Supari Pak

Supari Pak

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Effective for Gynecological Diseases Like Leucorrhoea and General Weakness.

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Supari Pak is an old formula which has successfully been used as an effective remedy of the diseases peculiar to women. Supari Pak is a unique medicine for the treatment of leucorrhoea. It remedies the general physical weakness, facial paleness and anaemea. It is a nervine tonic. It remedies back-ache, pain in shins, anxiety and uneasiness. It also relieves bodily fatigue. Supari Pak can also be used by men for the treatment of spermatorrhoea (involuntary discharge of semen).

Side Effect:
No any side effect is reported.

Blood Deficiency, General Weakness, Leucorrhoea, Muscular Weakness, Nervous Weakness, Paleness.


Tribulus terrestris Linn                             60.46 mg
Poenix dactilefera                                       60.46 mg
Edible Oil                                                      60.46 mg
Natural Egg Shell Calcium                        48.48 mg
Areca catechu Linn                                     30.24 mg
Butea frondosa                                            30.24 mg
Gum acacia arabica                                    30.24 mg
Wheat Starch                                               30.24 mg
Phaseolus mungo Linn                              15.12 mg
Rubia cordifolia                                           15.12 mg
Zingiber officinale                                       07.56 mg
Cinnamomum Tamala                               06.06 mg
Amomum subulatum Roxb                       03.03 mg
Saccharum Base                                          Q.S

Supari Pak is available in 250gm Jar packing.

10 gm (1 teaspoon) thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Store dry and cool place. Keep all medicines away from children.


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