions of relevant glands. It remedies the painful discharge of urine. It also cures general physical weakness and slothfulness. Generon tablet is a tried drug for nocturnal emission(wet dream).

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Fatigue, Nocturnal Emission, Physical Weakness.


Generon tablet is available in 10 tablets Blister pack & 12×10 Box.

Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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