Equally Beneficial for Married and Unmarried Persons!

We challenge for those all persons who avoid marriage and feel some sexual weakness.What may be the cause of this disability, our hakims are fully capable to treat such patients up to desired level. The proof of this claim is based upon the long list of such patients who understand them selves as useless people and where afraid of the name of marriage. We treated them successfully with the help of our herbal formula HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE. This is 100% safe herbal formula and no any side effect has been reported yet.

We provide treatment for Impotency, erection and ejaculatory problems in males at any age. We provide sex knowledge and consultation to people who seek guidance. Many people have myths & misconceptions about sex & sexuality. We try to remove these from their minds and provide correct guidance.


  • This is equally beneficial for married and unmarried persons.

  • This course is effective in all ages, even on the same day of marriage.

  • This course activates the slow nervous system for better communication and stimulation inside the body.

  • This course has proved the better treatment of infertility through regulating the hormones.

  • This course enhance the availability of more strong & active sperms.

  • This is 100% safe treatment and can be repeated second time.

HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is complete solution for sexual misdeed. A vital gift to increase the male sex power. For complete treatment for bended, weak and small male organ. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is the best formula in market. The most effective medicine to increase the size and thickness of male sex organ

We have an excellent formula which has the complete male sex solution. This straighten the sexual organ and muscles. This course has the complete treatment for the sexual disorder due to sexual misdeed. This not only the complete cure for male sex disorder but it also increase the sex power to a large extent. This is best to cure for excessive sexual acts. This also increases the rapid increase sexual excitement and blood circulation in penis.

Here Are Some of the Many Benefits of HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE.

  • Increased Blood Flow to Your Penis.

  • Unleash and Stabilize Your Testosterone Levels.

  • Calms Your Nerves to Stop Anxiety and Stress.

  • Balances the Sex Hormones in Your Blood System.

  • Delays Your Ejaculation.

  • Shortens Your Recovery Time.

  • Increases Your Energy, Stamina, and Endurance.

  • You can have multiple orgasms without loosing erection.

  • Calms Your Nerves to Stop Performance Anxiety.

Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido, Low Sperm Count.

The viagra has been in demand for quiet sometime but soon people found it to cause so many side effects especially on cardio vascular system. We have utilized the knowledge of Tib-e-Unani the ancient traditional healing system of Asia, to make some rare herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sperm count, low energy levels, so we created HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE which provides a herbal cure for erectile dysfunction, herbal cure for premature ejaculation, herbal cure low sperm count and herbal cure for low energy levels.

HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is surely an alternative to Viagra and truly called, with this course you can deal with Erectile dysfunction, Premature ejaculation, Low sperm count, Low energy levels.

The continued use of HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE helps to build Natural sexual stamina even in persons of old age. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE offers extraordinary energy to its users to the full brink of their satisfaction and extreme pleasure. The time-tested herbs and minerals present in HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE neither restrain the production of sperm nor stimulate any sort of cancerous growth.HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE do not cause any side effects like blood pressure or flushing. The ingredients are purely Herbal and Natural.

HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is a unique product made from the world’s most erotic herbs to enhance stamina, pleasure, confidence and strength of a man. It contains heat and energy generating herbs which increases blood circulation in the tissues of the penis, adds to its Erectile strength and gives strength to whole body.

This is the only HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE which deals with problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature ejaculation naturally. The ingredients are purely herbal and natural. The many centuries old traditional knowledge of Tib-e-Unani has been used to make this extremely effective natural herbal Male Enhancement Product, which actually works as Alternative to Viagra.

The Ingredients of HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE have shown that these herbs have the ability to improve peripheral and systemic blood flow and to act as vasodilators, leading to increased blood flow to the penis and erectile tissue and therefore heightened sexual pleasure and enhanced performance. These have also been shown to stimulate adrenal glands, regulate hormone release, improve endocrine and male hormonal functioning, boost stamina and vitality, increase libido and improve the health and functioning of the sexual organs, especially the prostate, penis and urethral systems. Thus HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is also beneficial in people suffering from diabetic neuropathy, prostate enlargement, urinary tract obstructions as it clears the path and nourishes the male reproductive system.

With this excellent sex enhancer, you can enjoy numerous benefits such as:

  • Erection can last for hours with the same strength and strain.

  • You won’t worry any more about early or premature ejaculation.

  • Sperm density will be increased to more than 500% than your regular volume.

  • You can enjoy multiple sex in the same day; this could last to 20 times per day.

  • You won’t remember any previous embarrassments for your new sex efficiency will turn your companion’s head over.

  • You will feel the true meaning of satisfaction, and you shall enjoy seeing the happy look in your partner’s eyes.

Forget About Your Late Disappointments, and Start Using This Amazing Formula.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can experience a complete erotic control of your partner. If you aim to have this great sex life, then don’t let your fears control you, avoid any disruption in your love flow, and take an action now.

In addition to all wonderful sensations that we promise you, you won’t have to endure any painful injections or prescribed drugs with unknown or known side effects. The formula is completely natural, with no petrochemical byproducts, or side effects.

Get ready to increase your sperm density up to 500% with the extra unique blend of all natural ingredients that will magnify the intensity of testosterone produced, that will consequently increase the amount of sperms produced, that will provide healthy and strong, ejaculation when you needed.

This increase in sperm density and volume will be visible after few days of usage. You can experience the maximum increase in volume, gradually as the time goes on.

This Unique One of a Kind, Sexual Enhancer is Specially Formulated to Increase the Power of Your Erection to Extents you Never Experienced Before.

Don’t worry about prescribed medications, for HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE doesn’t need any. Give your wife the love she never thought exists before, and enjoy the magical atmosphere of powerful and long lasting sex. Intense and multiple orgasms will be normal pattern of your love making process.

The best part is, all this can happen with no risk at all, the product is completely safe, for it is composed of totally natural ingredients.

HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE can help you enhance your sperm production and will maintain testosterone in its optimum level. In as short as few days, you will be ready experience sex as if you never tried it before.

The ingredients target penis cells directly to enhance its power, to guarantee the intensity, of every action.

Get Your Mate Stronger and Longer Orgasms.

Studies conducted on sexual orgasms have shown a deep relation between the intensity of the orgasm and the strength of the penis. The more semen the male organ can produce the better and intense orgasm you can achieve. The timing of orgasm also depends on the amount of semen produced, the more semen ejaculated the longer orgasm can last. With HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE, you can join people who managed to keep orgasm for 45 seconds.

This all age produce is safe and natural, with nutritional value for men at any stage of life. Oriental civilizations have used HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE for centuries to enhance sexual potency in men. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE is worldwide known to be a strong enhancer for sexual strength and desire.

HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE stimulates the sexual desire. It enhances and improves the physical stamina, sperm density, and sexual potency. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE has been used as general aphrodisiac, this is related to its capability in strengthening and balancing the required hormones that regulates the sex process and reach its peak.

There are dozens of research studies that have been conducted to prove the role of the HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE in enhancing the sexual desire and functionality, these studies were conducted in countries like Russia, Korea and Japan.

Don’t worry about getting old, or losing your sexual potency and libido, you can now get your body to function just as good as it was in the good old days.

You can as well improve not only sexual functionality but also strengthen kidney and heart, improve your blood circulation, and even enhance your central nervous system, to a better self-esteem, happy mood and happy marriage.

Sex Potency/Fitness Checkup

Sexual potency fitness checkup before or after marriage is also provided at our centre by detailed history, examination, few blood tests as male sex hormones, penile blood supply tests, nerves of penis so that they can go for marriage with confidence. They are explained in detail every aspect of sexuality. We provide detail sex education, sex counseling, & sex therapy so that they don’t fail & perform coitus with confidence.

We tell the patient about female sexual organ as vulva, clitoris, vaginal opening. Then we also teach the correct technique of penile insertion for the first time with a virgin wife. We also tell the G spot in the vagina. This is an approximately one-centimeter size spot on front wall of vagina. This is a very sensitive part of female body. When this part of female body is stimulated, then women get highly aroused & get multiple orgasms. Thus all the men must know these highly erogenous areas of female. After learning these techniques you’ll become an expert lover & your partner will always crave for your company.

Male Performance Enhancer, Herbal Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido, Low Sperm Count.

Sexual Weakness Due to Old Age

The desire for sexual activity decreases with advancing age. The reasons can be physical problems, fatigue, depression, stress, emotional conditions , overweight and hormonal imbalance. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE brings the joy of young life back to you. It gives so much energy and stamina that a man can perform indulge in sexual activity again and again.

Increase of Libido by Herbal Marriage Course

Libido means desire to indulge into sexual activity. Libido is decreased by many factors. Stress plays a major role in disturbing the libido. Decrease in level of testosterone is also a major cause of decreased libido. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE increases the interest in sexual activity naturally and very useful HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE for loss of libido.

Premature Ejaculation Cure

Premature Ejaculation can be very much embarrasing as it decreases the moments of intimacy and can be the reason for damaged relations. The man starts suffering from guilt and the female feels sexually dissatisfied, as the couple cannot achieve full orgasm. It is a kind of sexual weakness. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE increases vigor, stamina and natural strength in a very natural way. It is one of the best natural herbal supplements to enhance male performance.

Best Herbal Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

The natural herbs present in HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE helps to Cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally. The herbs increase power, stamina, enhance performance and produce firmer and longer lasting hard erections, increasing overall sexual performance HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE enables many men with ED (Erectile Dysfunction) to respond to sexual stimulation. When a man is sexually aroused, the arteries in the penis relax and widen, allowing more blood to flow into the penis. As the arteries in the penis expand and harden, the veins that normally carry blood away from the penis become compressed, restricting the blood flow out of the penis. With more blood flowing in and less flowing out, the penis enlarges, resulting in an erection.

Emotional Stability

Worried about work stress, home affairs, financial matters and disturbed relations and many other emotional factors, which can cause emotional instability and disturbed sexual performance and interest. Feeling bad about how we look or how we might perform sexually kills the sex drive. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE stabilizes mood and is nature’s best stress buster. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE increases stamina, enhances performance, increase energy, confidence and maintains sex drive.

Herbal Cure for Impotence

Unable to achieve or maintain an erection adequate enough for normal sexual intercourse is called impotence. Impotence can be very damaging in relationships. It deases confidence and morale of the person and also affects life not only in sexual matters but also in many ways. Inability to perform in bed can give birth to a lot of complexes in one’s mind. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE helps achieve full and harder erection for longer duration of time. Relieves stress and anxiety. It is nature’s best remedy to treat impotence naturally.

Natural Penis Enlargement

“The bigger- the better” is not at all a false statement. More and more research has shown that a larger penis does give more pleasure to a woman especially the girth of the penis . A man with a large penis has the confidence that he can satisfy any woman and after all making love for the man is all about confidence. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE helps to improve circulation to the penis and increases the volume of blood held within the erectile tissue. The theory behind this is that if the erectile tissue can be encouraged to hold a greater volume of blood than it could otherwise naturally accommodate, then this will in turn result in a larger penis size both when erect and flaccid.

Loss of Seminal Fluid

The involuntary loss of the seminal fluid is extremely debilitating in some cases; in others they may be more alarming than injurious, and detrimental chiefly through their mental effect upon the victim. Loss of seminal fluid is so common among young men. The primary cause of too many seminal loss is mainly the stimulating influence of our artificial civilized life and excessive access to porn material. The mind is indulged in such acts and the most common cause in nine cases out of ten is undoubtedly masturbation.

According to Tib-e-Unani – Masturbation is an unnatural act and should not be done. The semen must be kept preserved at any cost. As this is the elixir male strength. Tib-e-Unani explains that male looses it’s strength, if he looses his semen. Through this habit of masturbation the secretions become a continuous process, thus affecting the overall health of a person. The habit of self abuse ( Masturbation) causes the weakness of male organs involved in sexual activity. Excessive masturbation forces the body to make the semen immediately as the accumulated semen is being wasted through masturbation. The body utilizes its whole energy again to make precious semen and this rapidly accumulating secretion naturally finds and outlet through these emissions, at various intervals due to weakness of genital organs.


Low sperm count is a reason for Male infertility many times. A large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities. HERBAL MARRIAGE COURSE improves the sperm count as well as quality of the sperms including their movement as well as shape.


100% Herbal Ingredients That Cures Erectile Dysfunction, Stop Premature Ejaculation & Boost Libido. You Will Get the Hardest and Longest Erection That you Ever Had. Longer Lasting, Harder Erection, Greater Stamina & More Satisfying.


Whether it’s hard work, business, relationships, kids, exercise – life is full of stresses. This stress can impact any man’s sex drive and performance. Men worldwide often wonder if there’s a way to counteract these everyday stresses and put more zing back into their lovemaking without a prescription.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is a 100% natural and effective male sex performance enhancer.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is manufactured by Taseer Laboratories, for people with sexual dysfunction problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, functional barrier of erection, and low libido. Use of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE increases male hormone (testosterone) and sperm production, stimulates the body naturally. An erection usually takes place in 45 minutes after oral administration.


TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is 100% herbal will not lead to addiction or dependence.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE increase blood circulation, enriched vital essence, empower sexual performance and postpone aging.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE was created by men for men who hoped to recapture the passion and improve their love-making prowess without the embarrassment of doctors visits. This all-natural supplement has been satisfying men worldwide for several years. If you are man who is interested in taking a positive step toward improved sexual satisfaction – for you and your partner – then please take the time to read this website.

The focus of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is to increase the flow of blood to the penis thereby increasing the firmness and duration of the erection. As you will see there are many factors that come into play for an erection to be successful. Any type of damage or failure in a critical area can lead to weak erections and poor performance during your intimate situations.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE was formulated for people with impotence, premature ejaculation, functional barrier of erection, and low libido by increasing male hormone testosterone and sperm production, stimulating the body naturally by adjusting the functions of hypothalamus, hypophysis and sexual gland, and stimulating telotism center, making the cavernous body of the genital organ directionally congested and erected, and opening the lower orifices to reach a quick effect.


The penis contains three major chambers which fill with blood during an erection. These are the Corpora Cavernosa, of which the penis contains two, and the Corpus Spongiosum. The head of the penis is called the glans and is continuous with the distal most portion of the Corpus Spongiosum. The glans varies in size accordingly with the penis during an erection. The three chambers are surrounded by thin ligaments that prevent over distention of the penis during an erection. In addition, fibrous extensions of these ligaments create a sheet that surrounds the penis and its chambers and are ultimately responsible for the “stiffness” of erection when distended. The chambers of the penis are a collection of distending blood vessels. They become engorged with blood during an erection.

The erection occurs when stimuli cause the brain to send neural signals to the penis via the nervous system. Complex chemicals are also released by the body that triggers the process of filling and holding the blood in the chambers of the penis. As the vascular muscle at the beginning of the Corpus Spongiosum fills with blood it soon stops the flow out of the penis. The penis is now engorged and in an erect state. If there are any problems in any area of the erection process your performance will suffer. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE contains ingredients researched for their ability to boost performance by increasing blood flow to the penis which results in harder erections.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE contains specially chosen ingredients long researched for their ability to stimulate greater blood flow to the genitals and increase testosterone levels.

image027The Natural Erection Tablet for Powerful, Multiple & Long Lasting Erections & Relief from Premature Ejaculation


  • Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Stop Premature Ejaculation
  • Increases sperm production and helps boosts sex drive.
  • Helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Natural aphrodisiac that helps increase sex drive.
  • Improves sexual function and helps increase libido in men.
  • Increases blood flow to the male sexual organs.
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more testosterone.
  • Is a semi-essential amino acid that helps transport and store nitric oxide, a chemical in the body that dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the penis.
  • Provides energy. increase sexual stamina and arousal.
  • Supports the central nervous system and helps the body relax.
  • Frequently used to treat poor circulation.
  • Used to prevent prostate enlargement. Also helps stimulate circulation.
  • Helps boost circulation and brings warmth to the whole body.
  • Alleviates stress and helps you relax.
  • Promotes a healthy immune system and delivers natural energy to the body.
  • Stimulates the entire body to overcome stress, fatigue and weakness.
  • Helps increase testosterone and progesterone levels in the body.
  • Popular glandular substance derived from testicle tissue. Helps produce testosterone, and sperm cells.
  • Important for male nutrition as well as maintaining proper blood levels of estradiol, which is a precursor of estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone that must be regulated to insure maximum male sexual performance.

Effectiveness of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE


The Three Major Problems of Men are Low Libido, Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is Targeted at Solving These Very Three Problems.

Feedback on this TABLET has been outstanding, be prepared to have strong erections for long periods, and high libido. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is a revolutionary sexual stimulant designed to help increase sexual stamina and arousal. TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE utilizes three proprietary components that make its actions very powerful, it may help you: ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE, INCREASE YOUR LIBIDO, MAINTAIN A MORE SUSTAINABLE ERECTION, & HELPS PROLONG EJACULATION. Start a better love life today, with TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE on your side you can feel confident in your love making!!

1) Low Libido

Libido means ‘sexual drive’. It is common knowledge that a person can have good sex only when the person enjoys the act. It is often said that ‘sex lies between the ears and not between the legs’. 15This is very true. Even you might have experienced that on some days you feel very sexually stimulated, while on some other days you feel sexually quite down and out. This can happen even with the same partner and on the same bed. Wherein does the difference lie then? It is within the mind.

Our brain is the controlling center for all the sexual activities that go on inside our body. The brain controls the sexual triggers in males such as erection, shortness of breath, ejaculation of the seminal discharge known in slang as precum, and so on. The brain does this after getting aroused by sexual stimuli. Sexual stimuli for different men are different. The following are the most commonly observed sexual stimuli in men:-

  • Visual stimulus, like seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex (in heterosexual men).
  • Tactile stimulus, like being touched by someone, especially in the erogenous zones like the penile and the nipples.
  • Auditory stimulus, like hearing some sexually titillating talk (this is the basis of success of all telephonic sex operations).
  • Olfactory stimulus, which include smelling some sexually indicative aromas, like the body odor of a lover or some perfumes.

All these stimuli decide what kind of response the man would give as a reflex action. If the arousal is high, then we say that the sexual drive in the person is high. A sexually aroused man will exhibit.

  • A hardened and erect penis
  • Some fluid discharge at the tip of the penile (this is the precum)
  • Upright nipples (this may not be observed in some men)
  • Shortening of breath, etc.

However, if it is low, then the person will not exhibit some or all of the above indications. This would definitely be a big blow to the man’s sexual performance.

The ingredients of TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE are real weapons for your low libido. This exclusive formula has been shown in scientific studies to increase sexual desire, support sexual function and boost the male low libido. It helps create firmer harder erections, increase in testosterone levels, sperm count and potency. As a result, heighten desire, pleasure and sense of well being.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE will increase sexual desire, enhance libido and ensure orgasm. The ingredients of the products, have been tried and tested to increase the libido of men.

2) Premature Ejaculation

Unhappy young couple with problem in bedroom

It means ‘coming too soon’ in slang language. It is the condition when the person ejaculates too quickly, without the female partner getting her orgasm. It can lead to a lot of sexual frustration, where the partner might think her man is selfish and does not care whether she gets her orgasm or not. It is today a leading cause of breakups between sexually active couples.

Every sexually active man in this world must have ejaculated too soon at least once in his life. This is not a permanent condition; it can be corrected with the passage of time. Differing circumstances can bring about changes in the man’s ejaculating tenacity. In men, the leading causes of premature ejaculation are as follows:-

  • Too much sexual frenzy, This is generally observed in young men having sex for the first time. In such men, the sexual arousal is built up so high, that they may ejaculate too soon. It is not uncommon to observe first-timers ejaculating merely upon being touched by a woman.
  • Too many sexual taboos, In some customs, sex is quite an ‘in the closet’ subject. For this reason, couples cannot have sex with freedom. In some Asian countries, there is the pattern of living in joint families, where there is a possibility of anyone interfering in the sexual act. Such couples may devise methods to quicken the sexual act. Even under improved conditions, the men may continue to ejaculate too soon.
  • Too much masturbation in the younger age, Boys caught masturbating are often reprimanded. In order to avoid this, boys perform their masturbations quite quickly, for example, while in the shower or while urinating. This habit may continue in later lives and become a cause for premature ejaculation.
  • Too many tensions and worries, This cause is in conjunction with the fact that sex is an emotionally triggered act. Men who have lots of worries in their head may just ejaculate quite quickly in their pent-up frustration.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is the best herbal remedy for removal of premature ejaculation and for increasing the sexual staying power in a man. It lowers the sensivity of penis and highers the viscosity of semen to remove the premature ejaculation permanently.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is purely natural and safe tablet with out any side effects.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE is of very special benefits to men who are suffering from this problem. It prolongs the sexual arousal of the man without letting him ejaculate. As a result, the couple can enjoy the bodies of each other without the fear that the man will come too soon and put an abrupt end to the sexual recreation.

3) Erectile Dysfunction

image035image034It is simply known as ‘weak erection’. Any person who has problems with getting a hard penile during sexual arousal is suffering from erectile dysfunction. Both of the following scenarios can be termed as erectile dysfunction:-

The man is unable to get an erection at all, i.e. it is always flaccid.

The man gets an erection, but is not able to sustain it till his partner gets an orgasm.

Both the above cases of erectile dysfunction can wreak havoc on the man’s sexual life, not to mention the embarrassment they can cause to the man. In almost all customs, men who fail to get an erection (or cannot maintain an erection) are treated as men having lesser masculinity. Though this is quite untrue, society continues to label men according to the quality of the erections they get. Therefore, men suffering from erectile dysfunction are constantly on the lookout for some remedy of their condition.

Most of the factors that cause low libido can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Some of the generally observed causes are:

  • Living under stressful conditions often leads to weak erection. This is because the blood circulates to a greater extent in the brain than in the genital area. As a result, the blood is insufficient to fill up in the spongy tissues of the corpus cavernosa which provides the erection.
  • Diseases like diabetes mellitus are known to cause erectile dysfunctions in men. Such types of erectile dysfunction can only be cured with a symptomatic treatment of the disease itself.
  • Some men experience after eating a very heavy food. This is because more blood is consumed in the digestion and assimilation of the food, and it is insufficient to fill up the corpus cavernosa.
  • Men who are addicted to smoking and alcoholism lose their sexual urges. This manifests itself in the inability to get and sustain an erection.
  • Similarly, men who take a lot of therapeutic drugs such as depressants, antihistamines, painkillers, etc. will suffer from the side-effect of erectile dysfunction.
  • Men who have undergone surgeries in the groin may loss some of the sexual stimulus in the area. Examples of such surgeries are removal of cancers and surgeries of the urinary bladder.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE provides you with better, stronger and larger erections as well as ensures overall male health and longevity. Its powerful nutrients and potent herbal agents work to stimulate male performance.

TASEER HAB-E-TALLAEE can help men achieve hard and prolonged erections by the virtue of the ingredients present in them. The fulfillment of a rollicking, frolicking sexual episode can be easily brought on by the usage of these wonder products.


TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE An effective herbal tonic for senile debility and quick recovery after prolonged illness. It stimulates the functioning of all major organs of the body and gives a feeling of well-being.

image038TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE is particularly useful in removing the weakness of heart, liver and mind. Rectifies palpitation and depression quickly. Strengthens the Brain and Liver and is chief potent tonic during the convalescent period.

Use As A Brain Tonic

image039Promotes Brain Health & Maintains Healthy Concentration, Memory and Balanced Mood in All Ages.

For centuries, traditionally, it was used as a c of all the organs of a human body and regulating the brain central nervous system.

This medicine is mainly made from the natural herbs a rare and precious specialty of the Eastern Asia and brain strengthening nutrients refined with the latest advanced pharmaceutical technology. Through long term research and the repeated clinical tests in numerous cases, this product has been proved to promote the metabolism of the brain cell tissue and the brain cells capacity of absorbing the nutrients needed by them from blood. It can strengthen the activity of brain cells, inhibit their premature ageing and promote the return of the cerebral functions to normal. This medicine is safe and reliable and free from any side effects with its outstanding effects confirmed by modern medical specialists. It is both a brain-treating nutrient suited for men old and young in all the four seasons of a year and a brain-strengthening medicine which is hard to come by.

  • Increases Learning Capacity
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Ideal for Students and the Elderly
  • Improves Memory

Use As A Liver Tonic


TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE A 100% natural, safe and proven herbal remedy for ongoing liver health. It contains herbs known for their ability to maintain healthy liver functioning. It also helps the liver resist damage from toxins and disease, thereby improving overall systemic health.

At herbal medicines, we recognize the vital importance of liver health – for quality of life and wellbeing, as well as for maintaining the important liver functions of detoxification and protection via healthy immune systems. For this reason, together with the experts, we developed TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE to address these important health needs.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE is a 100% herbal remedy containing herbs known for their ability to improve the functioning of the liver and protect it from damaging toxins and disease, thereby improving overall systemic health.

Apart from their beneficial effect on the liver, the herbs chosen for TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE also have other important therapeutic benefits, which further contribute to a healthy body and better quality of life.

Use As A Heart Tonic

image041Increase Your Energy By Promoting Healthy Circulation.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE to help Build and Strengthen the Heart: The heart is our life pump, and when it is not properly fed (with wholesome foods) it suffers malfunction (weakness and heart attacks) causing the heart failure condition that is one of the world’s greatest killers. The mucusless diet used over a period of time can rebuild a heart to a good strong condition, but if the heart, its valves, and other working parts are in a weakened condition and need quick help we use a great “heart food or tonic” to assist it back to health. This food is the TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE. This herbal formula is thought of by many to be a wonderful aid for organic and functional heart disorders such as dyspnea, rapid and feeble heart action, hypertrophy, and valvular insufficiency sufficiency, This preparation is great for the heart and the circulatory system, supporting health for those with irregular heartbeat, accelerated heartbeat and congestive heart disease. The properties of the TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE  help to protect heart cells. It has also been shown to help the heart muscle survive on lesser amounts of blood and oxygen.

Other benefits are that it thins the blood, reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, increases circulation, reduces blood pressure and blood fat all while toning the heart muscle.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE has herbs that help improve circulation, strengthen heart muscles, and act as excellent heart tonics.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE is designed to support your entire cardiovascular system, including the heart, arteries and veins. It contains a unique complex of synergistic nutrients, including special vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, peptides, specific phytonutrients, and herbal extracts, which provide unparalleled support for the heart and circulatory system.

Healthy circulation is important to every cell in the body. In order to nourish, oxygenate, and remove waste from our cells, we need a healthy heart, and flexible veins and arteries.TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE is a leading-edge product designed to assist your circulatory system in supporting all of the cells and organs in your body.

Use As A Nerve Tonic


The brain, spinal cord and an enormous network of nerves threaded throughout our system make up the control center for the entire body. The brain uses all the information it receives from our nerves to coordinate all of our actions and reactions from blinking, to kicking a ball, to driving a car – without a nervous system, we simply couldn’t exist!

Unfortunately, due to modern farming methods, the food that is available to us is often deficient in the minerals and vitamins that are essential for health, even if we follow a healthy diet. Added to this is the fact that many people rely on fast food or pre-packed processed meals due to time constraints and a stressful lifestyle.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE can be used regularly in a general capacity to promote systemic balance in the brain, spinal cord and the entire nervous system, as well as in conjunction with other remedies to maintain therapeutic effectiveness.

TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE offers fast relief for symptoms of nervous tension and simple everyday stress. The natural ingredients of TASEER KHAMIRA TALLAEE may help you to maintain a cheerful disposition, and can improve mental focus. Other ingredients benefit the more physical half of stress-ache, working quickly to temporarily support nerve endings and reducing pain experienced due to stress.

image045This formulation is a relaxing nerve tonic. It strengthens the entire nervous system. The calming effects of these herbs have pronounced restorative properties that are very helpful to compensate for the effects of stress on the sympathetic nervous and circulatory systems. In addition, several of them have secondary liver and digestive stimulating properties. The resulting improvement in assimilation combined with nervine properties makes this an excellent restorative formulation. It can be particularly useful as a tonic during convalescence. This formulation can be helpful for the treatment of conditions such as general stress, nervousness, anxiety, mild depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and stress-related digestive disturbances. The overall effect is both relaxing and uplifting. This formulation can be used throughout the day, as it will not cause drowsiness. Protect against and treat anxiety and panic attacks.


Strengthen Overall Heart Strength, Regulate Heart Rhythm and Stop Palpitations & Improve Blood Circulation to the Heart.


Today, we live in a high stress world. Everybody knows that. What most people don’t know is that stress not only wipes out your energy reserves; it also exhausts your mental reserves. Far too many of us end up wandering through our days in a mental fog, using less than 10% of our mental capacity.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is a fast acting herbal supplement that will give you an increase in energy and mental clarity. Consider these benefits: No caffeine, no sugar, no jitters! Just herbal power! Our unique blend of herbs provides a synergistic formula to help you get through the demands of our modern lifestyle. No more tiresome afternoons in the office, no more fatigue when you are driving home, stay focused, stay alert, stay alive! Great for sports, studying, long drives, extra hours in the office.


There are so many supplements out there that claim to do something but in actual fact they do not. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM has been used for centuries by oriental cultures, as they are most effective. Practicing modern medicine has brought the world to an amazing era where many lives are save. The problem with modern medicine however is that the most of the time it looks at the cure and not prevention.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps maintain the health and functioning of entire physiology it increases longevity, memory and intelligence, enhances immunity, elevates energy levels, decreases the effects of aging and enhances overall well-being.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM Complete heart, brain and liver care remedy made from natural herbs which strengthens the ailing & weak heart brain and liver. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAMis effective in strengthening the Heart & liver Muscles, Enhanced concentration, controlling Blood Pressure, maintaining the normal Pulse Rate and other Heart Diseases. It helps to maintain the balance between supply and demand of myocardial oxygen. It helps regulate lipid metabolism by increasing the protective HDL-cholesterol while lowering both total and bad LDL-cholesterol. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM Enhance concentration, improved memory for teachers, business professionals and instantly rebuilds your mental reserves.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM An ideal Immune Booster, Restorative and Rejuvenator. It prepared from specially selected exotic herbs and the choicest ingredients, in the ageless tradition of tib-e-unani the ancient science of life.

We challenge for those all persons who avoid marriage and feel some sexual weakness.What may be the cause of this disability, our hakims are fully capable to treat such patients up to desired level. The proof of this claim is based upon the long list of such patients who understand them selves as useless people and where afraid of the name of marriage. We treated them successfully with the help of our herbal formula TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM. This is 100% safe herbal formula and no any side effect has been reported yet.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is an HERBAL preparation, which helps in removing body weakness and enhances energy, immunity & stamina.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is based upon the ancient HERBAL formulation, which is known to strengthen the immune & nerve system of the human body’s vital defense mechanism against everyday infections. Regular consumption of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM also promotes mental alertness and helps in removing body weakness and enhances energy, immunity & stamina.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM aims at maintaining youthfulness, vigor, and vitality of the body. There are numerous benefits of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM. It sharpens the sense organs, increases the digestive fire, desire for sex and strength of the body if used in the proper manner.. The anti-oxidant properties of the tonic act against the ageing process and maintain youthfulness.

The Benefits of The TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM for Body Are as Follows:

As a Nutritive Agent


TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is good source of some useful trace elements and minerals, which are vital for body. It provides energy to the body, which is vital for making red blood cells (RBCs). Besides its ability to enhance the absorption of other nutrients taken by the individual helps body get maximum benefits of the nutrients. By virtue of this activity,TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps rejuvenate the body.

By Improving Liver Functions

image052TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is scientifically proven to have liver protecting effects. It has been proved to lower liver cholesterol, serum tryglycerides and serum phospholipids. By maintaining the liver functions, TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps body perform various functions attributed to liver like digestion metabolism etc, and helps body remain juvenile. It also helps combat toxic elements from the liver and helps rejuvenate the body.

Further role of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM in balancing cholesterol and sugar level also help in maintaining proper body functions.

By Improving Brain Functions

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is a mental fitness formula that supports brain function in both normal and demanding situations. The benefits of taking TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM daily have been demonstrated in a broad range of cases. Through better concentration and increased attention span; executives and managers can improve their memory, grasping abilities, understanding and retention. The mentally fatigued and elderly can reduce frustrating bouts of forgetfulness.

By Improving Cardiac Functions


TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps reduce the accumulation of fatty substances, cholesterol, and other cellular wastes in the inner lining of the arteries. It also prevents LDL cholesterol from being damaged by the free radicals and thus prevents generation of “foam cells” which also accumulates inside the arteries leading to even atheroscierosis and cardiac failure. Thus by marinating healthy arteries and blanching the cholesterol levels, TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps in the proper blood circulation which is important to maintain the body and mind in its optimum working condition.

By Improving Kidney Functions


TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps reduce the accumulation of fatty substances, cholesterol, and other cellular wastes in the inner lining of the arteries. It also prevents LDL cholesterol from being damaged by the free radicals and thus prevents generation of “foam cells” which also accumulates inside the arteries leading to even atheroscierosis and cardiac failure. Thus by marinating healthy arteries and blanching the cholesterol levels, TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps in the proper blood circulation which is important to maintain the body and mind in its optimum working condition.

TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM Herbal formula used for thousands of years to improve kidney energy and promote longevity. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM is a 100% natural herbal remedy containing herbs known for their supportive tonic effect on the kidneys and the promotion of health in the entire urinary system. Regular use encourages healthy kidney function and supports the body’s natural ability to flush out toxins and filter waste.

It is a comprehensive formula for all types of kidney pain and inflammation, intermittent or burning urination, pain in the hips, numbness of the legs, and swelling of the ankles.

By Improving The CNS Functions


TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps to protect your brain from age related damage caused by long-term free radicals. It also increases levels of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine by inhibiting the enzyme, acetyl cholinesterase. This improves ones ability to link clearly and improve memory. An optimum nervous system would definitely help in coordination between various function of body and mind including improved libido.

As an Anti Stress Agent


One losses interest in sex if you are overstressed. For better performance, it is imperative that one should free from physical as well as mental fatigue or stress. TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM by improving the stress tolerance helps this and hence indirectly improves your libido and performance.

As an Adaptogenic Agent


Regular usage of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps body and mind to acclimatize to the new and varied environmental, climatic and social conditions without much stress. This helps in marinating the body and mind in their optimum state.

All these above health benefits of TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM facilitate rejuvenation of body and mind. A rejuvenated mind and body would obviously perform better than diseased and stressed ones. Thus, TASEER LABOOB–E-AZAM helps in maintaining ones libido by helping the body remain young and juvenile.

Safoof-e-Azam Tallie:

Stop Spermatorrhoea & Increase Semen Volume With TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE MUSHKI MUQAVI KHAS JAWAHIRDAR KHAS-UL-KHAS (Supplement for Semen & Sperm Production)

Overall Improved Production Of Semen And Sperm!

Ever wanted longer, stronger, and more explosive male orgasms? Has your semen ever dribbled and you wish it would shoot out? Have you ever wanted to impress your partner with massive semen ejaculations?

anatomyIf you answered yes to the above questions then TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is the answer for your semen volume enhancement needs. With TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE you can get a larger load of semen volume which means more intense male orgasms as well as the potential to become multi orgasmic.

Our unique blend of ingredients will provide the nutrients needed to increase semen volume and stop Spermatorrhea. The ingredients in TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE stimulate semen and testosterone production in the testes. You may notice an increase in semen volume within just a few days and it can reach up to 500% if you continue to use the product.


During an erection, sexual arousal causes increased blood flow through the arteries in the penis. These arteries expand, allowing for more blood to enter the penile region, while the veins that control the blood flowing out of the penis simultaneously contract. The hardening effect that this process has on the tissues of the penis is what causes an erection. At the peak of penile arousal, ejaculation occurs, in which the sperm is released from the penis. The larger the amount of fluid ejaculated, the more pleasurable the sexual experience.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE are medically proof to increase ejaculation fluid, sperm activity, and sperm count during the ejaculation process. TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is a very effective solution of  low sperm count, poor ejaculation or pre mature ejaculation and decreases there ability to full erection.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE containing a high level of amino acids assist the body in creating more ejaculation fluid. It does not only increased your sperm count but it magnified sperm activity also. It gives more ejaculation fluid on the orgasm and relieves spermatorrhoea. Increased fluid prolongs the orgasm, allowing for a very intense and drawn out experience. In short more sperm pills increase penis erection, size, stamina, desire, and performance.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is a potent blend of natural ingredients that have been demonstrated through documented international research to strengthen the prostate gland, help your body eliminate toxins and even help increase your sexual stamina and enjoyment. The 100% natural ingredients found in TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE really work. It is not only boost your sexuality but also this is very trustworthy and good for men’s sexual health.


  • Increase semen volume
  • Make your semen look whiter, thicker and healthier
  • Give you intense male orgasms that won’t stop
  • Impress your sex partner with massive semen ejaculations
  • Boost your confidence in your sexual abilities
  • Help you become multi orgasmic
  • Give you increased sexual energy & desire
  • Relieves spermatorrhoea

chartTASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE Spermatorrhoea Cure

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is a non prescription, 100% natural herbal supplement that cures spermatorrhoea and is suitable for men of all ages.

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE acts on the hypothalamatic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, it helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays of ejaculation by up to 20 mins. TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE has been very favorably reported by large number researchers. It contains indigenous ingredients of ancient reputed herbal drugs having salutary pharmacological action in spermatorrhoea, nocturnal emissions, masturbation and allied sex disorders. The constituents of TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE bring about powerful contraction of the seminal vesicle cutting up the afferent stimuli from the seminal vesicle and thus relieve spermatorrhoea. It tones up the system and improves the general vitality and acts as a restorative nervine tonic. It is not just a sedative and it does not diminish desire or sex interest as bromides, valerian and other tranquillizers usually do.

Increase Sperm, Power and Pleasure… Naturally

Many customers want to increase their ejaculation amount purely for self-confidence or sexual gratification reasons. To these men, a large, thick amount of ejaculate proves to them and their partners that they are manly and virile, or that they are fully satisfied with their sexual experiences.


As evidenced by our thousands of customers, all of these are possible with our formula. A larger load of cum means more intense orgasms and also the potential to become multi orgasmic. Did you know that a recent survey showed that 85% of women actually get aroused by a man who produces “above average” semen amounts? Let’s just say that with ourTASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE, she’ll be speechless.

Increase The Volume of Your Ejaculation in Just Days!

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is an all natural male enhancement formula that is proven to increase your SPERM by 500%. Would you like to show your partner’s your sexual strength and power? Have you tried all different kinds of methods but with no success? Are you about to give up the fight for your bigger stamina and greater ejaculation? STOP, there’s a solution now!!!

A large, volumes and intense male orgasm is an experience like no other and it is very satisfying for both partners – especially for the man. I’m sure there have been times in every man’s life where he has had a truly intense and incredible orgasm. But for most men, an explosive and mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t happen every time, which is why they are searching for a product that can help them achieve this feeling of complete euphoria much more frequently. In such circumstances TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE is the only product that can help them.

  • Longer orgasms – More Sperm, means longer orgasms
  • Erections like steel – Guaranteed to satisfy
  • Increased sexual desire – Enhanced libido
  • More Staying Power – Last all night
  • Multiple Orgasms – Cum up to 4 times in a row
  • Up to 500% more volume – Shower your lovers in it
  • Sweeter tasting sperm – It improves the flavor


TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE enhances spermatogenesis by developing the functions of testicles, seminal vesicle and epididymus. TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE undoubtedly promotes the sperm quantity as well as quality. It is also responsible for enhancing the levels of leutining hormones as well as follicular stimulating hormone that is responsible for the production of basophilic cells in the master gland i.e. pituitary glands.

  • Increase semen volume up to 600%
  • Boost fertility in a huge way
  • Lower refractory period, Recover for the next sexual encounter faster
  • Increased sexual desire, Enhanced libido allows for more encounters
  • Ejaculate with power, Stronger ejaculation with multiple spurts
  • Boost your fertility and confidence, Increased sperm motility
  • More Energy, Feel younger and more energetic with extra drive
  • Doctor Approved, Breakthrough formulation, laboratory tested

Strengthening Your Sperm & Also Increasing Your Sexual Stamina

TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE Supports The Male Reproductive System

1) Testis

The testis produces the spermatozoa for the semen.   However, at the time the spermatozoa leave the testis, they still are not mature. They can only swim in a poorly coordinated fashion, and they are not yet fully capable of fertilization TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEEprovides your body with the proper stimulation and nutrients to activate spermatozoa production. You will see that other fluids that contribute to the semen help to fully activate the spermatozoa.  The spermatozoa move out of the testis and into the epididymus continually.

2) Epididymus

The epididymus is like a storage area for the spermatozoa.  After the spermatozoa are born, they make their way into the epididymus, where they await their release.  Within the epididymus, the sperm are found in ducts.

epididymus  The cells lining the ducts secrete glycogen (the polysaccharide) and other substances.  These substances nourish and support the spermatozoa, helping them to mature.  The maturation of the sperm into cells capable of coordinated movement occurs here.

The spermatozoa leave the epididymus during ejaculation (in a little bit of fluid TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE increases the amount of the fluid as well, giving an overall bigger orgasm).  As they travel through the male reproductive system, other secretions are added to the spermatozoa-containing solution.

3) Vas Deferens

vas-deferensAlso called the “ducts deferens” this region is strictly for transport of spermatozoa.

4) Ampulla

This is just a widened area of the vas deferens.   It has no additional function for the production of semen.

5) Seminal Vesicle

The seminal vesicles secrete a fluid that contains:

Fructose:  a monosaccharide that spermatozoa can use to produce ATP… swimming is hard work and is quite energetically costly for the spermatozoa! TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEEhelps provide motility to sperm.

Prostaglandins:  a kind of hormone that causes the female reproductive organs to undergo smooth muscle contractions.  You see, when the spermatozoa enter the female reproductive system, they have a long way to go before they reach the egg (if it is there!).  The smooth muscle contractions are peristaltic contractions that help move the spermatozoa toward the ovaries.

A Basic Solution:  the spermatozoa may have been stored for quite some time… in that case, they tend to accumulate cellular metabolism wastes, making their solution more acidic.  The basic (alkaline) solution brings the pH of the spermatozoa-solution back toward a more neutral pH.  Meanwhile, the female reproductive tract is a bit acidic, so the basic pH of the seminal vesicle secretion also helps to counteract that condition; the seminal fluid is only a little basic, though.

The seminal vesicle secretion is released during ejaculation and comprises a portion of the semen.

6) Prostate Gland

The prostate gland also adds fluid to the semen.   This fluid is milky in appearance.

prostate-glandIt is a basic solution, and serves the same role as the basic solution of the seminal vesicle. However, the prostate gland secretion is a bit more basic than the seminal vesicle secretion.  So it is even more effective at restoring a more neutral semen pH and counteracting the acidic environment of the female reproductive system. As you can see, getting more semen volume has a lot to do with more than just getting a higher sperm count.

The prostate gland secretion also has the effect of increasing spermatozoan motility.

The prostate gland only secretes its fluid during ejaculation. This is a main reason for recommending taking TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE 60-30 minutes prior to sex for maximum ejaculation.

7) Bulbourethral Gland

The bulbourethral glands (a.k.a., Cowper’s glands) secrete a mucus-like fluid that is not really a semen component.bulbourethal  Instead, the bulbourethral glands secrete during sexual arousal which is supported by TASEER SAFOOF-E-TALLAEE, not just during ejaculation, and serve to lubricate the end of the penis.  Therefore the role of these glands is in facilitating internal fertilization, not in contributing to semen.

In addition, because the secretions of the bulbourethral glands occur before intercourse, it is thought that a secondary function of these secretions is to clear the urethra of any urine/wastes that may still be within it before the semen passes through.



Best For Bigger, Better Orgasms!

TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE  is a tested herbal medicine for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigor to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

  • Producing vigor
  • Inducing tranquility
  • Grumosing the semen
  • Increasing vitality and duration
  • Virility by strengthening the nerves
  • Increasing and thicken the seminal fluid
  • Healing effects of excessive sex or masturbation
  • Nocturnal emission
  • Spermatorrhoea


Effectively in spermatorrhoea, induces tranquillity. Grumoses the semen. Helps in producing vigour, virility by strengthening the nerves. Increases vitality and duration. Effective remedy to increase and thicken the seminal fluid. Useful in nocturnal emission and spermatorrhoea. Heals effects of excessive sex or masturbation.

TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE is a tested herbal medicine for thickening the semen. It also provides vitality and vigour to the body and freshness to the mind. It effectively controls nightly emission. It also corrects the digestive system thus promoting production of fresh blood and resulting in enhancing sexual energy.

TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE provides your body with the proper stimulation and nutrients to support and stimulate spermatozoa production. It supports seminal fluids that contribute to the semen help to fully activate the spermatozoa. The spermatozoa move out of the testis and into the epididymus continually. TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE will let you ejaculate with power. It is designed for stronger ejaculations with multiple spurts. Try TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE today and see how your sex life can be easily improved!

  • Increase Semen Volume Up to 600%- Our proven formula naturally increases the amount of semen you produce
  • Lower Refractory Period- Recover for the next sexual encounter faster
  • Increased Sexual Desire Enhanced libido allows for more encounters.
  • Ejaculate with Power- Stronger ejaculation with multiple spurts.
  • Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels
  • Boost your Fertility and Confidence – Increased sperm motility.
  • More Energy – Feel younger and more energetic with extra drive.
  • Doctor Approved – Breakthrough natural formulation, laboratory tested.

Ejaculation, Semen Volume Increase and Male Strength

Since the beginning of time, it seems humans have been obsessed on the attractiveness and ability of the penis. A symbol of manliness, potency, supremacy and accomplishment, the penis and all its components have highly portrayed in the art and minds of civilizations globally. But all the notice devoted to penis dimension, erection ability and lasting strength are truly pretty much an adjunct to the real moment of truth: The orgasm. In the end, isn’t that the true goal of all the penis-centered issue, to have improved and more lasting sexual peaks?


That may clarify why the limelight has focused lately on ejaculation. males are regarding not only the potency or strength of sexual peaks, but how their amount of ejaculate influences a lot of phases of their sexual identity.

Overview of ejaculation To understand the important responsibility of a healthy, abundant amount of ejaculate in male pleasure, let us catch a glimpse of how male climax works.

Healthy ejaculate will look either translucently pearlyish or grayish to pure white. Men who’ve had a vasectomy will produce lighter, more translucent seminal fluid, devoid of the normal 15 to 20 million sperm of a normal ejaculation. Although various textures and manifestations are within the healthy range, most people associate very white, dense and more voluminous ejaculate with a healthier and more potent man.

Criteria for ejaculation level when should a man be alarmed about his level and virility? Sometimes a sudden lowering of ejaculate level can be a sign of blockage of one of the ejaculatory tubes. Duct blockage is diagnosed by prostate ultrasound. Other probable causes of reduced level include retrograde ejaculation or a long-standing infection of the prostate (chronic prostatitis). A decline in seminal fluid level may simply just be a typical process of maturity and may not necessarily result in decreased fertility.

If there is concern about the amount, the look and quality of the ejaculate, it is recommended to think about seminal fluid assessment by a qualified doctor. The usual semen analysis evaluates seminal fluid amount and pH, microscopically analyses for wreckage and agglutination, evaluates sperm dilution and structure, counts sperm leukoctyes and pinpoints undeveloped microorganism cells. Generally this occurs after two to seven days of sexual abstinence, on a seminal fluid sample gathered at the physician’s office. The doctor will perhaps also want to conduct check-ups to discount urinary infection, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

In most cases, the seminal fluid assessment yields outcome that are scientifically within the “regular” limit, but men can still feel frustrated with the tightening force of sexual peaks, the amount and quality of their ejaculate, and their fertility. For them, and for men who simply long to feel live through the added belief of mounting seminal fluid amount, there is an excellent non-artificial preparation known as TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE Which holistically tackles the problem.

TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE has been proven to boost the amount of ejaculate by roughly 500 percent, and enhances quality of sperm, motion of sperm, complete sperm count, and usefulness of seminal fluid and sperm generation.

Benefits of improving amount the benefits of orgasming with greater amount and force are numerous. By improving both amount of fluid and measure/health of sperm, the volume is not only bigger, more impressive and more pleasing, but much more potent, also.

The bigger the amount of fluid and sperm that is present in each orgasm, the more a contractions it takes to shoot all of it – and each contraction is stronger and more intense. The male orgasm, is typically quite a momentary experience, can turn out to be a much continuing experience. Potency and fertility are of worry to all men, but especially those with an instant desire to impregnate their companion. Sterility is increasingly widespread, and a product like TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE is a good assistance in this subject.

Finally, there are essential benefits to a man’s self-assurance when he is able to increase ejaculate amount and power. Sexual assertion is connected not only to conquest in passionate activities, but to many other forms of victory also; research prove assertiveness in sexual identity carries over into every facet of a man’s being.

How level booster products work Volume enhancers differ a lot in preparation, expense and production techniques. Here we shall consider a very accepted and proven choice, TASEER  MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE to illustrate how it works.

TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE was worked out by a group of practitioners to improve every aspect of sexual task and for men. The focus is on level-enhancing, due to its various related benefits. Created from non articial ingredients with age-old anecdotal attestation in many civilizations globally, the TASEER MUGHALLIZ TALLAEE includes botanicals and non-artificial elements to notify and support/sustain/maintain the ejaculatory tubes, epididymis, testes, prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens i.e., every part of the male reproductive system.


Traditionally Proven, Consistent & Regular Use of TASEER TILLA TALLAEE Can Help Beat the Problem of Premature Ejaculation!

At the Same Time, You Can Get Benefit From a Harder, Stronger, Longer and More Rigid Erection.

TASEER TILLA TALLAEE is a PREMIUM Massage oil for men. Herbs and natural oils that has been traditionally used by men as a massage oil to naturally enhance erection, size and beat pre-mature ejaculation by way of massage or topical application. TASEER TILLA TALLAEE is one of the fastest and simplest doctor-recommended methods available for improving your erection strength! This carefully formulated mix of botanicals has a potent effect on the male erection, bringing it to a level of hardness rarely experienced by the average man. Give yourself the advantage of centuries of herbal medicine with the backing of modern transdermal delivery technology – the best of both worlds! TASEER TILLA TALLAEE latest formulation is EXTRA potent as it contains extracts of active ingredients infused via TASEER TILLA TALLAEE  proprietary production method in a Good Manufacturing Practice Production Facility.

TASEER TILLA TALLAEE will improve your all natural erection enhancement efforts in less time

Face it, if you want to take total erotic control of a woman, you just can’t let concerns about your performance disrupt the thrill and momentum of spontaneous, passionate sex. You want to know without a doubt that you’ll be as hard and as hot and as enduring as you ever dreamed. And you want it now.

It’s the trait 9 out of 10 women find sexiest in a man. With a larger, fuller penis, you can’t help but exude confidence. Let’s face it, who wants to make love to a man with a small or average size. When it comes to men organs, everyone knows bigger is always better.

Do something about it, today!

How Penis Work?

The penis is mainly made of tissue called Corpora Carvernosa (CC) and Corpus Spongiosum (CS). Corpora Carnevosa (CC) is a sponge-like tissue that traps bloods during erection. Corpus Spongiosum that runs along the length of the penis is the nerves center for penis. When physical or psychological sexual stimulation is applied, blood will flow into these compartments. Concurrently, the rate of blood leaving them is also temporarily reduced. As a result, bloods are trapped in these compartments and the penis is erected. Below is the illustration of penis internal structure.


TASEER TILLA TALLAEE transdermal effect translates to a very firm, fuller penis because of the growth and engorgement of penile tissue with a longer erection time without the danger of having a premature ejaculation.

TASEER TILLA TALLAEE is a blend of natural ingredients that work on the tone and support of the whole reproductive system of men, to boost blood circulation and its flow directly to the penis, and to create a place to enhance erection and arousal.   Each natural extract and nutrient was chosen for a specific benefit to the male sexual system. All these ingredients go to work directly within the male genitalia, with effects on hormonal levels, blood flow and the responsive cells of the penis.

As a Result, Your Penis Will Simply Become Longer, Stronger & Harder.

Generally, TASEER TILLA TALLAEE works by improving blood flow into the penis during erection. TASEER TILLA TALLAEE will improve blood circulation in penis by recovering the inactive blood vessels and capillaries. It will also improve blood circulation inside Corpora Carvernosa (CC) and Corpus Spongiosum (CS) causing more amount of blood being trapped inside these sponge-like tissues. Apart from it TASEER TILLA TALLAEE also encourages the natural process of regeneration of blood vessels along the length of penis. The Anesthetic component of TASEER TILLA TALLAEE then gives a slightly numbing experience on the penis to give longer erection during sexual intercourse. Above all this, TASEER TILLA TALLAEE will help in dispersing all these components into the penis tissue more quickly causing more amount of blood to be drawn into penis.

We offer a natural solution for penis enlargement,

Many Thousands Who Has Successfully Used it to Achieve a Longer & Thicker Penis.

Increase Length of Penis Up To 30-40 mm

Our massage oil is a unique formulation which is prepared with precious herbs. Formula of this massage oil is 200 years old and well tried on thousands of people. Penis length of penis increases upto 40 mm within few weeks.

TASEER TILLA TALLAEE is prefered by those seeking natural enhancement of their erection. It offers a simple solution to maintaining a hard and strong erection why wait? Regain control and maintain the performance of your erections by simple massage steps that is effective in as little as 15 minutes.

Traditionally proven, consistent and regular use of TASEER TILLA TALLAEE can help BEAT the problem of premature ejaculation! At the same time, You can benefit from a harder, stronger and more rigid erection.

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Sexual Complications Of Men

Premature Ejaculation
(Early Discharge)

If a person discharges very early at the time of sexual play, it is called premature ejaculation. It would be true to say that sexual capacity varies from person to person. It can be from two minutes to ten minutes. If one ejaculated before the wife is fully satisfied, it should be deemed that he is suffering from premature ejaculation.

There are many symptoms to know whether a person is suffering from this disease or not. For instance, to ejaculate at the very start of sexual act, to feel immediately excited when a person is besides a woman, to ejaculate at the very touch of private parts, or to discharge when a person gets a touch of women in the crowed. All these symptoms denote ‘Premature Ejaculation’, which may ultimately lead to impotency. That person who is suffering from ‘Premature Ejaculation’ should not take opium and other intoxicants for enjoyment. Undoubtedly, these intoxicants are of momentary use, but after some time he gets addicted and every time he has to take these intoxicants. In the long run these do not work and he becomes Impotent forever. A person who has done masturbation in excess may suffer from premature ejaculation.


If a person cannot fully satisfy his wife in the sexual act he is called impotent and the disorder is called as Impotency. It is of many kinds. The person loses his retention power in sexual play, one gets discharged without satisfying the women and she does not reach climax and in the end the penis loses its capacity of erection. These are few signs of Impotency.

The main cause of impotency is excess of masturbation, secondly excess of inter course. At this stage the patient has a desire for inter course, but he is helpless because his penis does not erect enough, in other words it can be said that the penis becomes like a paralyzed part of the body. Some how or other he achieves some erection in the penis but he discharges before intercourse. This disease ruins the happy married life. The Patient feels disappointed and loses his confidence, he sees gloom and darkness around him and very often he thinks of committing suicide. Impotency not only affects the man; one can easily imagine the mental condition of the women whose husband is impotent. She becomes very much disappointed and frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of the sexual desire, but the desire of having a child which is more important to a woman. To fulfill this desire she may take the help of some other person by which a heaven like home turns into hell.

Night Discharge

To discharge semen while asleep is called night Discharge. It is also known as nightfall. The patient in dream feels that some beautiful woman is beside him, he starts doing sexual act with her and the semen is discharged.

In the beginning he rises up immediately at the time of discharge but slowly he is so much in the grip of this disease that he fails to know when he has discharged semen while asleep. He comes to know of it only when he gets up in the morning. Nightfall does always occur at night. Occasional night discharges are not a disease but if it happens frequently, it is undoubtedly injurious to ones health. To avoid frequent nightfall young men should not indulge in vulgar talks, see nude photographs and should not read sexual literature, which arouses their sexual feelings. Do not take hot milk at night. In the morning to walk bare foot on green grass is very helpful for those who have frequent night discharges.


While clearing one’s bowels semen starts passing before or after urination, is called spermaorrhoea. In the beginnings it falls only when one urinates or puts pressure at time of passing stool. Slowly the falling develops before or after one urinates, If this situation continues, the patient gets weaker even after having rich meals. In the chronic stage he loses the brightness of youth. When he feels excited, it falls in excess and his male organ (Penis) very soon gets loose. Women hate such type of persons, but due to shyness she keeps mum. The patient is neither in a position to satisfy his wife nor himself but desires for sex always.


Ejaculating semen with the help of hand is called Masturbation or Hand practice or self-indulgence. One starts it mostly due to bad company .If parents do not looks after their children properly, they fall in the grip of many bad habits, as a result, they start hand practicing whenever they are alone. At that moment they derive a sort of physical enjoyment from this act. Gradually they get so much accustomed to this bad habit, and it becomes very difficult for them to get rid off. They are not aware of the fact that this momentary enjoyment weakens them. When they grow up they feel that they are too weak to enjoy their happy married life. Due to excess Masturbation their genital organ (Penis) does not develop fully. They become mentally and physically weak and lack self-confidence. They develop a very irritating and frustrated temperament and become sick of the society. Excess of Masturbation may lead to frequent night discharges, there after semen may start passing before or after urination. Their digestive system also weakens and even after taking rich diet, which do not improve their health. To get rid of this bad habit one needs a strong will power. All the youths of today should note that masturbation is not a good habit and they should always try to avoid it to make their lives happier and healthier.


When a boy crosses the childhood and enters into youth, he gets lots of imaginary ideas. This is the most delicate period of his life. Every part of his body blooms.At this age if he controls himself and his passion, he florishes like a flower and his personality shines. He tries to climb higher and higher and he is successful in his life. But I feel sorry to note that many of the youth adopt wrong ways. It may be due to bad company they are keeping or for want of necessary sexual knowledge. Then indulge in some unnatural means to satisfy their sexual urge and ruin the lives. At that time they are not aware of the fact of life but they realise their mistakes when they get married as they unable to perform well in sexual act and unable to satisfy their wives. They repent for what they did in the past, because they cannot fully enjoy the charm of happy married life. They felt a condition of dried up semen, which is the most valuable treasure of life and was wasted by them just for nothing.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Sexual Health

Your interest in our treatment is an indication that you’re interested in overall sexual health and vitality. Here are some other important tips for maximizing your virility:

Take A Daily Majoon Faulad Ambri
(Nutrition Supplement)

Many men miss out on essential nutrients because of stress, overloaded schedules and poor diets. A daily multi is good insurance.

Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration is often the culprit in fatigue, exhaustion, and poor function of other body systems (all of which can interfere with your sex life).

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep running in top form.

Exercise Often

Fit folks seem to have better, more satisfying sex lives than the couch potatoes. In addition to keeping all body systems functioning well, exercise also contributes to overall confidence, feelings of sexiness, and the strength and stamina to do as you please between the sheets.

Stop Eating Like A Frat Boy

Time to take nutrition seriously, and forego the all-burger diet. Sure, treat yourself to things you like, but ease up on the junk and put a study to healthy-eating methods.

Cut Down or Stop Smoking

Smoking has been shown to have direct negative effects on sperm count, semen volume and sex drive. Seems to us that if the Surgeon General put this info on cigarette packs, there’d be far fewer smokers!

Careful With The Alcohol

drinking to inebriation will adversely affect your sex life, not just for that night, but overall: liver exhaustion and the depressive effects of chronically overdrinking will wreck your health and your sex life.

Get Good Rest

You know by now that burning the candle at both ends usually means burn out and often that shows up first in flagging sexual desire and exhaustion. Take care of yourself, and top prioritize a good night’s sleep.

Use It or Lose It

One of the best ways to keep your sexual hormones and organs in good form is to enjoy a robust, active sex life! Frequent sex also has been shown to be a factor in preventing prostate cancer. There are also studies that suggest men who engage in sex frequently are at lower risk for heart attack.

Sex and Marriage

Knowledge of sex is very important, at least for post marital life because at times, lack of knowledge about sex ruins the, marital life of couple. It has been noticed that man have too much of misconception about sex. They fear weather they will able to satisfy their wife during intercourse or not.

This feeling develops generally due to these factors:

  • When the husband is physically weaker than his wife is.
  • When the wife is more beautiful than husband
  • When the husband starts thinking that his organ has become weaker because of masturbation, homosexual intercourse or due to press push method of intercourse that he had adopted earlier.

Now lets us deal the problem individually. In case first, when the husband is physically inferior to his wife, the couple is not satisfied during sex. Although they are physically healthy but psychologically the are defeated. Actually, enjoyment in the intercourse can be divided into 2 parts.

First being the pleasure in the excitement which is generally called as foreplay and the second being the actual performance of intercourse unto the point of climax.

The pleasure in the first part is fully dependent on the mental concentration towards the sexual thought and activities, appearance of the body of the both husband and wife. For a brief period after marriage, the physical appearance matters but as life proceeds, this factor becomes meaningless. In the second case when the wife is more beautiful than the husband, then an inferiority complex grips the husband and he does not feel comfortable at the thought of intercourse and does not find full strength in the organ at the time of intercourse. Even the wife gets irritated but hardly understands the problem. But if the wife is matured enough, she can easily trace out the root cause of the problem and sort it out. In most of the cases, the female reaches the climax later than man does.

coupleThere are some causes behind it. One of them is that the productive organ of a man is outside, while in case of women, it is inside. In case of man, it is touched prior to the women, so the pleasure for the man begins, prior to the women, and hence, even being equally strong in sex, man discharge earlier than the women. One more factors matter. Suppose a man is fully excited when he touches his wife but in many cases, wife at the times of touch will not be so excited. Hence, there will be a phase difference in man and his wife. Sometimes a man thinks that he is not competent for his wife so far sexual strength in concerned. But it is only a misunderstanding because of aforesaid factor. To remove this misunderstanding, man should try to compensate this phase of difference in their degree of excitement. Here is the second way, that is the medical treatment. For this a man should visit well-qualified doctors. To take pills, drugs and other things, which shows the immediate effect is highly dangerous for the youth. He will loose all potentiality in long run and reach a stage even after taking drugs, man is helpless to achieve the required potential.

Honey Moon

This is a tradition, which prevails in all the countries and among every caste and creed and has got the same importance every where. In Urdu it is called as Suhag Raat. In Hindi known as Madhu Mas and in English it is termed as HoneyMoon.

coupleThis first meeting of husband and wife in the night decides the future course of their married life. This is the union of two souls; therefore its mental and spiritual importance is more than the physical. Previously, only rich and educated people used to go out for Honey Moon, but now it is become a tradition. To some extent, it is good tradition, because in Pakistan during and after few days of the marriages, the house is full with relatives and it become very difficult for the newly couple to understand each other in that crowded atmosphere, for want of time and space. It is true to say that honeymoon is the most important moment of life during which the couple comes to under standing each other. This is the moment of love, not only the meeting of two bodies, but union of two souls, meaning thereby that lives of two persons have united into one for ever.

Important Instruction to Youth

  • Always avoid bad company. Do not read vulgar and obscene literature and safe guard yourself from bad talks. Always try to preserve your semen, the gem of life.
  • Do not be afraid of night discharges. If is happens once or twice a month, it is a natural course, but if night discharges happen in frequently, one must consult some qualified and experienced physician.
  • Marriage is a pious co-relation and one should abide by every rule of marriage. Do not treat your wife as if she was only meant for sexual pleasure, but always given full respect to her. Do not have intercourse when she is in her menses periods.
  • Always avoid the company of prostitutes. If you go to them, you will ruin your wealth, health and youth and you may suffer from many dangerous diseases.
  • Do not have intercourse immediately after meals but it should be done 2 to 3 hours later.
  • Always try to avoid too much spicy food, wine, tobacco and excess of tea etc.
  • Have your bath daily and don’t forget to clean your male organ (Penis) with sufficient water because some white colored substance (smegma) collects in the male organ that can develop infections.
  • Always go for urination before going to bed.
  • Get yourself thoroughly examined by an experienced and qualified medical practitioner before marriage and act upon his advice.
  • If you suffer from any contagious disease, you should immediately consult some qualified and experienced physician.
  • Masturbation starts from bad company, therefore always avoid bad company and try to control this bad habit with a firm determination.

Sex Knowledge

Male and female are incomplete without each other. Their lives become really meaningful only when they reach the stage of complete mental and physical harmony. Nature has created man and woman for each other and sex has got a vital role to bring them as close as possible. If the sexual life of married couple is fully satisfactory and blissful, only then they can remain mentally and physically healthy, otherwise a gap of unhappiness and frustration starts developing between them which is a curse of modern society. Ignorance of sexual behavior can be a cause for this situation. These days it is our ambition to give best possible education to our children so that they achieve the highest goal in their lives. We tell them about every part of their bodies except the sexual organs. Why so? Simply because the society considers it bad? Perhaps they are not aware of the fact that children have natural curiosity about sex. When their queries regarding sex are not answered properly by parents, they revert to their equally ignorant friends, who try to satisfy their curiosity by wrong notions and distorted facts in the tender brains of the children. Therefore it is a moral duty of the parents to impart all necessary knowledge and information to their growing children about sex and its importance in life. This only can save them from wrong notions and disastrous results.

Aging and Sex

Man and Aging

With age, achieving a full, stiff erection need more time and also manual help by oneself or from a partner. Even the time to have a second erection after the first one fades also increases much.

For example A 17 Year old man can ejaculate and get repeat erection even 10 times in 24 hours, while a 35-40 year old man get erection only once in 24 hours or even more. With age, the frequency of getting morning erections also reduce. The expulsive pressure and the quantity of semen which comes out during ejaculation also decreases with age. With age a man’s serum testosterone levels also goes down resulting in diminished sexual desire.

Woman and Aging

Normally, the first noticeable change occur in a woman’s sexual response with age is decrease vaginal lubrication. As a woman get older, the rate of production and the volume of these lubricating fluids declines to a great amount resulting in dryness of the vagina. With age, the walls of the vagina also looses their elasticity. Aging woman gets less intense and delayed or difficult orgasms. With age, after menopause, the production of estrogen hormone goes down resulting in decrease vaginal lubrication and atrophy of the vagina. Chronic illness, aging changes and poor health plays a significant role for sexual decline with age. If a man or woman is physically fit and sexually active, can enjoy and perform the sex till the end of their last breath.

Alcohol and Sex

As Shakespeare has mentioned in Macbeth, about the effect of alcohol on sex, it provokes, and unprovoked, it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance. It means alcohol increase the desire but it takes away the erection.

Occasionally, a low level of alcohol slightly increases the sexual arousal. If a man’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds more than 0.05, the sexual arousal begins to come down. (If a man consume three pags of alcohol within 1 to 2 hours, his blood alcohol concentration level reaches to approx. 0.05).

With a blood alcohol concentration of 0.06, a man requires longer period for ejaculation while, at 0.09 level many men are unable to ejaculate.

In women with blood alcohol concentration level of 0.04 level, the sexual arousal goes down and also reduces the intensity of orgasm. So normally, anything beyond the third drink is a sexual downer. In men with more alcohol, sexual response goes down and the subjective sense of arousal also declines. Long – term effects of chronic, heavy drinking effect of alcohol on sex:

  • It destroys the cells in the testes (which manufacture testosterone) resulting in low libido.
  • Alcohol also decrease one’s ability to have a full, firm erection.
  • Delays or absent ejaculation and orgasm.
  • Reduce the production of normal mature sperms.
  • Reduce the male sex harmone (Testosterone) level, resulting an increase in the female sex harmone (Estrogens). Due to which man looses body hair, swelling in breasts (Gynecomastia) and finally shrinkage of the penis and testicles.
  • Chronic alcoholic women have reduced desire for sex, reduced sexual arousal and delayed or absent orgasm. It also disturb – menstrual cycles, ovarian function, decline fertility and shrunken breasts.

Having Sex For The First Time For Both Partners:

Should One Eat or Drink Anything Before Sex?

Avoid eating a heavy meal, since that’ll just make sleepy. Eat light, don’t drink too much alcohol, if any at all. It may help you shed inhibitions, but it may also make his erection much more difficult to achieve.

For Her

Image result for women

What Do I Do First?

You can’t expect him to know what makes you feel good. You’ll have to tell him or show him, and that may mean taking some of the initiative, taking his hands and placing them where they make you feel good. Go slow. If it’s his first time, he may well be totally nervous about what you’re about to do, and his penis may not respond at first. Patience, gentleness and understanding are required to bring it back to life, and that may be hard for you to achieve.

Will It Hurt?

You have probably heard horror stories about how much losing your virginity hurts. For a few women, it does, but with the right touch and the right partner, you should be able to take his penis into your body without pain. Have him take his time, use a lubricant, and press his fingers into you, opening you up slowly. Tell him when it feels good and when it hurts.

What Position Should I Use?

Many women prefer to have sex the first time being on top, where they can control the first entry. Others want to be on the bottom and give their lovers that control. Choose what’s best for you. Just remember to tell him to go slow, take your time.

For Him

What if I Can’t Get it Up?

Image result for men

It may sound funny, but your penis, which has worked great for years, may suddenly go on strike at your first chance at real sex. That’s natural– you’re nervous. Take a deep breath. Do something else for a while with your hands, your lips and your tongue with her. Try to forget about your anxiety, and your penis will respond. It’s only a temporary thing.

Should I Tell Her if I’m A Virgin?

Many men think that because they’re men, they should be in charge of the sex, regardless of who has the more experience. If you’re a virgin and she’s not, tell her, and let her lead if she wishes. This is as much a learning experience as a loving one. Don’t be afraid to confess the truth.

Will We Come At The Same Time?

Don’t worry about making orgasm simultaneous, either. Some women do not orgasm during intercourse, and even if your girlfriend is capable of climax, the odds are very much against you coming at the same time. Enjoy yourself, and rely on her to tell you the truth when she’s enjoying herself.

What If I Orgasm Too Soon?

If you actually climax much too soon before you wanted to, take your time, take a nap, and try again. The second time you should be much more relaxed and ready to take your time– so will your penis.

Am I Big Enough? Too Big? The Right Shape?

Another common concern is size. The average penis is slightly more than four inches in length when erect, and that’s more than enough to hit every major nerve center in the vagina. The vagina is capable of stretching to take a large penis, or shape itself to pleasure a small one. Size has very little to do with your ability as a lover.

Another common issue is shape. Some men become concerned because their penis bends downwards, or to the left, and assume that because they never see men like them in erotic movies that they’re not normal. Others worry that a downward bend will make sex difficult or painful because the vagina isn’t shaped with that bend in mind.

Keep in mind that sex can be performed in any number of positions. The penis and vagina can be matched in many different ways, and each new position can bring new pleasures to you and your partner. Some people believe that a downward-bending penis is much easier to perform oral sex upon.

Sperm Allergia

Women, despite repeated inoculation, rarely develop an immune or allergic response to semen. Still, sperm allergies may be more common that we once thought. We are only beginning to understand how this might happen.

There have been case reports of complaints ranging from itching and swelling during or after intercourse to anaphylactic symptoms comprising total body itching and shortness of breath in women who were found to be allergic to human semen.

A simple way to see if an allergy might be the problem is to self-test for semen sensitivity by using a condom to see if symptoms abate.

Other potential causes of the symptoms could be an infection which makes the tissue very sensitive. Is he is the only one you’ve experienced this with? Or is it possible that he is ingesting something that is an irritant to you?

If you still suspect an allergy, there is test available to detect such antibodies. A simple one would be to collect a serum IGG and IGM to detect the body’s immune response to the antigen. A lab could detect semen albumin-specific IgE and an allergy shot would show a positive reaction to an injection with seminal plasma. Women can be given a course of hyposensitization treatment, after which the problems sometimes disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average size of the penis?

Is penis size important for female gratification?

Penis size is not important at all for female gratification.

Can penis size be increased?

Yes, Pure herbal treatment without any side effects by Dr. & Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer to cure Small Penis problem in males with well proven results. Has a very high success rate in treating different causes of this problem. Dosage and duration of the treatment may vary as per the patient profile. Treatment is without any side effects.

My penis bends down (or left, or right). Is there something wrong with it?

Almost all penises bend in some direction or other when erect. Unless the bend is severe or causes pain, there is nothing wrong or abnormal. It should not interfere with sexual intercourse.

In rare cases a condition called Peyrone’s Syndrome can arise from childhood diseases. This condition is caused by scarring on one of the two corpora cavernosa within the penis, stunting its effectiveness during erection and causing the penis to bend almost 90 degrees in that direction. If you feel this may be the case, consult us.

What is circumcision and why is it done?

Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis. Common reasons for circumcision include: hygienic, medical or religious reason.

What are blue balls?

Blue Balls is a real condition! The correct term for blue balls is epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the epididymis. In simple terms blue balls occurs when the epididymis get blocked up with sperm that have left the testis but not the penis. The vas deferns are the conduit for the sperm from the testis to the urethra. When they get blocked you get pain. Why blue balls and not swollen balls, well maybe the connotation is that you balls have the blues, or maybe its because with all that swelling some of the blood flow is restricted enough to cause some blueing of the area because of pooling blood.

What is the G-Spot?

The Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is an area located within the anterior (or front) wall of the vagina, about one centimetre from the surface and one-third to one-half way in from the vaginal opening It is reported to consist of a system of glands (Skene’s glands) and ducts that surround the urethra (Heath, 1984). Some authors write that you must press deeply into the tissue with two fingers to reach it with any effectiveness.

The significance of the G-spot is that some women (about half) report that it is a highly sensitive area that under the right conditions can be very pleasurable if stimulated. For some women, it can be a primary source of stimulation leading to orgasm during intercourse. Other women report no particular stimulation, and some say that it feels as if they need to urinate.

Sex and Islam

Concerning the intimate relationship between spouses, Allah (Exalted be He) has revealed: “Your wives are a tillage to you, so go in to your tillage as you will, and send (ahead something) for your souls; and fear Allah and know that you will (one day) meet Him, and give glad tidings to the Believers.” (Al-Baqarah: 223)

“There is nothing in the Islamic sources to indicate that it is necessary for the couple to have sex on the very first night of the marriage. It is up to the couple to decide when to have intercourse, so long as they do it through consensual agreement and they stay clear of the prohibited practices mentioned below:

  • Sexual intercourse is not permitted while the woman is experiencing her menstrual period. They must wait until she has completed the period and has purified herself through ghusl (major ablution involving complete bathing). Allah says, “do not approach women (while they are menstruating) until they have purified themselves.” (Al-Baqarah: 222). However, everything other than sexual intercourse is perfectly permissible during the period.
  • Anal intercourse is strictly forbidden; sexual intercourse must be done only in the vagina, while there are no restrictions in regards to other forms of sexual satisfaction, so long as they are done consensually.
  • If they are resorting to family planning on a temporary basis, it must be done consensually, not unilaterally.
  • Sexual intercourse is not permissible while one is fasting during the month of Ramadan. It is also forbidden while one is in a state of ihram (consecration for Hajj or `Umrah).

Furthermore, Islam teaches the couple to be gentle in their approach towards one another, and to make the sexual act as deeply fulfilling as possible, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Basics to keep in mind:

It is disliked to:

  • Face the qibla. (Ibn ‘Abidin)
  • Be in the presence of a mature child. (Ibn ‘Abidin)
  • Talk, for it is from the sunna not to talk excessively during intercourse. (Ibn ‘Abidin)

It is proper to cover up a Qur’an in the bedroom. (Ibn ‘Abidin)

It is best to avoid looking at each other’s private parts, though some Companions held that it is fine because it increases desire. (Durar)

Ibn al-Hajj al-Maliki mentioned in al-Madkhal:

  • The beginning of the night is better…
  • One must avoid intercourse with one’s wife before any foreplay, because it has been interdicted. Rather, one should play around with her and jest with kisses, touches and the like. Then, one sees that she is ready, prepared, and desirous of him, only then should he initiate intercourse. The wisdom of the Lawgiver in this is evident, for the woman derives pleasure as a man does. If he approaches her while she is unprepared, he may fulfill his need, but she may not, and would feel frustrated.
  • Before penetration, one should say, Bismillah Allahumma Jannibna al-Shaytan, wa Jannib ish-Shaytanu ma Razaqtana, as has been authentically reported in the sunna…
  • One should be careful to fulfill the rights of the wife with regards to intercourse, and to safeguard her religion. One should fulfill oneself [=orgasm] after she has achieved fulfillment, to be under the general rubric of the Prophet’s saying (Allah bless him and give him peace), “Allah is in the assistance of a servant as long as he is in the assistance of his fellow.”
  • One should not have intercourse without covers…
  • It is best to perform ghusl before sleeping after intercourse. Or, at least to do wudu and wash the private parts. [f: One should not, at the very least, leave washing the private parts.

These are general guidelines. Ruqayya Waris Maqsood’s book on marriage goes into some detail on the subject, as does Imam al-Ghazali’s work.

  • Anal sex is, of course haram.
  • Mutual hand stimulation is permitted.
  • Sexual fluids are najis, so oral sex is detested.
  • During menstruation (hayd), intercourse is haram. So is direct skin contact between the wife’s navel and knee. Everything else, however, remains permitted.

And Allah knows best.

The principles of Conjugal Life in Islam Are Few and Uncomplicated

  • Sexual relations are for the pleasure of both the husband and the wife and for the procreation of children. Sexual intercourse is not limited to vaginal penetration but includes other forms of sexual caressing, such as kissing and fondling of various kinds.
  • Nothing should be done that is offensive or harmful to either person. Each has a duty to be sexually available to the other, but neither has the right to disgust or injure the other.
  • With a few exceptions, the couple can engage in any activities that they like, in any manner and in any position. Allah rewards such activities as surely as he punishes sinful activities. The Qur’an says, “Women are your fields. Go then into your fields as you please.” (2:223)
  • It is forbidden to have vaginal intercourse while a woman is menstruating (Qur’an 2:222). According to the Sunnah of the Prophet (God’s grace and peace be upon him), a man and his menstruating wife can however give one another pleasure so long as the woman’s genitals are avoided.
  • There are ahadith that forbid anal intercourse and scholars generally agree that it is not permissible. However, in his tafsir (commentary) Tabaari (3d century A.H.) while forbidding sodomy, says that earlier authorities were divided on the question.
  • The Qur’an and the Sunnah are generally silent as to the various forms that sexual relations may take. Most authorities consider that it is up to the husband and wife in love and mutual respect to decide how to physically express their sexual desires.
  • What goes on in bedroom, is a private matter and should not be discussed or revealed to other persons unless there is some necessity, such as health or safety. Abu Hurairah narrates that the Prophet (pbuh) said this about people who reveal and discuss openly their sexual practices: “Do you know what those who do this are like? Those who do this are like a male and female devil who meet each other on the road and satisfy their desire while the people look on.”

Therefore, in Islam the husband and the wife choose their sexual activities according to the sure teaching of the Qur’an, in the light of the Sunnah as we are able to understand and appreciate it, in mutual respect for one another and knowing that the only witness to the expression of their desires will be Allah the Exalted, who will judge them according to their deeds and their heartfelt intentions.

The question of the lawfulness of oral-genital contact is difficult because there are many opinions. For some, it is forbidden. For others, tolerated. For some it is lawful. Some consider it to be lawful as long as the couple use such contacts as foreplay and conclude their love-making with vaginal intercourse.

I believe that this is a matter to be decided by the husband and wife together after seeking the guidance of Allah, who alone knows best.

Peace to all who seek God’s face.

Genital Organs

Genital Organs in Male


This is the main male organ of coitus. It is made of three bodies and covered with skin. It varies in size from person to person, Its normal length when in the flaccid condition is 7 to 11.5com and 12 to 21 cms when erect.

The penis, the male copulatory organ, is a cylindrical pendant organ located anterior to the scrotum and functions to transfer sperm to the vagina. The penis consists of three columns of erectile tissue that are wrapped in connective tissue and covered with skin. The two dorsal columns are the corpora cavernosa. The single, midline ventral column surrounds the urethra and is called the corpus spongiosum.

The penis has a root, body (shaft), and glans penis. The root of the penis attaches it to the pubic arch and the body is the visible, pendant portion. The corpus spongiosum expands at the distal end to form the glans penis. The urethra, which extends throughout the length of the corpus spongiosum, opens through the external urethral orifice at the tip of the glans penis. A loose fold of skin, called the prepuce, or foreskin, covers the glans penis.


The tip of the penis is known as glans. It is an expansion of the corpus spongionum. The base of the glans projects out from the main body of the penis and this projecting margin is called corona.


This gland appears to be a sexual organ, since in animals that have seasonal sexuality, the prostate enlarges during the mating season and then shrinks until the next. In the adult human male, it is about 4cms across as its base and is the size of chestnut. The prostate is composed of muscular and glandular tissue. Its secretions pass down about 20 small ducts that lead to the section of the Urethra that pierces the prostate gland, but their purpose is not yet fully understood.


Smegma is mixture of dead skin cells and skin grease and looks like soap as it hides under the foreskin of the penis. In women it is found near clitoris. The male reproductive system, like that of the female, consists of those organs whose function is to produce a new individual, i.e., to accomplish reproduction. This system consists of a pair of testes, a network of excretory ducts (epididymis, ductus deferens, and ejaculatory ducts), seminal vesicles, the prostate, the bulb urethral glands, and the penis.


The male gonads, testes, or testicles, begin their development high in the abdominal cavity, near the kidneys. During the last two months before birth, or shortly after birth, they descend through the inguinal canal into the scrotum, a pouch that extends below the abdomen, posterior to the penis. Although this location of the testes, outside the abdominal cavity, may seem to make them vulnerable to injury, it provides a temperature about 3°C below normal body temperature. This lower temperature is necessary for the production of viable sperm. The scrotum consists of skin and subcutaneous tissue. A vertical septum, or partition, of subcutaneous tissue in the center divides it into two parts, each containing one testis. Smooth muscle fibers, called the dartos muscle, in the subcutaneous tissue contract to give the scrotum its wrinkled appearance. When these fibers are relaxed, the scrotum is smooth. Another muscle, the cremaster muscle, consists of skeletal muscle fibers and controls the position of the scrotum and testes. When it is cold or a man is sexually aroused, this muscle contracts to pull the testes closer to the body for warmth.


Each testis is an oval structure about 5 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. A tough, white fibrous connective tissue capsule, the tunica albuginea, surrounds each testis and extends inward to form septa that partition the organ into lobules. There are about 250 lobules in each testis. Each lobule contains 1 to 4 highly coiled seminiferous tubules that converge to form a single straight tubule, which leads into the rete testis. Short efferent ducts exit the testes. Interstitial cells (cells of Leydig), which produce male sex hormones, are located between the seminiferous tubules within a lobule.


Sperm are produced by spermatogenesis within the seminiferous tubules. A transverse section of a seminiferous tubule shows that it is packed with cells in various stages of development. Interspersed with these cells, there are large cells that extend from the periphery of the tubule to the lumen. These large cells are the supporting, or sustentacular cells (Sertoli’s cells), which support and nourish the other cells.

Early in embryonic development, primordial germ cells enter the testes and differentiate into spermatogonia, immature cells that remain dormant until puberty. Spermatogonia are diploid cells, each with 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) located around the periphery of the seminiferous tubules. At puberty, hormones stimulate these cells to begin dividing by mitosis. Some of the daughter cells produced by mitosis remain at the periphery as spermatogonia. Others are pushed toward the lumen, undergo some changes, and become primary spermatocytes. Because they are produced by mitosis, primary spermatocytes, like spermatogonia, are diploid and have 46 chromosomes.

Each primary spermatocytes goes through the first meiotic division, meiosis I, to produce two secondary spermatocytes, each with 23 chromosomes (haploid). Just prior to this division, the genetic material is replicated so that each chromosome consists of two strands, called chromatids, that are joined by a centromere. During meiosis I, one chromosome, consisting of two chromatids, goes to each secondary spermatocyte. In the second meiotic division, meiosis II, each secondary spermatocyte divides to produce two spermatids. There is no replication of genetic material in this division, but the centromere divides so that a single-stranded chromatid goes to each cell. As a result of the two meiotic divisions, each primary spermatocyte produces four spermatids. During spermatogenesis there are two cellular divisions, but only one replication of DNA so that each spermatid has 23 chromosomes (haploid), one from each pair in the original primary spermatocyte. Each successive stage in spermatogenesis is pushed toward the center of the tubule so that the more immature cells are at the periphery and the more differentiated cells are nearer the center.

Spermatogenesis (and oogenesis in the female) differs from mitosis because the resulting cells have only half the number of chromosomes as the original cell. When the sperm cell nucleus unites with an egg cell nucleus, the full number of chromosomes is restored. If sperm and egg cells were produced by mitosis, then each successive generation would have twice the number of chromosomes as the preceding one.

The final step in the development of sperm is called spermiogenesis. In this process, the spermatids formed from spermatogenesis become mature spermatozoa, or sperm. The mature sperm cell has a head, midpiece, and tail. The head, also called the nuclear region, contains the 23 chromosomes surrounded by a nuclear membrane. The tip of the head is covered by an acrosome, which contains enzymes that help the sperm penetrate the female gamete. The midpiece, metabolic region, contains mitochondria that provide adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The tail, locomotor region, uses a typical flagellum for locomotion. The sperm are released into the lumen of the seminiferous tubule and leave the testes. They then enter the epididymis where they undergo their final maturation and become capable of fertilizing a female gamete.

Sperm production begins at puberty and continues throughout the life of a male. The entire process, beginning with a primary spermatocyte, takes about 74 days. After ejaculation, the sperm can live for about 48 hours in the female reproductive tract.

Duct System

The ductus deferens, also called vas deferens, is a fibromuscular tube that is continuous ( or contiguous) with the epididymis. It begins at the bottom (tail) of the epididymis then turns sharply upward along the posterior margin of the testes. The ductus deferens enters the abdominopelvic cavity through the inguinal canal and passes along the lateral pelvic wall. It crosses over the ureter and posterior portion of the urinary bladder, and then descends along the posterior wall of the bladder toward the prostate gland. Just before it reaches the prostate gland, each ductus deferens enlarges to form an ampulla. Sperm are stored in the proximal portion of the ductus deferens, near the epididymis, and peristaltic movements propel the sperm through the tube.

The proximal portion of the ductus deferens is a component of the spermatic cord, which contains vascular and neural structures that supply the testes. The spermatic cord contains the ductus deferens, testicular artery and veins, lymph vessels, testicular nerve, cremaster muscle that elevates the testes for warmth and at times of sexual stimulation, and a connective tissue covering

Ejaculatory Duct

Each ductus deferens, at the ampulla, joins the duct from the adjacent seminal vesicle (one of the accessory glands) to form a short ejaculatory duct. Each ejaculatory duct passes through the prostate gland and empties into the urethra.


The urethra extends from the urinary bladder to the external urethral orifice at the tip of the penis. It is a passageway for sperm and fluids from the reproductive system and urine from the urinary system. While reproductive fluids are passing through the urethra, sphincters contract tightly to keep urine from entering the urethra.

The male urethra is divided into three regions. The prostatic urethra is the proximal portion that passes through the prostate gland. It receives the ejaculatory duct, which contains sperm and secretions from the seminal vesicles, and numerous ducts from the prostate glands. The next portion, the membranous urethra, is a short region that passes through the pelvic floor. The longest portion is the penile urethra (also called spongy urethra or cavernous urethra), which extends the length of the penis and opens to the outside at the external urethral orifice. The ducts from the bulbourethral glands open into the penile urethra.

Accessory Glands

The accessory glands of the male reproductive system are the seminal vesicles, prostate gland, and the bulbourethral glands. These glands secrete fluids that enter the urethra.

Seminal Vesicles

The paired seminal vesicles are saccular glands posterior to the urinary bladder. Each gland has a short duct that joins with the ductus deferens at the ampulla to form an ejaculatory duct, which then empties into the urethra. The fluid from the seminal vesicles is viscous and contains fructose, which provides an energy source for the sperm; prostaglandins, which contribute to the mobility and viability of the sperm; and proteins that cause slight coagulation reactions in the semen after ejaculation.

Bulbourethral Glands

The paired bulbourethral (Cowper’s) glands are small, about the size of a pea, and located near the base of the penis. A short duct from each gland enters the proximal end of the penile urethra. In response to sexual stimulation, the bulbourethral glands secrete an alkaline mucus-like fluid. This fluid neutralizes the acidity of the urine residue in the urethra, helps to neutralize the acidity of the vagina, and provides some lubrication for the tip of the penis during intercourse.

Seminal Fluid

Seminal fluid, or semen, is a slightly alkaline mixture of sperm cells and secretions from the accessory glands. Secretions from the seminal vesicles make up about 60 percent of the volume of the semen, with most of the remainder coming from the prostate gland. The sperm and secretions from the bulbourethral gland contribute only a small volume.

The volume of semen in a single ejaculation may vary from 1.5 to 6.0 ml. There are usually between 50 to 150 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Sperm counts below 10 to 20 million per milliliter usually present fertility problems. Although only one sperm actually penetrates and fertilizes the ovum, it takes several million sperm in an ejaculation to ensure that fertilization will take place.

Sexual Response

The male sexual response includes erection and orgasm accompanied by ejaculation of semen. Orgasm is followed by a variable time period during which it is not possible to achieve another erection.

Three hormones are the principal regulators of the male reproductive system. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates spermatogenesis; luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates the production of testosterone; and testosterone stimulates the development of male secondary sex characteristics and spermatogenesis.

Genital Organs in Female


Breast is apparent distinction between male and female. It is a mass of fatty tissue. The main function of the breast is to produce milk for the newborn baby. Breasts vary in size and shape. But the shape and size of breasts has nothing to do with women fertility and sexual desires. Breasts become slightly firm during excitement. Whenever a woman feels lumps or bumps, she should immediately consult a competent physician.


Situation of the clitoris is on the front of pubic bone and is almost surrounded by labia and consists of erectile tissues and richly supplied with nerves. This is most sensitive parts of the vulva. The size of the clitoris is 3/4 inch. The role of clitoris in sex is still unknown, but it appears to be involved in female excitement.

Egg (Ovum)

The name given to female reproductive cell. They vary too much in size but basically they have same shape. Egg is expelled from ovary to fallopian tube, where it is fertilised by the male sperm, otherwise it dies there within few days.

Fallopian Tubes

These tubes extend from the ovaries that are situated on neither side of the womb. Each is about 4″ long. There is a free passage from vagina to womb and womb to fallopian tubes.


It is the female genital passage. Vagina ensheathe the penis during intercourse. It is made of modified skin, which covers an elastic fibro vascular structure. From the opening it goes upwards at the angle of 600-700. At the top cervix points in it. It is approximate length is 10 CMS. The vagina undergoes active changes during coitus.

Womb (Uterus)

This is a hollow, muscular and thick walled organ connected with fallopian tubes and it is pointed towards cervix. It is about 8 to 9 CMS in length, 6 CMS across in its widest part and about 4 CMS thick in the thickest part. The walls of the womb are about 1 to 2 CMS thick and the length of the internal cavity is about 7.5 to 8 CMS, measured from the external Os.

Sex Education

10 Instant Tips For Better Sex

Guys, while you’re heading for the obvious lips, breasts, clitoris, don’t overlook these other erogenous zones.

1) Dracula Was A Smart Dude.

Come up behind her, push her hair away from the back of her neck, and deliver soft, warm kisses. Watch for goose bumps and listen for moaning good indicators that you’re on the right track!

2) Tongue Rolex. Lightly graze the inside of her wrists with your tongue. Most guys overlook this ‘hot spot’, and most women adore the attention. Follow up with soft kisses in the same area and, if you like, work your way up her arm.

3) Bend An Elbow. The soft skin on the delicate curve on the inside of a woman’s elbow is packed with nerve endings. Kiss her there and watch her whole body shiver as the sensations go through her.

4) Hair Raising. Scalp massage is stimulating to the brain AND other parts of the body. Running your fingers through your partner’s hair creates a series of wonderful sensations. And, more importantly this brain tickle causes her body to release endorphins, which dramatically affect her sense of calm and well being for the better.

5) The Bee’s Knees. If you’re stroking your partner’s legs, pay particular attention to the area behind her knees. Massage it gently to start because some women are overly sensitive and get ticklish, rather than turned-on. If her response lets you know that she’s enjoying what you’re doing, replace your fingers with your lips and tongue.

6) Ear Gasm. Nibble and gently suck on her earlobe, then lick the centre of her ear. Doing this alone with a certain facility (and with a certain woman) can bring her to orgasm. This phenomenon is called the auricologenital reflex and occurs as a result of a nerve inside the ear canal being stimulated.

7) Fancy Footwork. Women have pedicures for more than just the colour. A foot message is sensual and, if the right person is doing it, extremely sexual. Start by applying light pressure on your partner’s sole and heel Next, you can gently stroke her toes and ankle.

Tip within a Tip

The hollow area on the sides of her ankle, between the anklebone and the Achilles tendon, is an acupressure point believed to help restore sexual energy. Don’t miss it!

8) From One Set of Lips to The Other. Get to know the frenulum that little bit of centre tissue that connects the upper lip and the gums. This is a pressure point that sends messages straight to a woman’s private parts. Gently suck on her upper lip and allow your lower lip to caress her frenulum. If she likes it, you’ll see (and feel) a reaction immediately.

9) Above & Beyond The Call Of Body. Apply a gentle touch just barely grazing the skin to the sacrum, the area of her lower back just above the tailbone. As her skin heats up under your hand, apply increasing pressure to either side of her spine…but not directly on it. Then move lower to massage the tops of her buttocks. Try it. She’ll like it.

10) Expanding The Zone. When properly stimulated, a woman’s entire body becomes an erogenous zone, sending sexy electrical impulses to the brain.

Sex Tips for Virgins on Their Wedding Night

How to Make Your Wedding Night Unforgettable

If you’ll be a virgin when you get married, you’re probably feeling some apprehension about what will happen on your wedding night. Here are tips and advice to help things go smoothly.

Will She Bleed? Will it Be Painful?

When a woman loses her virginity, it is possible for it to be a little bloody or painful. However, it shouldn’t last for too long, and it is almost never very serious. To make things easier, make sure there’s plenty of foreplay before you try penetration. You’ll also want to have a good lubricant.

Will He Be Able to Maintain An Erection? What Happens If He Can’t?

The pressure of the wedding night can be too much for many men. If things aren’t working, try to change up the mood. Spend some time kissing, and fondling each other. Perhaps make a game out of how many different body parts you can kiss, or be a little more serious by talking about the wedding, your love for each other, and milestones ahead of you.

Will I Be Any Good? How Can I Wow My New Husband or Wife?

Sex, like most things, takes practice. You are likely to be a little clumsy and to feel a little goofy. Take things slowly, and try to listen to your partner. Find out what feels good, and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask! But don’t concentrate on how mind-blowing (or not!) the physical feelings are. Instead try to be gentle with one another, and focus on how amazing it is to finally be in each others arms as a married couple.

Impotence Exercises

Researchers have found that regular, moderate exercise may prevent impotence. Exercise stimulates blood flow, and what’s good for your heart may also be good for overcoming impotence.

One of the primary physiological requirements for an erection is healthy blood flow to the penis; exercise increases the amount and quality of blood flow throughout the body, so it goes without saying that a good heart workout will stimulate blood flow to the genital region.

Keeping your body moving will not only make you look better, it will make you feel better. The right kind of exercises can also improve your sex life and enhance erectile function.

Sexual function is affected by your overall fitness level it’s difficult to enjoy an active sex life if you’re not in shape. The more muscular stamina you develop, the less likely you are to become fatigued during sexual activity.

Establishing a regular daily regimen of physical activity will maintain suppleness of movement as well as overall flexibility.

All are easy, don’t require any special equipment and cost much less than one Viagra pill!

  • Walk Your Way to Better Sex

Walking is a great impotence exercise. It promotes endurance by increasing lung capacity as well as improving the strength and efficiency of muscles in the legs, back and abdomen. Daily walking improves brain function, thereby increasing libido, and can also decrease blood pressure, which in turn enhances penile health.

Start out with an easy stroll and gradually work your way up to striding over longer distances. Try to walk for at least 30 minutes whenever possible, but if you can’t find the time for a daily walk, go for a shorter walk as frequently as you can.

  • Stretch Yourself

To promote flexibility of movement, you should try to stretch at least 3 times a week. Regular stretching helps relieve stress and can be an excellent relaxation therapy as well as a tension easer.

  • Remember to breathe as you stretch.

Stretching calls for gradual lengthening of the muscles until resistance – or discomfort – is felt. Each stretch should be held for at least 10 seconds, work up to 20 seconds and then 30 seconds. To increase flexibility, maintain the stretch for at least 1 or 2 minutes. And don’t forget to keep breathing so that you continue to supply the muscles with oxygen.

To increase flexibility and build strength in your lower back and leg muscles essential for good sexual health lie on the floor on your back and take 3 deep breaths in and out. (Refer to the diagram above).

Then breathe in and gradually raise your legs off the floor, keeping your lower back flat to the floor. Try to hold for a count of 3, then breathe out while you lower your legs gradually to the floor.

Begin with 3 leg-lifts and gradually increase to about 10 as you gain flexibility and strength.

Another exercise that helps strengthen your back, stomach, legs and arms is to kneel on the floor (as shown in the above diagram). Breathe in slowly and tighten your stomach muscles, roll your head forward and then with your arms and hands clasped behind you, bend backwards and gradually roll your head backwards as your arms stretch out and down as far as possible.

Hold the stretch for a count of 3, then breathe out as you move forward and resume your original position. Don’t strain yourself.

Repeat this exercise 2 times and gradually increase to 10 as you gain flexibility of movement.

The last stretching movement increases flexibility to the spine and groin, ultimately enhancing blood flow to the penis. Concentrate on breathing in sync with the movement.

Lie on the floor on your stomach. Lower your pelvis, point your toes and slowly push up with your arms. Keeping your pelvis on the floor, bend your lower back as you gently stretch and look towards the ceiling. (Refer to the diagram below).

Now, curl your toes under, raise your pelvis, and come up into an inverted V position. Keeping your breath in sync with the movement, gradually lower yourself back onto the floor, using your arms as a support.

Repeat this exercise 2 times and gradually increase as you gain strength.

Taking care of the physical aspects of your life is vital if you want to avoid impotence. Exercise enhances your physical as well as emotional wellbeing and is a major factor in having a fulfilling and active sex life.

Premature Ejaculation, Free Methods of Controlling Premature Ejaculation

Kegel Exercises

PC exercises, also known as kegel exercises. strengthen the pubbocoxygennus muscle (PC muscle), a sling of muscle that surrounds your anus and prostate gland. The PC muscle is the muscle that involuntary “pumps” when you ejaculate. Strengthening – and learning to control – this muscles is may help to control ejaculation in men.

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles for just 5 minutes, three times a day can make a big difference to your bladder control. Exercise strengthens muscles that hold the bladder and many other organs in place.

The part of your body including your hip bones is the pelvic area. At the bottom of the pelvis, several layers of muscle stretch between your legs. The muscles attach to the front, back, and sides of the pelvis bone. Two pelvic muscles do most of the work. The biggest one stretches like a hammock. The other is shaped like a triangle. These muscles prevent leaking of urine and stool.

How to Do Kegel Exercises?

For a man who wants to learn how to perform kegels, the first step is locating the Kegel muscle. Here’s how: Some time when he has the urge to urinate, he should sit on the toilet with his legs spread, start to urinate, then try to stop the flow. (The PC muscle is the one he squeezes to do this.) After restarting the flow, he can practice stopping and restarting the stream of urine. It may take several attempts to actually isolate the PC muscle the buttocks muscles have a tendency to kick in if the legs aren’t kept wide.

When a man has familiarized himself with the sensation of contracting the PC muscle, he’s ready to practice holding the contractions. He should first try holding a contraction for several seconds three or four times a day. Over the next few weeks, as he continues doing Kegels, he can gradually increase the time of the contraction until he is holding it for 10 to 15 seconds. Next, he should alternate these Kegel holds with a series of short, quick contractions. Dr. Tariq Mehmood Taseer  recommends that men gradually work up to a daily routine of 100 quick PC contractions and five holds.

Stop the flow of urine when you take a pee. If you have trouble doing this, you really need these exercises.

PC clamps: squeeze and release your PC muscle. Start with a set of 20- 30, and work your way up to sets of 100-200. Do at least 300 EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life.

The Kegel Exercise builds up the PC muscles, which will help men improve:

  • Ejaculation Control
  • Prostate Health
  • Erection Firmness
  • Arousal Control
  • Ejaculation Strength
  • Bladder Control

Kegel exercise is a simple task that is easy to learn and doesn’t take long to get through the reps each day. In fact, most men can master this exercise after just the third or fourth time. For example If you’ve ever stopped yourself from urinating midstream, then you’ve used your PC muscles. If you flex your PC muscles and hold it for 10 seconds through a series of reps then you are partaking in the Kegel exercise.

After a few months of diligent practice, a man should be ready to try using the Kegel hold during intercourse to delay ejaculation. That’s why, the Kegel exercise is widespread throughout the sex industry.

The Kegel exercise has been shown to have vast improvements on the penis. But in excess, the exercise can also be very harmful. The reason is contraction of the prostate muscle triggers the prostate’s sympathetic nerve to induce an ejaculation. While men tend to contract the PC muscle to assist the erection if they feel their erection is not hard enough, a long-term practice of this exercise will make the muscle develop more testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and oxytocin receptors. These hormone receptors make men and women achieve an orgasm quicker and more easily, due to the presence of more hormones trapped in the sex organs. This is just fine and dandy for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, as some do.

Kegel exercise also claim that performing intense Kegel exercises right after ejaculation (when your PC muscles are tired) will dramatically strengthen and tone your PC muscles in record time. If you’ve been holding back your ejaculation using the Kegel method during sex and then you used the exercise right after, then you will in turn be doubling up on your Kegel exercise. This is how a simple technique like Kegel can go from a harmless aid to a detrimental condition in no time at all. And that brief exercise right after intercourse can bring you from a moderate level all the way to abuse.

Not to overuse the Kegel exercise. Over use of Kegel ends up being more damaging than helpful. The exercise can cause premature ejaculation for some men, as well as other sexual problems.

Keep Sex Alive After Marriage Too

As the years go by, sex life starts becoming tedious for some couples. Most couples lose their interest in having sex with their partners. But little things will bring back the spark and soon, your partner will also follow suit and enjoy the renewed romance in your lives. Sex doesn’t have to get boring in marriage. With so much passion locked inside us, there’s a lot to unlock. It’s just a matter of finding the right key. Instead of being frustrated and dropping hints to him on how you feel, maybe you should start taking some steps to bring back romance in your sex life. Here are some ways to keep your marriage and sex life fresh.

Talk Everything About Each Other Sexually

Communication is the key to a healthy and active sex life in a marital relationship. It happens often a husband and wife can be married for many years without ever telling each other what they find most exciting in bed. This is partly because many people remain painfully embarrassed about their sexual needs. But it’s also because too much is at stake namely, the emotional bond between husbands and wives to gamble it on fulfilling a need that might be seen as odd, selfish, or simply beyond the comfort level of their partners for life. And after years pass, it often becomes more and more difficult to reveal a “hidden” desire, because it feels like introducing something very foreign into the relationship or admitting that you’ve been fibbing about your sexual desires all that time. Talk with one another about your expectations concerning lovemaking. False or unmet expectations can hurt your marriage.

Share with One Another your Sexual Desires

Sex in a long lasting relationship can deepen and become a richer experience. No matter how many times you have made love to each other, the wonder and awe of mutual attraction can still be there. The walls separating husbands and wives romantically do not dissolve spontaneously. They have to be dismantled piece by piece. You can start by inviting your husband to slowly reveal aspects of his sexuality. Always ask your partner to tell you the craziest thought he had. To tell you something you think would really surprise you about what we could do in bed? Putting it that way assures the other person that you anticipate being taken aback, and welcome it. And that means your husband doesn’t automatically have to edit out the most erotic parts of his fantasy. If saying anything out loud is just too embarrassing for you, try putting a block of post in an envelope for him with a note that says, Leave a fantasy under my pillow, and I’ll wake you up in the middle of the night.

Make Sex Intimate, Turn It into a Game

Sexual intimacy is a continuing process of discovery. True intimacy through communication is what makes sex great. When life becomes busy, and schedules are hectic, plan for sexual encounters with one another. Make sex one of your main priorities. Try to set the mood in advance. If you want to have good sex at night, start the foreplay in the morning. Let your spouse know you care and are thinking about him/her throughout the day by notes, e-mails, phone calls, hugs, etc. Ask your partner to tell you three of his fantasies, and you get to choose one to act out. Then it’s his turn, you tell him three of yours, and he selects one. If he wants to pick two from your list, and you take him up on that offer, he also gets one of the two remaining fantasies on his list. Bargaining builds romantic tension. Being playful will be a welcome reminder of how energized the two of you once were and could be again. As an alternative, you could simply say, “I know you haven’t told me everything you like in bed, even though we’ve been together for years. So give it up: What have you been dying to do?

Get Romantic and Physical

Not in that way, we mean. A soothing touch when he is feeling down, holding hands when in a crowd, a hug when he has excelled in some way or the other or simply a touch on his shoulder when you pass by his chair. It all does wonders to any relationship. If you can find after the kids go to bed, spend time cuddled on the couch browsing a magazine together or watching TV or simply talking. Romantic memories will re-kindle the romance in your lives. Talk about those times and see photo albums of your honeymoon and other vacations together. Take out all your memorabilia – love cards, little gifts, notes, the first rose, locks of hair etc. and remember what went into each memory. Pamper him by giving him a facial or a back or foot massage along with a hot oil massage. It will soothe his aching body and relax his mind as well. When the massage is done, give him the luxury of an aromatic bath that you prepared beforehand.

Buy him a gift or surprise him by giving him time off from any of his regular errands. Decorate your bedroom for a romantic evening together or plan a surprise candle-light dinner.

Give Real-life Routine a Rest

Monotony is the enemy of passion. In order to see your mate as the prince, and for him to see you as the princess, it helps to set the stage and put on the right costume. Tell him to meet you at a restaurant for a date. Dress to impress each other. Then surprise him with a key to a motel room or a secluded beach cottage no packing allowed. Even if an overnight isn’t possible, you can alter your look to be “new” for your partner. A different style of clothing or different hairstyle might trigger new feelings in him. Being “different” for him in bed doesn’t mean he won’t love you for everything you’ve always been outside the bedroom. But part of him (you know which part) wants to believe he just met you. And there’s nothing wrong with your wanting to meet him for the first time too. Feel free to suggest that a beard or more closely cropped hair might look cool on him for a while.

Complements Never Fail. Your partner seems to have forgotten to notice when you wear a new dress or try a new shade of lipstick or do your hair in a different way. But what about you? Do you notice when he suddenly looks much more handsome on a particular day? Take time out of your work and kids to notice his looks and complement him. It’s not only just the looks. Encouraging complements on his work and achievements will also motivate and reenergize him.

We all have some potential to make our lives romantic. We just have to decide it’s time to start. All these little things will help keep the flame of romance burning and give you a happier married life with your beloved. My guess is you won’t get too far down that road before you notice the passion wasn’t really gone from your relationship. It was just hibernating.

Penis Owner Instructions Manual

Welcome to the world wide family of penis owners. We trust that you will enjoy many years of trouble free service from yours. To help ensure that you will, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the following equipment descriptions, operating instructions and maintenance requirements.

Body and Interior Specifications


Average length and diameter (flaccid) 3.5 x 1.25 inches
Average length and diameter (erect) 5.1 x 1.6 inches
Average percent increase in volume, flaccid to erect 300% (wow!)
Longest medically recorded erection 12 inches
Amount of blood in erect penis 8 to 10 x normal
Average erections per night (while sleeping) 5
Average duration of each nocturnal erection 20 to 30 minutes
Estimated replacement value (good condition model) £50,000


Average length and width 1.4 x 1 inch
Average weight 0.875 x 1.75 ounces
Temperature 94.6 degrees Fahrenheit
Compartments within each 400


Average body’s production 50,000 per minute/72 million per day (and remember lads, it only takes 1!)
Days to maturity 84
Number in ejaculate of average fertile man 200 to 600 million
Number of ejaculate of infertile man Less than 50 million
Percentage of total ejaculate 3% – 5%
Average swimming speed 1 to 4 millimeters per minute
Average life span once mature 1 month in you, 1 to 2 days in woman, 2 minutes on sheets


Average volume of ejaculate 0.5 to 1 teaspoon
Chief ingredient Fructose sugar
Caloric content 5 calories per teaspoon
Protein content 6 milligrams per teaspoon
Average number of ejaculatory spurts 3 to 10
Average interval of ejaculatory contractions 0.8 seconds
Farthest medically recorded ejaculation 11.7 inches


Average capacity 7 to 13 ounces
Normal flow 7 to 8 ounces per 10 seconds

Starting the Engine

The key to your sexual ignition is not between your legs, it’s inside your head. The brain is man’s biggest sex organ, sending nerve impulses running down the spinal cord to trigger an erection. Keep in mind though that since arousal is an electrical spark traveling the neural motorway it can be dulled by a repetitive commute. So vary your starting procedure, explore side roads, stop at a roadside service area, let your partner drive, or, when applicable, road-test a new model.

Hard Starting or Stalling

If your penis fails to become erect, even after repeated cranking, or if you have trouble maintaining an erection, let it idle for a while. Just about every man experiences an occasional erection problem, so try not to let it bother you. If you do it can develop into a psychological problem that can require extensive systems analysis to remedy. Chances are you are just temporarily flooded with work worries, anxiety or fatigue – all of which can temporarily foul your engine.

Operating Instructions

  1. Direct The Flow of Urine. The penis contains a narrow hose called the urethra that is attached to the bladder. As the urine level approaches the bladder’s maximum capacity line, you get the urge to pull over. When released, urine is flushed through the urethra, out the tip of the penis and, according to most women, usually on to the floor next to the toilet. Acting as a regulator for this process is the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscle. This is what you flex to stop urine flow or rid yourself of those last few drops. (It can also serve as an orgasm regulator. See Troubleshooting” later in this document.
  1. Become Rigid Enough to Allow Penetration During Sexual Intercourse. Your penis is equipped with twin hydraulic chambers. During sexual stimulation, these fill with blood until the penis grows firm and erect. After stimulation ends or there’s ejaculation, blood leaves these chambers and the penis softens again. There is usually a recovery or “refractory” period ranging from a few minutes to a full day (depending on the equipment’s age) before another erection can occur. About half of the penis is hidden inside the body, even when erect. It is fastened to the pelvis undercarriage for support.
  2. Deposit Semen Within The Vagina During Ejaculation. Semen is manufactured inside the testicles, those two ball joints below the drive shaft. From here, it passes into a soft, fibrous organ behind each testicle called the epididymis, where it acquires the long tail necessary for swimming. Sperm then enters the Vas Deferens for storage. This thin hose loops around and splices into the urethra just below the bladder. When it’s time to shift into sexual high gear, sperm is mixed with liquid from the prostate gland and adjoining seminal vesicles. The resulting transmission fluid, called semen, gathers in a holding tank, which gradually swells to pinch the bladder shut and prevent urine from trickling in. Finally the semen is expelled from the body via the urethra by a series of muscular contractions.


The testicles need to be slightly cooler than normal body temperature for optimum sperm production. That’s why they hang away from the body. Hot baths and tight underwear can depress sperm count and movement.


Never operate your penis while under the influence of alcohol. Although alcohol lowers inhibitions, most men have less than optimum erections when inebriated. The fear this generates can lead to more frequent bouts of impotence.

Spare Tyre

Your privates did not come equipped with a spare tyre. Any roll of fat around your middle was an after-market acquisition that will void the warranty if left in place. It not only interferes with sexual performance but also makes the penis look smaller. Men naturally deposit fat in their abdomen, which includes the area at the base of the penis. As the spare tyre inflates, this pad thickens and eventually engulfs a portion of the organ – one inch for every 35 extra pounds. Being overweight is also commonly linked atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries, a primary cause of impotence. It also makes you look silly.

Running in Period

To ensure a long, active life for your privates. It’s recommended that you engage in frequent sex. “When the male is stimulated to high sexual output during his formative years and a similar tenor of activity is established for the 31 to 40 year age range, his latter years are usually marked by maintained sexuality.

Acceleration 0-60 mph

Independent testing shows that it generally takes three to five minutes for the flaccid penis of a young male to become fully erect once sexual stimulation begins. This reaction at least doubles with age.


Avoid rapid acceleration on slick surfaces. Failing to do so could cause partial or complete loss of control.

Sudden Stops

Slamming on the brakes whilst driving at high speed can result in a painful condition. During sexual stimulation, blood gathers in the testicles. If ejaculation doesn’t occur and sexual excitement continues, the resulting congestion in the arteries in that area causes a dull pain, like that of an aching muscle.


In order to become familiar with the natural feel of your equipment and learn how it responds in different situations high speed sexual driving on a closed circuit can be helpful. According to a recent survey, nearly one tenth of British men do this weekly (a greater ration in the North of England naturally). And contrary to popular belief , it will not harm your equipment, in fact, it can be viewed as good practice lap for sex, where you’re forever flirting with the limits of control.

Engaging the Choke

To postpone ejaculation and extend love making, engage “the choke”. This technique involves firmly squeezing the top of the penis just behind it’s head prior to orgasm.


Any impact to the area where the penis attaches to the pelvis can disrupt its hydraulic function.

Fuel Requirements

Your privates were designed and developed for optimum performance and efficiency using high-quality fuel. Low-quality fuels cause cholesterol build-up in arteries and veins, thereby reducing blood flow to and from your privates and causing hard starting or stalling. In fact, every one-point increase in your total cholesterol correlates to an almost 1.5 times greater risk of erection problems. To avoid this use fuel that has a fat combination below 30 percent and is low is cholesterol and high in fiber. Such fill-ups will greatly reduce circulatory-system deposits.

Body Work/Chassis Considerations

Regular exercise gives the body a deep healthful lustre that lends protection improves performance and helps is hold it’s value for longer. Exercise not only makes the body more fit for sex but also stimulates the mind by making you feel sexier. ABS – Your abdominal muscles (abs) are the chief thrusting muscles for intercourse. To strengthen them, do crunches. These exercises are just like sit-ups except that you don’t raise your body up as far. Simply lie on your back with your hands crossed over your chest Lift your shoulders six to eight inches off the floor, while trying to bring your chin to your chest. You’ll feel a tightening in your gut.


One third of all penile ruptures occur during lovemaking. They’re caused by sudden shifts in position or by awkward attempts at parallel parking with the partner on top. The tearing of tissue that occurs within an erect penis is often audible and always extremely painful. Such injures tend to happen where there is a lack of space, such as between the steering wheel and drivers seat. To protect yourself and your passenger always use turn signals before changing positions.

Safety Belts

It’s highly recommended that you wear an athletic support (jock strap) for activities that involve running, jumping and sudden movement. This device tucks the testicles close to the undercarriage to protect them from jarring.


Wearing polyester underwear may contribute to impotence because of the static electricity generated by man made materials. Loose 100% cotton shorts are recommended.

Maintenance Schedule

Your privates are the result of centuries of engineering. Before leaving the factory, every effort was made to ensure that they were in good working condition. To keep them running smoothly regular maintenance is required.

To Be Done Daily

It’s especially important for uncircumcised men to retract the foreskin and wash around the head of the penis every day.

To Be Done Weekly (At least)

Sex is the best exercise for your privates. Regularly flushing the system with nourishing blood and oxygen assures optimum sperm production, prostate health and overall good performance. When intercourse is not possible, consider revving your engine manually.

To Be Checked Monthly

After taking a warm bath or shower to relax the scrotum, you should gently roll each testicle between your fingers. It should be smooth and oval shaped, feeling kind of like a hard-boiled egg with out the shell. Compress it gently, searching for any hard areas or lumps that don’t feel like the surrounding tissue.

Yearly Inspection

Once your equipment reaches forty years old, have your prostate checked annually. This gland surrounds the urethra like a doughnut and, if left to enlarge, can reduce an older man’s urine stream to a dribble. Prostate cancer is also a concern. Both of these problems can be avoided if detected early. A complete yearly inspection should include three things: A digital rectal exam (sorry mate but we’re talking finger here, not computer). A blood test for prostate-specific antigens (psa), an early warning sign of trouble. An ultrasound scan to create a visible image of the tissue.


Using your privates for anything other than their intended purpose voids all warranties, written or implied.


The frequency of ejaculation/Intercourse among:

20-29 year olds = 4-5 times weekly
30-39 year olds = 2-4 times weekly
40-49 year olds = 1-2 times weekly
50-59 year olds = 0-1 times weekly
60 plus = 1-2 times monthly

Automatic Systems Check

Each night, your privates automatically run a self-diagnostic systems check. Most times you will be unaware this is happening. Periodic erections will occur whilst you’re asleep, as will an occasional emission. Do not be alarmed. Your privates are simply flushing themselves with fresh blood and oxygen to stay in optimum working condition. If you have a reasonable doubt this is happening, do the following test: Wrap some postage stamps from a roll firmly around the base of your penis and tape the ends together. The next morning, if the stamps are torn along the perforation, you’ve had an erection. (If you wake up in Newcastle sorting office with a postmark, try the test again, but don’t sleep so close to the post-box.)

Fluid Leaks

After urinating, apply gentle upward pressure under the base of the penis. This will usually squeeze out any remaining drops and prevent any embarrassing stains on the upholstery.

Checking Under the Bonnet

Your penis comes from the factory with its head completely covered by a fleshly protective foreskin. Some penis owners have had this foreskin surgically removed by an authorized mechanic via circumcision. This is usually performed for religious and/or aesthetic reasons because, if basic hygiene is followed, the presence or absence of a bonnet does not affect sensitivity, sexual performance or susceptibility to mechanical failure.

Disposing of Used Oil

When indiscriminately discarded, used oil can foul the bedroom environment. Flavored lubes leave a sticky residue the required a soap-and-water scrubbing. Most no flavored brands wipe clean with a towel.


Your privates are exposed to the corrosive effects of dirt, perspiration and vaginal fluids (some of which in my experience can be more corrosive than others). To protect the finish, trim and exposed under body , it’s important to wash often and thoroughly. Scrub any dirt and salt from crevices in the undercarriage and check that all drain holes are free from debris. After washing, allow all surfaces to drain and dry before parking in a confined space. If required you may polish your privates immediately.

Minor Ships and Scratches

The skin of the penis and testicles is remarkably resilient. For chafing and small cuts that cause minimal bleeding, just wash with soap and water and apply an antiseptic ointment.

Major Dents

If you get hit in the testicles, scream, lie down, apply an ice-packed cloth and take some deep breaths. If there’s swelling and the pain doesn’t subside within a few minutes, continue the icing and get to a garage and seek mechanical assistance. A severe groin injury can cause sterility.


The diagnoses outlined are intended to serve only as guides to locate and temporarily correct minor faults or worries. Causes of unsatisfactory performance should be investigated and corrected by your doctor.

Penis seems small.

Few men are satisfied with the size of their penis. Keep in mind that the average vagina is just three to five inches long.

Left testicle is slightly larger and hangs lower than the right one.

Rarely are both testicles identical. In fact, the left one hangs lower in 80 percent of all cases.

Erections do not occur as quickly, nor are they as firm as they were.

This is common with older models. However, exercising regularly, following a low-fat diet, avoiding smoking and limiting alcohol are all antidotes, as is longer and more creative foreplay.

Ejaculation happens way to fast.

Try strengthening your PC muscle with Kegel exercises. The PC is the muscle you use to stop urine flow. Contract it now to familiarize yourself with the feeling. What you just did was a Kegel. Do 20, 50, 100 or more daily – at your desk or in the bath. Since it’s the same muscle that contracts for ejaculation, strengthening it will give you more control during sex.

Ejaculation isn’t as forceful or as plentiful as it once was.

Such misfiring often occurs with older engines. In fact, with vintage models, ejaculation may not occur at all, although an orgasm is experienced

Pain in testicle.

Intermittent twinges are common, and anything that lasts less than a minute or so is no cause for worry. Testicular pain that builds gradually is usually caused by an infection or inflammation. Consult a certified mechanic or authorized dealership.



Enjoy worry free motoring by having a trained technician cut the Vas Deferens, thereby preventing sperm from reaching the urethra. It’s a safe quick (seven to ten minute), effective means of birth control, plus the sensation of ejaculation remains unchanged. Available in traditional snip or modern laser.


Preserve the raw beauty of your libido with testosterone! This potent male hormone, manufactured chiefly in the testicles, is responsible for your sexual desire and, to some degree, your erections. But production declines after age 50. Some men, who have no physical problems but experience flagging desire, may benefit from testosterone supplements, which can be taken orally.