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During an erection the penis has 3 pockets which fill with blood. These blood vessels become swollen with blood during sexual arousal. On either side o the penis the copra cavernous has two spongy bodies of erectile tissues.

Erectophil RX Tablets improve the blood flow to the penis causing it to become stronger and harder during erection.The unique formulation contains safe, natural ingredients which are known to increase sexual desire, sexual stamina and self confidence by increasing peripheral blood flow resulting in longer, thicker, firmer and more sexual erection, because the ingredients in Erectophil RX are of the highest quality and verified or purity, their potency is much more effective, stable, predictable and efficient.Erectophil RX is natural cure for impotence

Amber Gold tablets have a very simple function and that is to improve circulation and expand blood vessels throughout the body, including the male genitalia. This is done through a mixture of herbal supplements that are ground into a fine powder and then made into capsules or tablets. Herbal male enhancement formulas are more popular than prescriptions like Viagra, mainly because of price, but also due to the fact that they are all natural and tend to have less side effects than prescription drugs.


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There are many misconceptions about Amber Gold tablets that have spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. Outrageous claims are being made about the effectiveness of Amber Gold tablets which is causing distrust among consumers. For the most part, men wanting penis enlargement are looking for something that is going to give them permanent results.

You have to remember, it’s the ingredients in the tablet that is causing an increase in size. After a few days without these supplements in your body, your circulation and expanding blood vessels will shrink back to their original size, along with your penis. Amber Gold tablets have to be thought of as more of an aid than a cure. You can however use these pills in conjunction with an exercise program or a penile enlargement extender. Many private tests with members of the medical community have shown these methods to produce permanent results.

Amber Gold tablets definitely have their place in the penis enlargement industry, so as long as you keep in mind that they are not a “magic pill” they can be used effectively with positive results. Even better news is, the quality of Amber Gold tablets are becoming very high quality because of the overwhelming demand for them. Formulas are being tested and improved every day. Pick and choose wisely if you are planning on a purchase.

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