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In this blog we will explain about the disease  Male weakness, its causes, its symptoms and way of treatment that Taseer dawakhana register is offering which name is Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas

Causes of male weakness

Sexual dysfunction is any physical or psychological problem that prevents you or your partner from getting sexual satisfaction. Male sexual dysfunction is a common health problem affecting men of all ages, but is more common with increasing age. Treatment can often help men suffering from sexual dysfunction.

  1. Blood vessel disorders such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and high blood pressure.
  2. Stroke or nerve damage from diabetes or surgery.
  3. Alcoholism and drug abuse.

Psychological causes might include:

  1. Concern about sexual performance.
  2. Marital or relationship problems.
  3. Depression, feelings of guilt.
  4. Effects of past sexual trauma.
  5. Work-related stress and anxiety.

Problems with sexual functioning are common, affecting more than half of all couples at some time. Although sexual dysfunction rarely threatens physical health, it can take a heavy psychological toll, bringing on depression, anxiety, and debilitating feelings of inadequacy. Male sexual problems, particular erectile dysfunction, may suggest an increased risk of vascular disease


  1. Delayed or inhibited ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all).
  2. Low libido (reduced interest in sex).
  3. Lack of sexual desire

  1. Sexual fantasies
  2. Interest in sexual contact.
  3. Inability to have or maintain any erection.
  4. Inability to have or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual penetration.
  5. Inability to reach an orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation and signs of arousal
  6. Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection).
  7. Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly).



Masturbation is self-stimulating your genitals in a sexual way to the point of reaching an orgasm

Masturbation is when an individual stimulates their genitals for sexual pleasure, which may or may not lead to orgasm. Masturbation is common among men of all ages


Representation of sexual behavior in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures, and other media that is intended to cause sexual excitement.

Pornography significantly distorts attitudes and perceptions about the nature of sexual intercourse. Men who habitually look at pornography have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexual behaviors, sexual aggression, promiscuity, and even rape. In addition, men begin to view women and even children as “sex objects,” commodities or instruments for their pleasure, not as persons with their own inherent dignity.

By Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas you can also cure these following diseases

Types of Diseases

Premature ejaculation :

an inability to delay orgasm and ejaculation, such that it occurs very early in the course of sexual contact, leaving the other partner dissatisfied. such as the ability to control ejaculation in men lost during intercourse before the penis into the vagina or just plug-and-ejaculation is Or less than 50% of the frequency of orgasm in sexual intercourse to define premature ejaculation

Causes of premature ejaculation:

Some people think that spinal cord diseases such as multiple sclerosis or spinal cord tumors, seizures or cerebral cortex organic diseases such as cerebra vascular accident, can cause ejaculation out of control. There are also reports suggest  diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pelvic fracture, genitourinary system diseases such as urethritis, prostatitis, Seminal and prostatic hyperplasia, masturbation, nightfall Bisexual, porn video, adult magazines, and other sexual content can also cause premature ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation :

is most common in males with diabetes who suffer from diabetic nerve damage. Problems with the nerves in the bladder and the bladder neck force the ejaculate to flow backward. In other men, retrograde ejaculation may be a side effect of some medications, or happen after an operation on the bladder neck or prostate.



A condition when some men ejaculate in sleep usually in the early hours of the morning or late night. This problem usually worsens due to the weakness in muscles and nerves of the penis due to past bad history of excessive masturbation, thinning of semen viscosity, fluctuation in hormones and a full bladder. Usually, men are able to hold the semen, but when in excess then it is eliminated in the form of nightfall or late night. Men are able to hold the semen but when it excess then it is eliminated in the form of nightfall.

What is Low libido (reduced sexual desire)

Low libido means your desire or interest in sex has decreased. The condition is often linked with low levels of the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone maintains sex drive, sperm production, muscle, hair and bone. Low testosterone can affect your body and mood.

Reduced sexual desire may also be caused by depression, anxiety or relationship difficulties. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain medications like antidepressants may also contribute to a low libido

Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas is very effective for improving these penis diseses

 Types of penis problems:

  • Inflection in penis
  • Loose penis
  • Thin penis
  • Bumpy penis
  • Curvature penis

  • Small penis
  • Muscular fracture in penis
  • Weak from root
  • Ring in middle of penis
  • Paralyze penis



Taseer dawakhana has been established since 1946 and you can recover from all these diseases by using Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas by Taseer dawakhana which is made with precious herbals and free from any side effects. Doctors and scientists of our institute Taseer dawakhana worked under the super vision of Doctor & hakeem Tariq Mehmood Taseer, qualified doctors, lady doctors, pharmacists, and hakeems with prolonged research.

Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas is a chemical free natural supplement with no side effects it is prepared from pure herbs and 100% effective.

It is prepared under the medical principals and proper scientific methods with up to date machinery

Extra Benefits:

Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas is a special and expansive course, consists of 6 products

Tilla Mutawal almas tallai Khas ul khas

Tilla Mutawal almas tallai Khas ul khas is very smooth and soft because it’s having water not fat or other fat contain things this leads to greater firmness in the penile organ, increase in the penile tissue engorgement, better lasting erections, and much lesser occurrence of premature ejaculation. So effects can be seen almost immediately after the application, increase of penile size and only minimal chances of too early ejaculation

Majoon Mugalaz almas tallai Khas ul khas

Majoon Mugalaz almas tallai Khas ul khas is a miraculous herbal supplement that helps in promoting spermatogenesis by its action improving the function of the testicles that includes testicles, seminal vesicle and epididymas functions. Majoon Mugalaz almas tallai Khas ul khas helps in improving the sperm count and is also beneficial in raising the quality of semen. It is the certified Natural herbal formulation that not only improves the sperm count but also the morphology as well as sperm motility

Laboob e Azam almas tallai Khas ul khas

Laboob e Azam almas tallai Khas ul khas helps maintain the health and functioning of entire physiology it increases longevity, memory and intelligence, enhances immunity, elevates energy levels, decreases the effects of aging and enhances overall well-being. Laboob e Azam almas tallai Khas ul khas is effective in strengthening the Heart & liver Muscles, Enhanced concentration, controlling Blood Pressure, maintaining the normal Pulse Rate and other Heart Diseases. It helps to maintain the balance between supply and demand of myocardial oxygen

Safoof almas tallai Khas ul khas

Increase your low sperm count & semen volumes  Increase sperm quality,quantity and sperm morphology As you have already noticed sperm enhancement is a brand new idea from the impotence and erectile dysfunction drug industry as well as it is used for increasing sperm production. it is beneficial for sperm quantity,quality and sperm morphology If you suffer from low sperm count, now – Safoof almas tallai Khas ul khas will raise sperm count The natural ingredients in it are well selected in order to improve sperm count as well as power up your sexual life, give you rock hard erection Duration and make your a real champion in bed It is 100% natural herbal and has no known side effects

Khamira almas tallai Khas ul khas

It stimulates the functioning of all major organs of the body and gives a feeling of well being. It can strengthen the activity of brain cells, inhibit their premature ageing and promote the return of the cerebral functions to normal. An effective herbal tonic for senile debility and quick recovery after prolonged It is formulated by the collection of the ingredients beneficial for heart and brain which serves as a nervine and cardiac tonic

Hub e almas tallai Khas ul khas

It gives you Much Harder Erections, More Stamina and Increase in Size -More Pleasure  More Powerful Erections completely cures your Premature Ejaculation. Naturally Boost Your Sexual Desire. A Sex Life You Have Always Dreamed Hub e almas tallai Khas ul khas

enhance your sexual pleasures, it really boosts your sexual desires strengthen sexual performance and energy. We have developed a safe and unique herbal formula that makes your sexual energy explodes, reduce erectile dysfunction We develop Hub e almas tallai Khas ul khas all from natural plants, seeds, berries roots leaves, bark and flowers extracting from all natural herbs, Sign of Unlimited Sexual Power, works within 30 to 45 minutes and enjoy whole night.

Its unique formulation contains safe, natural ingredients which are known to increase sexual desire, sexual stamina and self confidence by increasing peripheral blood flow because the ingredients in Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas highest quality and verified or purity, their potency is much more effective, stable, predictable and efficient. As it is multipurpose course so it also boosts the sexual power of the person and improves physical health.



After researching various natural herbs in the light of the essence of ancient and modern medical research and his long medical observations

Discover the Safe and Effective Method of Effective Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas and Complete Cure for Restoration of Mental and Physical Strength Rely on natural remedies Because that’s the only cure Which does not have any side effects

  1. Avoid hot items and drugs altogether.
  2. Light exercise and walking are helpful
  3. Avoid pornographic ideas, pornographic literature and movies
  4. Avoid fast foods
  5. Avoid all spicy foods and cold drinks.

Use pumpkin, carrot, mutton, milk, yogurt, fresh fruits, honey, dates and fish

If you or your known person has Male weekness problem then come to taseer dawakhana and use Taseer Almas tallai Muqavi khas Jawahirdar Khas ul khas Herbal Shadi Course+tila mutawal Khas ul khas which will cure all types of male weakness and problem.

Price Of This Course: 140,000 Rs

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